Once Upon a Time – Recap & Review – Lacey

photo: abc

photo: abc

Once Upon a Time

Original Air Date: Apr 21, 2013

Wyner C – Senior Reviewer

Guys, I’m watching the NBA playoffs and it’s a doozy. You know what else is a doozy? Lacey. Chica is the total opposite of Belle and it’s breaking my heart! This isn’t going to end well…for everyone.

In Fairytale (pre-curse), Belle is a mess after agreeing to be Rumpel’s servant in exchange for his Ogre Protection Plan for her kingdom. She’s crying and that upsets Rumpel…because the noise is interrupting his thinking. Ah, what a sweet man.

To endear The Beast to The Beauty further is Rumpel’s treatment of a thief. Instead of handing him to the authorities or just outright killing him, Rumpel tortures him. Belle doesn’t believe in torture (like the rest of civilization) and frees the thief.

Rumpel finds out and argues with Belle. He shows her the missing wand – the thief’s doing and tells her she’s too gullible. The Beast is determined to find the bandit and kill him while Belle watches. Rumpel bumps into The Sheriff of Nottingham, a drunk and all-out scumbag, and asks him about the thief. Scum wants a night/hour/minute with Belle in exchange for information on the thief. Rumpel may be a lot of things but pimp he is not.

The Beast proposes another deal with The Sheriff – information in exchange for The Sheriff’s tongue. Guess Rumpel isn’t a pushover either. It seems the thief goes by the name Robin Hood. Rumpel and Belle find the wand-stealer but The Beast has a heart.

Belle pleads for Robin Hood’s life. Robbie uses the wand to cure his ailing pregnant love and when Belle continues pleading, Rumpel shoots the arrow that never misses…and it misses. Belle is happy Rumpel is nothing like she thought…and gives him a hug. There is good in The Beast after all.

Back at the castle, Rumpel shows Belle his library. He expects it to be dustless but knows she’ll be reading along the way. It’s so sweet to see them together.

In Storybrooke, Gold wants Belle to bring the good out in him – especially since he’s dreaming of murdering his grandson. He checks Belle out of the hospital but while he steps out, Regina uses magic to give Belle her curse identity – a party girl named Lacey. Rumpel finds “Lacey” and is shocked. He believes there must be some Belle in there somewhere and searches for help.

Gold goes to David. Who else? Even while cursed, he and Mary Margaret found each other – they still had some Charming and Snow in them. Rumpel wants Belle to fall in love with him so true love’s kiss will make her remember. David agrees to help Gold and now Rumpel owes Charming. How will David help? Being the most useless wingman evah!

Somehow Gold gets a date with Lacey. It seems the date is going well but the audience can see Lacey is no Belle – she’s a wild-child that craves danger and seeks bad men. The neutered Rumpel isn’t her current taste. When Rumpel accidentally knocks his iced tea on Lacey, she uses this as an excuse to go clean up and run. Rumpel finds her making out with the Sheriff of Nottingham.

Gold keeps his cool – just as Belle would have wanted. This seems to repel Lacey instead of endear Gold to her. It seems there will be no rekindling of their love. Seeing the end of Belle/Rumpel seems to bring the darkness out of Gold. When the Sheriff approaches Gold to apologize for making a move on Lacey, Gold beats the Jebus out of the drunk.

Lacey sees this and mirroring Fairytale, tells Gold he’s nothing like she thought he was and she likes – except Belle found the good in Rumpel and Lacey found the darkness in Gold. This is so sad and I blame Regina!

In other Storybrooke news, the beans are almost ready to be harvested! Snow and Charming bring Emma to see the beans. They tell her of their homeward bound plan. Emma is hesitant but seems open to the idea. She lets the plan slip just a little when talking to Regina who was confronting her about Henry’s family tree – she just found out Rumpel was Henry’s grandfather.

Regina uses magic to track where Charming and the Dwarves had been and find the beans. I’m thinking this is going to end badly for our heroes. You know another thing that’s going to end badly for Storybrooke? Greg and Tamara’s plan. Greg is still trying to find his father, to no avail. Tamara and Greg bring a big trailer into Storybrooke in the middle of the night. The trailer contains someone that will help them…Hook.

Favorite moments/Things to ponder:

1. Rumpel wanted Belle to save him but gets Lacey, a woman who will feed his darkness. You cannot rely on a person to “save” you. You have to want to do good – you have to want to change. Can’t Neal be enough to “save” Gold? Shouldn’t Henry, his own grandson, be enough to bring the good out of Rumpel? Why does he need Belle? I understand he truly loves her but she cannot be his savior – he has to be his own liberator from darkness.

2. Regina is something else. Why does she have to go mess with Rumpel/Belle?

3. It’s nice to see Anton being accepted and happy. He’s a giant that’s really a dwarf at heart!

4. What is Tamara’s endgame? I have a feeling she has an ulterior motive. How will Hook help them?

5. Funny how Regina thought Rumpel knew of Henry’s heritage when he “procured” Henry for her (odd choice of words). Gold said it was fate that Henry was chosen. How much does fate play in our lives? How much do our choices play?

6. The Seer told Rumpel that Henry will be his “undoing” but that doesn’t mean death. Maybe Henry will “undo” The Dark One curse or “undo” Rumpel’s cowardly ways. There’s so much interpretation to her words but Rumpel chooses to believe Henry will kill him. It’s his choice to think “undoing” means death and it’s his choice to stop fate or not. Choices, it’s all about our choices.

What is Greg and Tamara’s goal (besides finding dad)? What will Regina do with the knowledge of the magic beans? Did you feel sad for the end of Belle? Do you think Lacey will find her inner Belle? Were you pissed at Regina for thrusting Lacey upon Rumpel? Did you think David was going to help Gold by being his wingman? Rumpel’s plan of making Lacey fall in love with him and then true love’s curse will help her remember seems smart but will it cost him his remaining humanity? Discuss away!!!!

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2 Responses to Once Upon a Time – Recap & Review – Lacey

  1. raybelle says:

    this episode was kind of confusing– does everyone remember their real selves or not? B/c shouldn’t the Sheriff know better than to allow himself to be alone with Rumpelstiltskin in a dark corner when he’s pissed?

    Also confusing– why would Lacey wild child be in a mental institution? Does she remember that at all? or did Regina just leave her memoryless but with a trigger in case moments like these came up?

    I agree with you though– you have to save yourself, not expect someone else to be your savior. It’s like a reversed Distressed Damsel situation, except now Gold is just a mess. Is it even possible for Lacey to fall in “true love” with him, or him with her, when he realizes that what he truly loved about Belle is not what this girl is? And can you imagine if the kiss did restore her what she would think of everything that’s happened in the meantime?

    I knew Gold would go to David though– he’s the only person that knows Gold is in love and gives a crap. Although honestly– David is really bad at helping, so maybe not the best idea…

    I still think Tamara is using Greg to get to magic (which I think she wants for herself), but I’m curious to see how Hook plays into it– maybe a distraction?

  2. Since I couldn’t give two shits about Rumpel and Belle and their disturbing relationship . . . this episode bored me senseless. The most exciting thing was Regina’s discovery of the bean filed.

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