Dancing With The Stars – Recap & Review – Week Six Results

photo: abc

photo: abc

Dancing With The Stars
Week Six Results

Original Air Date: Apr 23, 2013

JD – Sr. Staff Writer

Last night we had a hit or miss night. The women, generally speaking, did a great job, while the men, generally speaking, floundered. The first team dances of the season followed, in which were treated to a mostly mediocre paso doble, followed by an enjoyable, fun samba. The only really consistant thing last night was the music, as we enjoyed Stevie Wonder songs all night long.

Going into the results show, my sights were set on Victor to go home. Sean deserved it too, in my opinion, but if you looked at the whole season and not just last night, he has at least had a few passable performances. Besides, I like Peta. Either way, I was crossing my fingers we wouldn’t lose Andy yet, bad dancer or not!

Did my hopes come true? Keep reading!

English singer Olly Murs took the stage first, giving us a performance of his hit “Troublemaker”, followed by your average montage of the previous night. That led right into the first results. Kellie and Derek, and Aly and Mark were deemed safe, surprising absolutely no one.

The cast and Bruno took a moment to butcher (Kellie’s words) Wonder’s “Signed, Sealed, Delivered”, and then to my great surprise, the encore dance, which was picked by the fans on Twitter, was Team Paso’s fiasco of a performance. Hey America, were you paying attention at all?! Parts of it were slightly improved from last night, but for every bit that looked better, something else made me cringe. Like Ingo dragging Kym forward in a way I don’t think was intentional, or Jacoby’s weird, accidental lift of Karina.

Anyway, we got some more backstage clips from last night, and then we learned Zendaya and Val were safe, while Sean and Peta were in jeopardy. Again, not a shocker… though Sean’s joke about sleeping with Bruno for better scores next week made me laugh, and almost hope for the best for him.

As a former drama nerd, the next little segment was one I quite appreciated, as they took a moment to pay tribute to the show’s crew. It’s easy to take the set changes and backstage work for granted when we watch the show, but watching it play out in the montage was really cool. Andy described it as each dance being its own broadway performance that lasted for one minute, and then it was over. Pretty awesome. And as if to demonstrate this, the following musical set by will.i.am had its own little custom stage, with video screens surrounding it, and audience members on the floor.

Victor and Lindsay were told they were in jeopardy next, while Ingo and Kym were told they were safe. Ingo’s safe announcement was preceded by the cutest montage ever, too, as Ingo’s small son, Peanut, was apparently at the base of the stairs last night giving everyone post-performance high fives, and then later proudly told everyone he would see them at the after party!

The Macy’s Stars of Dance performance this week was cool, and had some great floor lighting effects at the beginning, but didn’t come with the typical inspirational story and wasn’t anything to write home about. We were told next week is Latin week, and got another dance from our pros to get us ready. It was nice to see Sharna as one of the featured female dancers, alongside Peta.

Finally we got to Jacoby and Karina, and Andy and Sharna’s fates. Sadly, while Jacoby was safe, Andy was again in jeopardy, though it was nice to see the backstage clips of the cast supporting Andy and Len calling him his “ol’ lover”.

Bottom Three:
Sean and Peta, Victor and Lindsay, and Andy and Sharna

Bottom Two:
Sean and Peta, and Victor and Lindsay

Can I just say? Yaaaay, Annndy!

Going Home:
Victor and Lindsay

Well, the right two couples fell into the bottom two, and I think the right one fell short overall. As Andy has proven this season, you can sometimes get away with mediocre dancing if your heart is in it and you’re not afraid to let the audience see that. If Victor’s heart was in it, he didn’t show it enough, especially not last night.

So what do you guys think? Did the right star go home? Give me your TwoCents!

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One Response to Dancing With The Stars – Recap & Review – Week Six Results

  1. Annette says:

    You know the people who voted for the encore dance just wanted to see a bunch of guys without their shirts on. Disappointing.

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