Parks and Recreation – Recap & Review – Article Two

prart2Parks and Recreation
Article Two

Original Air Date: Apr 18, 2013

Valentina D. – Senior Reviewer

It’s no secret that Pawnee is a strange, quirky little town, so events like Ted Party Day are just part of its charm. Ages ago, the town’s constitution misspelled “tea” and to celebrate, they’ve been dumping one of Pawnee’s many Teds into the lake as tradition. Tradition be damned, because a Pawnee resident, Garth (an excellent Patton Oswalt), isn’t going to take it anymore and demands for Leslie to repel the town’s outdated laws.

While Ron and Chris butt heads when debating their management styles, Ann and Ben find themselves in the middle of an eBay bidding war centered on a gift for Leslie. The ultimate prize? An authentic waffle iron straight from JJs.

After Garth takes the floor with his filibuster that’s basically his treatment for JJ Abram’s new Star Wars flick (an extended clip has been making the rounds and it’s pretty awesome, so you should definitely check it out), the council can’t vote on it, which forces Leslie and Garth to make a little wager. They’ll stay at the Pawnee colonial houses with no modern luxuries and whoever holds out the longest wins.

Since they both celebrate two separate “Breakfast Days” with Leslie, Ann and Ben are determined to win the waffle iron, but they both lose the bid to the town’s pawn dealer, whose crush on Ann is still apparent since he offers her the iron in exchange for a date. Ben ends up taking it for $500. Later, the two discuss appreciating Leslie’s enthusiasm, but also being a little exhausted by it, so they come up with a little compromise.

At the colonial houses, Leslie is floundering a bit while Garth is enjoying every minute of his time in the olden days. She’s having a tough time churning butter, and he’s already planted some barley. She has an inkling and after checking Garth’s phone with Tom, they realize Garth doesn’t have many friends. Feeling bad for him, she changes out of her colonial clothes and declares him the winner. She’ll change the outdated law and invites Garth to join the Pawnee Historical Community, where he’ll have a chance to meet people and be more social. Garth is thrilled and even volunteers to be the “Ted” once the new law states the person tossed into the lake must be a volunteer. Before he can be heaved in, though, Andy streaks by and jumps into the lake naked.

Back at City Hall, Chris and Ron test their management styles on the perfect guinea pig, Jerry, in an attempt to teach April about management. Chris’ positivity and encouragement puts Jerry at ease, while Ron’s brashness and hard-as-nails approach make Jerry work faster and harder. Ultimately, Ron’s method makes Jerry a better worker, but he’s also prone to making more mistakes due to anxiety. We also learn that by doing this, April’s goal the entire time was to pit the two against one another.

After all the craziness settles down, Ann and Ben surprise Leslie with her waffle iron but tell her they’re done with the constant celebrations. Leslie understands, but creates a “Ben Week” and an “Ann Week” in their place, and somehow sneaks in a “Friend Week.”

What did you think of this episode? How great was Patton Oswalt? Here’s hoping we haven’t seen the last of Garth in Pawnee. Share your TwoCents below!

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