The Good Wife – Recap & Review – A More Perfect Union

photo: cbc

photo: cbc

The Good Wife
A More Perfect Union

Original Air Date: Apr 21, 2013

Patricia Morris Buckley — Sr. Staff Writer

No one is playing nicely in this episode. Alicia’s mom Veronica started the ball rolling by inviting Alicia and Owen to the funeral of a friend’s husband, but what she really wants is for Alicia to represent a group of programmers who work for a company that treats them unfairly and works them overtime. Guess Alicia still can’t say no to mommy dearest, so she protects their right not to sign Blowtorch’s work agreement forcing them to continue horrible working conditions.

Welcome back Nancy Crozier, the attorney who always plays dumb in a very smart way. She gets the new judge, who asks to be called Rod, on her side — at first. Alicia decides the employees have to say they were forming a union in order to keep themselves from being fired. It’s the first time that Alicia has been shown absolutely lying in court (although she’s done a lot of white lies).

The assistants at Lockhart/Garner get wind of what’s going on and decide they need to make a similar protest. This doesn’t make Alicia look good with the partners, especially when she tries to help the assistants. In the end, the partners treat the assistants just like the computer programmers, and reward the two ring leaders to get the rest off their backs (although they first want to fire them all). Blowtorch did the same thing, offering a million dollar settlement of the widow whose husband died in a car crash after working too many hours to swing a vote on the union.

Next in this chain reaction is Kalinda, who is shocked to find out that Robyn is getting health benefits when she is not. She complains to Will, who says if she becomes exclusive with them, she’ll get benefits. She tries to play him off another company vying for her loyalty (a ploy she’s done before). That company? She won’t say but we know it’s Cary’s new firm. And I think it’s a strong possibility that she’ll follow him and all the fourth years right out the door.

Just as Alicia has victory in her grasp as the employees vote on a union, Blowtorch drops a bomb. They’re all still fired because the company has been bought by Chum Hum, the firm’s biggest client. So we know Lockhart/Gardner will no longer rep the programmers. Shall we come up with a new term for this move? I’d say they’d been Croziered.

Peter learns that he’s not a few points ahead in the election (which is in a few days), but a few points behind. He’s scared. It’s suggested that he can’t go negative on Krestiva, but Alicia can. He says no to that strategy, but Alicia does it all on her own with no apparent meddling from the campaign. Peter is so overwhelmed he asks her to renew their vows.

Of course, the family is against it. Peter tries to get Owen on his side, which didn’t seem to work, but maybe it did. Veronica, on the other hand, will never be won over. She marches into Will’s office and tells him he has a small window of opportunity if he really wants Alicia because once she’s recommitted, she won’t ever go back. So there!

But in the very next scene, Alicia tells Peter “yes.”

Has the window closed for Will? Will Kalinda leave Lockhart/Gardner? Is Peter going to lose the election? Give us your TwoCents…

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