Community – Recap & Review – Intro to Knots

photo: nbc

photo: nbc

Intro to Knots

Original Air Date: Apr 18, 2013

Shannon – Associate Editor

The study group is having a Christmas party at Jeff’s place and Annie is playing house and decorating Jeff’s apartment. There was a no-gifts rule but everyone but Jeff seems to have disregarded it. At the party, Annie gives them the bad news that they failed their group history paper so she invited the Professor Cornwallis to their party. Jeff thinks this is a great idea. They can suck up and perhaps raise their grade.

Abed is sad that they’re not doing Die Hard at a restaurant. Jeff wants to know who in the group tanked their section. Jeff suspects that it might have been his section because he just copied and pasted the lyrics to “War”. In the melee, we learn that the paper was graded at a C-, not an F like they thought. Cornwallis overhears Jeff calling him names and changes the grade to an F. Chang aka Kevin is at the party too, and he helpfully ties the professor to a chair to show solidarity.

Jeff says they can get that C- back if they just talk about things. Cornwallis says he’s not going to change the grade, but Jeff says that the fact he’s already changed it shows there’s more at play here than what was written. Cornwallis says that he’ll call the police but Jeff says that it’s his word against the group’s now. Cornwallis says he’ll give an A to the first person to untie him, but no one wants to be the betrayer. He appeals to the group individually, and especially to Abed, who’s not biting. He’s merely an observer at a live movie.

Cornwallis sets out to find the cracks in the group’s solidarity. There’s the love triangle between Troy, Jeff, and Britta, then we find out that Shirley and Annie are both in the running for valedictorian. Then the Professor makes Jeff admit he flunked his part of the essay and everyone is now turning against Jeff. Then there’s an ominous doorbell ringing.

It’s Dean Pelton and he’s mad that he wasn’t invited. In the process of opening the door, someone untied the Professor. Now they have to figure out who it was. Cornwallis thinks he has them but Jeff says that it doesn’t matter who it was because they’ll forgive them. No one admits to it and Jeff ties Cornwallis up again. The group exchanges presents and find out that Chang didn’t actually tie up the Professor because he doesn’t even know how to tie a knot, judging by the state of his Christmas wrapping. That means Cornwallis was never tied up in the first place. He just put this whole thing on because he was lonely. He agrees to give them all a C+ on their paper if they’ll let him spend the evening with them. They do, of course, and everyone has a good time. Chang excuses himself to the bathroom and makes a phone call. He says that the group is not expelled so he has to form a new plan.

Dean comes over with a basket of kittens for each one in the group. Abed wonders about the Dark Timeline. Annie robbed banks and is on trial wearing a Hannibal mask. Jeff is her lawyer and she’s just been released from Greendale Insane Asylum. They laugh maniacally and kiss. It’s very strange and oddly compelling at the same time.

It’s still weird seeing the Greendale timeline all out of whack. I didn’t love this episode. It had a couple of good moments, but it really wasn’t anything special. I think they’re still taking a bit too far with Abed. I mean, he doesn’t have to wish he was in a movie EVERY episode. Less is more, writers. Am I wrong here? What do you think?


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