90210 – Recap & Review – The Empire State Strikes Back

photo: cw

photo: cw

The Empire State Strikes Back

Original Air Date: Apr 22, 2013

Dennis – Senior Reviewer

After her small scale reveal of her “Author X” status in last week’s episode, Annie is ready to reveal to the world that she is the author of Undressed. However, she starts to second guess herself when her ex Patrick comes to her home and tells her to cancel her interview. Will she decide to keep her anonymity?

Meanwhile, Naomi decides against heeding Jordan’s warning about his mom and attends a fundraiser to get her on her side. Of course, this does not go well. Read on for this week’s character breakdown!

Naomi– Jordan warns Naomi about his mom having a knack for derailing his relationships. His mother, Cheryl Hardwood, is a frontrunner in the race for the next secretary of state. She also likes to host fundraisers, such as the heirloom fundraiser she’s holding in New York that week. Naomi decides to attend the fundraiser to show Cheryl how respectable her family is. She also invites Mark & Silver. While they’re getting ready for the fundraiser, Naomi tells Mark that she wants him to spin details about his life so she can present the best possible him. Mark says there’s nothing wrong with the real him and leaves. Over at the fundraiser, Jordan introduces Naomi to a moody Cheryl, who then shames her for not donating an heirloom. Mark surprises Naomi by offering himself, and a evening of cooking lessons, for the heirloom donation. The lessons end up going for $20,000. Jordan’s sister, Elizabeth, then leads Naomi to Cheryl’s room so they can have a talk. It turns out Cheryl wants to talk about Naomi’s police record and failed marriage. Naomi tells Cheryl that she won’t have her marriage with Max brought up to insult her, and that she doesn’t care what she thinks. Back in LA, Jordan asks Naomi out, and says that his mom will have to deal with it.

Annie– At the end of the last episode, we saw Annie surprised at her doorstep by Patrick. It turns out Patrick is none too happy about their little tryst being in her book and doesn’t want his wife finding out about this at her next book club. Annie plans on revealing herself as Author X during an interview with Nancy O’Dell and Patrick is not here for her doing the interview either. The next day, Annie admits to Dixon that she paid for his rehab by escorting. Dixon is angry about this news and refuses to talk to Annie. After Liam admits to Dixon that he knew about Annie’s past, and that he once punched Patrick, Dixon decides to surprise Patrick at this house. Dixon tells Patrick that he’s not in any position to threaten anyone and to bring it. Right before her interview, Dixon comes by to tell Annie that she should tell the truth and that he supports her. During the interview, Annie tells Nancy that the events in the book are true, and that she is the main character. Later, Annie sees Patrick in her hotel lobby and tells him that payback is a bitch. Well, Patrick decides to release his own payback. During her celebration dinner, the police come in and arrest Mark for cocaine possession. Mark done went and decided to play dirty by planting drugs and calling the TSA.

Navid/Liam– After Ade sneaks out of his room, Navid & Liam decide to talk about their company. Liam brings up a surfer named Cassie McCoy and says they should get her to be their spokesperson. Cassie is not impressed with Liam & Navid during their meeting. When the duo mentions that they’d do anything to sign her, Cassie agrees to sign with them if they hold a private concert with Olly Murs for her at CU tomorrow, since she’s his #1 fan. Navid gets some contact info from Ade and makes the Olly Murs concert happen. During the concert, Cassie sees her ex kissing another girl and admits that she only wanted the concert so she could make him jealous. After Olly performs, Liam decides to kiss Cassie, and, what do you know, it makes her ex jealous. Cassie agrees to sign on to be a spokesman. Later, Cassie tells Liam that she can’t sign with them because he momager doesn’t want him associated with Liam because of the Undressed controversy.

Adrianna/Silver– Michaela wants to perform at a tribute concert for some guy named Spencer Blaine and Dixon convinces Silver to let her record a demo. Silver decides to become a yes person and agrees to go on another date with Mark. Meanwhile, Michaela asks Ade to help her with her song and says to not mention it to anyone, specifically Silver. Later, Ade and Navid agree to shut the door on their relationship and make their last time their real last time. While Michaela & Ade are working on lyrics, Michaela admits to having a crush on Navid. Over in New York, Silver and Mark go on a pizza date, where they wax poetic (lol not really) about how they handle thinking about the future. Hint: Mark doesn’t think about the future. Over in the infamous zip code, Ade goes over to Navid’s and is about to tell him how she really feels. Before she can, Navid says that he’s glad they’re putting their high school drama in the past and moving on, to which Ade agrees. Later, Michaela mentions that if she won, she would actually be going on tour. Silver says she can’t send in the song, and that they only reason she agreed to it in the first place was because Dixon said she would never win. Michaela tells Ade that they can’t send the song in. Ade then secretly sends it in. Meanwhile, Silver goes over to Mark’s and says she wants to rethink their next date.

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Next Week: You Can’t Win Em All

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