Parks and Recreation – Recap & Review – Jerry’s Retirement

photo: nbc

photo: nbc

Parks and Recreation
Jerry’s Retirement

Original Air Date: Apr 18, 2013

Valentina D. – Senior Reviewer

Dammit, Jerry. No one in the parks department even knew you were retiring! As Jerry’s last day at City Hall comes to a close, Leslie decides to drop her scrapbook project and make all of his unfulfilled dreams come true instead.

Now, one question looms over the department: who will become the new Jerry? As “social Darwinism” (Ron’s words) takes place, it looks like it’s Tom, but can he turn it around in time?

With Leslie and Ben taking care of Jerry for his last day, the gang realizes their need for a new guy to pick on. One slip-up and clumsy move later, they’re settled on Tom and spend the rest of the day relentlessly teasing him as he tears up. Not so nice, is it Tom? He hoped to pin the Jerry label on the new intern, but the kid turns out to be a cool, young guy that everyone likes (especially Donna). Soon, he resigns himself to the fact that he’s indeed the new Jerry.

Leslie’s mission of making Jerry’s career goals come true is off to a rough start. First, he gets denied his dream of eating in the executive dining hall because it only allows guests on Wednesdays. Next, he wants to meet a former Pawnee mayor, but has to settle for the graveyard where the mayor is buried. Unsurprisingly, Jerry is still thrilled with everything and doesn’t show the slightest bit of disappointment.

At the Pawnee hospital, Chris and Ann are finalizing their baby plans when the doctor asks Chris to make a “deposit” that same day. Suddenly, both their demeanors change and it’s obvious they weren’t expecting for this to all happen today. They decide to leave and go back to Ann’s where they look at pamphlets. Soon, the conversation goes back to their relationship, and one thing leads to another, and next they’re running into the bedroom. Something tells me they won’t need to go the artificial route.

Well, this is it- Jerry’s off and Leslie presents him with the last thing on his list. He can’t have a building named after him as he originally wished, but they’re naming the parks department conference room in his honour, though the plaque makes it sounds like he’s dead. Leslie brings out the cake and, in true Jerry fashion, his sleeve catches fire and Tom has to put it out with an extinguisher, ruining the cake. Jerry’s not even bothered, though; he’s just happy to go home to Gayle, who has a meatloaf waiting for him.

The next morning, Leslie shows up at Jerry’s house because she feels awful about how his last day went. Jerry and Gayle are all smiles and invite her to stay for breakfast. Soon, she’s roped into a breakfast singalong with his whole family, including his three daughters, and presents Jerry with a (very brief) scrapbook commemorating his career. While looking at a family album, Jerry tells Leslie he doesn’t care he didn’t accomplish everything he set out to do all those years ago because he got to go home at five every evening and spend time with his family.

At City Hall, things seem awkward between Chris and Ann at first, but then they decide to be mature about the situation and agree to give their kid a two-parent home. For now, looks like they’re back together. Having seeing how the whole “new Jerry” thing has affected Tom, Ron also has great news. He got rid of the intern and will have Jerry come back for an hour a week to do a few things around the office. I have to admit, this was an excellent way to keep incorporating Jerry in the hijinks, plus Tom doesn’t have to deal with being the new Jerry.

In Leslie’s office, she tells Ben how Jerry’s feelings about his family really got to her. She wants to be successful and work in City Hall, but she also wants to seriously consider starting a family with Ben soon.

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2 Responses to Parks and Recreation – Recap & Review – Jerry’s Retirement

  1. I thought this was an excellent episode!

  2. I forgot to put this part. Your review was extremely well-written, well-composed/thought-out, and I agree with your opinions.

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