90210 – Recap & Review – A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Call Girl

photo: cw

photo: cw

A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Call Girl

Original Air Date: Apr 15, 2013

Dennis – Senior Reviewer

After another month long hiatus, 90210 returned last night for its last stretch of episodes. If you don’t remember what happened in the last episode, let me give you a mini-recap. Naomi married herself at a 24 hour wedding chapel and find a new business partner, and potential boyfriend, in Jordan Welland, Liam joined the Cronus society so he could found info that would help Navid, Silver hooked up with Mark, and even though Ade says she’s fine with it, she’s not, and Dixon has started to fall for Silver’s surrogate, Michaela.

In last night’s episode, Naomi makes it her mission to find out who Author X is after Jordan hires her to plan the book Undressed’s launch party. During this, Annie tries her hardest to hide the fact that she is Author X from her friends. Meanwhile, Adrianna starts playing mind games with Silver, which causes Mark to intervene. Also, Liam & Navid find the perfect moment to catch the Cronus society cheating, and Liam finds out a shocking secret during the launch party. Read on for this week’s character breakdown!

Naomi/Annie– After talking about past aspirations, and hiring Mark to cater for future events for his company, Jordan asks Naomi to plan a top secret party. When Jordan leaves, Naomi tells Mark that she might have feelings for Jordan and doesn’t just want him to be a rebound. Mark tells her to be honest with Jordan. Meanwhile, Annie has a meeting with her publisher and still refuses to do press for her upcoming novel, Undressed. Jordan then comes in and says the book is a top priority for his company. He also mentions that Naomi is planning the launch party. Annie tries to get Naomi to drop the party planning by offering her a spa weekend, but Naomi is completely invested in finding out who Author X is and plans on having her come out at the launch party. To make this even more awkward for Annie, Naomi has her investigate to find out whom Author X Is.

Later, Annie tells Naomi that she found out who Author X is. Annie lies and says that some soccer mom named Barbara is the author, and that she won’t reveal who she is because the stakes are too high. After the disappointing reveal, Naomi tells Annie that she wanted to reveal Author X at the launch so she could keep Jordan’s interest. Annie then defends the plot of the novel when Naomi labels it nasty. When Silver comes in, Naomi has her read a part from the novel. Specifically, a scene where the lead, Annabelle, has sex with a guy in a helicopter. It takes Silver 2 seconds to realize that Annie wrote the novel. Naomi then finds out that Barbara couldn’t have possibly written the novel since she was on a 2 year charity mission with her husband. Naomi then launches into plan B, which is having eyes and ears all over Jordan and Amanda, the publisher, at the launch in hopes that they slip the name of Author X.

At the launch party, Annie tries to get Naomi to lay off with her hunt to find out who Author X is, but Naomi is not giving up. Later, Jordan comes by to compliment Naomi on the launch party and introduces her to his friend, Elizabeth. Naomi, being the top notch sleuth that she is, immediately suspects that Elizabeth is Author X. Naomi confronts Elizabeth and says she needs to reveal herself as Author X, Jordan then reveals that Elizabeth is his sister. After Naomi is done making a fool out of herself, Annie tells Naomi that she is Author X.

Naomi admits that she messed up because Jordan is the first guy she’s liked since her divorce and she didn’t want to screw thing s up. Annie admits that refusing to fess up to being Author X was making her hold on to the past, and she’s done hiding and will admit the truth to everyone. Earlier, Liam was a celebrity guest at the launch and read a chapter from Undressed, specifically an Annabelle and Leo chapter. Liam immediately knew it was about him and refuses to talk to Annie. At the end of the episode, Patrick (aka Helicopter guy) comes to Annie’s door and says they need to talk. Meanwhile, Jordan goes over to Naomi’s. Naomi apologizes and says she was scared of telling him she likes him. Jordan admits to liking her too. He also tells her that he didn’t want her to know that Elizabeth was his sister because he was afraid that if she knew the truth about his family, that she wouldn’t want to be with him. What horrible past is Jordan hiding?

Adrianna/Silver– While Ade is dropping off some things for Dixon, Silver comes in and asks her why she isn’t returning her calls. Ade plays dumb and tells Silver that she’s been busy, and not to let her imagination get the best of her. Silver senses something’s wrong, so she plans on handling Adrianna. Before that, Silver heads over to Mark’s and tells him that can’t see each other anymore. Silver tells Mark that she and Ade have a complicated relationship and she needs to stop this before something bad happens. Later, Mark invites Ade over to his place and tells her she needs to stop playing games. Ade admits that she’s been passive aggressive and wants to make Silver suffer a little. Mark then offers himself up sexually to her so she can have her revenge. After a short kiss, Ade calls Mark disgusting. Mark tells Ade to tell Silver how she truly feels. Ade goes over to Silver’s and says she couldn’t go through with the revenge because they’re friends. Ade then says that Silver hasn’t changed since high school and she doesn’t want to be her friend anymore. Later, Navid and Ade end up hooking up. Also, Silver tells Mark that Ade is a better friend than she is (lolWHAT), and Mark tells her it’s not her fault and the future of their relationship is up to her.

Liam/Navid– Navid’s disciplinary hearing is Tuesday and Liam needs to get evidence of the Cronus cheating ring by then or Navid will be expelled. After hooking up with Sydney, she tells him that she may be able to help him. Sydney mentioned something to Campbell’s father which has caused him and the others to have to retake a test the next day. Since they can’t bring in cell phones to the test, Liam tells Navid that he’ll make sure the proctor catches them by putting the answers on the inside of water bottles. The plan works perfectly and the proctor orders no one to leave until the Dean gets there. The Dean puts everyone on academic probation and Campbell finds out about Liam & Navid’s team up. Navid, however, is not off the hook. The Dean refuses to drop Navid’s charges. After the launch party, Campbell tells Liam that Sydney was sleeping with Liam so she could find out dirt on him so she could get his inheritance money. As previously stated, Navid decides to go full speed on his regret train and hook up with Ade, while Liam finds out about Annie’s novel.

Dixon– While Dixon takes Michaela to an appointment, a person in the waiting room thinks they’re a couple. It’s not a big deal to Michaela, since someone thought she & Silver were a couple the last time they were there, but it brings some feelings out of her. She tells Dixon that she’s the same girl that she was before she was pregnant and wants to go on dates. Dixon goes to Mark and asks him to ask her if she’s interested in him. Mark is not her for this high school nonsense and tells Dixon to tell Michaela how he feels. During a lovely food truck dinner, Dixon tells Michaela that he likes her. Michaela tells him she doesn’t like him that way, but she does like Navid that way and she can’t get him out of her head. Whoops.

What did you guys think of the episode? What could possibly be Jordan’s deep, dark secret? Will Liam ever find someone that doesn’t want to use him? Leave your TwoCents in the comments below!

Next Week: The Empire State Strikes Back

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