Dallas – Recap/Review – Guilt By Association/Legacies (Season Finale)

photo: tnt

photo: tnt

Guilt By Association/Legacies

Original Air Date: Apr 15, 2013

Karen Belgrad – Senior Editor

I hope you like your season finales complicated with plenty of twists and a side a closure. Because, if you watched tonight, hoping for mostly satisfying answers, Dallas was handing them out in spades.

Did you want to know what happened to original-Pam Ewing? Who killed J.R.? What was in J.R.’s letter to Bobby? And what was J.R.’s “master plan”? All of these questions were answered tonight in the two hour/two part season finale. The only question we don’t have an answer to is… will there be a third season?

Emma: Let’s get this little plot out of the way first, as it barely seems to tie into the rest of the show. Emma’s finally spring from jail, with Ann bringing her home, moderating her medication doses, and sending her to rehab on Monday. I have to admit, I was a little surprised that Ann brought her home first, as it seemed silly that she didn’t just drop her butt of in an in-patient program. Emma doesn’t take to well to her new regime and high tails it back to Daddy’s, taking blame for all of the “chaos” she has caused. But all isn’t as it seems, as while she’s playing the doting daughter, she’s also keeping a close eye on his safe. She serves him up a sedative-laced omelet and breaks into the safe, finding a log that keeps track of his drug trafficking endeavors. She returns home to Southfork and has him busted. She pays Ryland a visit in jail, assuring him that it’s not the Ewing’s fault, she’s exactly the daughter he raised.

Elena/Christopher: In Zurich, Elena is busy keeping tabs on Drew while hiding her burner phone. Christopher doesn’t notice at first, as he’s trying to track down his mother. He finds David Gordon, a plastic surgeon who claims to be Pam’s husband, who declares that Pam wants nothing to do with him. He’s distraught, but that turns to open hostility when he finds the burner phone and realizes Elena has been keeping Drew hidden. He lays into her, sending her packing back to Dallas. Then he finds out that his mother is clearing out a bank account, so he high tails it the bank intent on confronting Pam. Instead he finds Gordon and his nurse pretending to be Pam. They confess (as John Ross and Pamela find evidence of the same) that Pam died July 14, 1989, in Abu Dhabi, from pancreatic cancer. It turns out that Pam had near recovered from her burns and wanted to get home to Christopher, but died before she could. Gordon gives Christopher her will, which gives him one third of Barnes Global. He returns home, still angry with Elena, declaring himself no longer able to trust her.

Drew: Drew is still on the lam, trying to insure that Roy Vickers goes to jail for his part in blowing up the rig. He tracks him to a small town bar, where he makes sure the bartender will send Roy in his direction. Roy takes the bait and is arrested while going after Drew. Drew also planted the shoes he never wore in Roy’s truck. It seems that the shoes were made out of cocaine. Yes, really. Drew stays on the lam, but not without calling Bobby to apologize. And Cliff has Roy stabbed in jail, making sure he can’t turn state’s evidence, but not before Roy admits to Pamela that Cliff was behind the rig explosion that killed her babies.

Sue Ellen: Having been married to J.R. for many years, a little bit of devious clearly rubbed off. She tracks down the missing Ken in the Cayman Islands to get him to admit that the Governor faked the Tesha report. Ken admits he can’t because the Governor is blackmailing him with the knowledge that Ken covered up his son’s involvement in some white collar crime. Sue Ellen takes the information and turns it around, threatening to implicate his son if he doesn’t validate the original report. She gets the Governor with the same type of deal, undoing the eminent domain deal that was previously put in place.

J.R.’s Master Plan: Now, here’s what we’ve all been waiting for… and it’s a mighty convoluted tale, so I’ll do my best to make it understandable for all of us! First off, Pamela and John Ross reveal to the family that they are married. And not even Christopher blinks at the news. Then Bobby starts pulling out the big guns, pun intended. First, he shows off a replica of J.R.’s belt buckle, which was missing from J.R.’s body. Pamela and John Ross plant it in Cliff’s safe deposit box, which is where they found Pam Ewing’s death certificate. Then Bobby takes out the gun J.R. left him, which Pamela identifies as Cliff’s gun, and Bobby reveals as the murder weapon. John Ross is beside himself that Cliff killed J.R. Pamela lures Cliff to Mexico under the guise of business, planting the gun in his car before they get on the plane. As they land, the police execute all sorts of search warrants, sealing Cliff’s fate.

In Mexico, Pamela intercepts warning calls, and the Ewing clan confronts Cliff in the hotel. Pamela reveals her marriage, and Christopher and John Ross gloat over their combined Barnes Global shares, making Cliff the minority owner. Then the police arrive to arrest Cliff, who loudly and emotionally protests any involvement in J.R.’s death. Bobby visits his nemesis in jail, offering to exonerate him if he admits to the rig explosion and culpability in the death of their grandchildren. Cliff declines and Bobby leaves him there to rot in the filthy jail.

At J.R.’s gravesite, where the tombstone reads “The Only Deal He Ever Lost”, John Ross and Christopher demand to know the truth from Bobby about what really happened to J.R. Bobby tears up as he reads J.R.’s letter which reveals that J.R. had only a few days left to live (cancer) and staged the entire set-up of Cliff to bring an end to the decades-old family feud. He knew Cliff would be in Mexico, so he arranged everything, including acquiring Cliff’s gun from the Mexican cartel. And as to who killed J.R…. it was his best friend Bum (the private investigator), who did it at J.R.’s behest. Because, in truth, the only person who could ever take down J.R. was… J.R. Although it reads rather flat, the emotion is what really sold the scene, especially Patrick Duffy, who clearly still mourns the loss of his real-life best friend Larry Hagman.

Setting Up Season Three: All of the plots from season two were tied up in a nice bow, almost making it more like a series than season finale. But being Dallas, they gave us a few plot loops to bring us into the possible third season…

– It’s no longer Ewing Enterprises and Barnes Global, but the gang toasted at Ewing Global. The methane drinking game was officially retired, as the word was never uttered the entire hour.
– Sue Ellen bonded with her son, as he reminded her that he now owns half of Southfork and together they own a third of the oil on the land. She asked him to be good to his wife, and he jokingly asked if she thought he was a scoundrel.
– Elena got a package from Cliff with deeds, maps, and an invitation to come see him in Mexico. At jail, where he was already looking more haggard, he advised her that J.R. switched land rights without her father’s knowledge. The land her father had was dry, but the land J.R. stole had plenty of oil. And while Christopher was trying to find her to make piece, Cliff had planted the seeds in Elena’s mind to start a whole new feud, the Ramos-Ewing feud and gives hr proxy rights to his shares of Barnes Global. And I hope whoever Elena went to visit at the end of the hour has something up his sleeve, because Elena would be seriously outmatched, outwitted, and outplayed if she tried to take on the Ewings.
– After spending the hour being extra-sweet to Pamela, John Ross took leave at hour’s end to head to a hotel with champagne and flowers. Was he meeting his betrothed? Of course not! This is J.R.’s son… So he got to the hotel room and let himself in to a waiting (and scantily clad) Emma, who was there to give him Ryland’s briefcase and whatever secrets it contains and then get busy with his step-cousin! Yup… he’s a scoundrel.

And that brings season two of Dallas to a close. Were you happy with the reveals and closures the two hours provided? Do you think there will be a season three?

You’ve got my TwoCents! Now share your TwoCents, comments, and feedback below!


About Karen Belgrad

Number cruncher by day, Karen spends way too many hours watching television and reading/writing about what she just watched. When not glued to the television, Karen sings karaoke, checks out live music, and roots for the Chicago Blackhawks and Cubs. Pop culture trivia and the Kevin Bacon game are her useless special talents. Managing Editor for TwoCentsTV.com [twitter:karenb0716]
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5 Responses to Dallas – Recap/Review – Guilt By Association/Legacies (Season Finale)

  1. Ron says:

    Great re-cap…as always!!! 🙂 There better be a Season 3….I know the ratings dropped from Season 1 to Season 2 but this series is so great even without J R on anymore, I still love the show and look forward to every episode! It would be a crying shame if they didnt have Season 3….People on the Dallas Page are saying Summer of 2014 but I dont think anything has been announced by TNT yet!

  2. ken says:

    Loved it. Can’t wait for Season 3..
    Good job!

  3. Tara says:

    I thought that the season came to an end precisely the way it should have. There were so many stories and betrayals to keep up with that I just couldn’t tear myself away from the TV. I was telling my co-worker that I normally don’t partake in the watching of soaps but that this one keeps me coming back for more. Maybe it’s because I’m familiar with the original and it was very riveting back then. I do think it’s awful that John Ross is still continuing his affair with Emma now that he’s married to Pamela, especially since Emma was sleeping with Drew. She is complicating everything but knowing John Ross if it wasn’t her, it would be some other woman. I sure hope that there will be a season three because I want to know what happens with Elena.

  4. Beany53 says:

    Great recap to a great season finale. Watch out when Pamela finds out John Ross is cheating, the Barnes-Ewing feud will still be on.

  5. Natnic says:

    It was very fitting that John Ross was cheating with Emma but I was saddened by it anyway. Pamela loves John Ross and gave up her family for him. I loved Pamela and John Ross as a couple. I guess she is the new Sue Ellen but unlike Sue Ellen she still has considerable financial power of her own. I would love to see her get back at John Ross by sleeping with the now single Christopher and getting pregnant again. It would be a great comeuppance for John Ross and would help her deal with the loss of her babies. I love the idea of a John Ross/Pamela/Christopher/Elena quadrangle to keep this show going.

    It’s been a long time since I’ve seen the original but I don’t remember the writing for the original being so tight and clever.

    Although I’m only lukewarm on Jordana Brewster as Elena I enjoy that they are tying her plot into Texas history and also current events. Her story could really be something next season.

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