The Good Wife – Recap & Review – Rape: A Modern Perspective

photo: cbs

photo: cbs

The Good Wife
Rape: A Modern Perspective

Original Air Date: Apr 14, 2013

Patricia Morris Buckley — Sr. Staff Writer

Somewhere toward the middle of this episode, a major bombshell is quietly dropped about a romantic pairing. And it isn’t Will and Alicia (although Alicia still has it bad and feels she’s losing control Will-wise). Diane is planning to walk down the aisle!

Last week she proposed to her Republican boy toy Kurt McVeigh, took it back and then said she did mean it. I guess he said yes. Wouldn’t it be nice to see Diane get all her dreams, like the state supreme court judgeship, and be happy at home as well? Not gonna happen — makes for boring TV.

THE CASE: 18-year-old Rainey is taking Todd to civil court for raping her since he escaped justice in the criminal court with a plea bargain. When she tweets he’s guilty, the judge puts her in jail for disobeying his gag order. And she won’t apologize because it will look as though she’s saying she’s sorry for taking the rapist to court.

Will and Alicia have to come up with something, but nothing’s working — until Zach gets an anonymous email with a video someone hacked into Todd’s account to get. But it’s not really admissible. Neither is the photo of Rainey passed out with Todd next to her when it appears on Grace’s phone.

Alicia thinks it’s coming from Dylan Stack, AKA Mr. Big Coin, who is leading an anonymous overthrow of the system. He had already approached her to join a class action suit against procedural overcharging. And obviously, he knows people who can do amazing things with computers…why does he keep showing up in the courtroom?

The interfering doesn’t work, but it does lead to a mistrial. That leaves the girl still in jail for contempt, until Kalinda learns Todd had confessed to the police. She gets the police video and posts it online, freeing Rainey. I wonder if we’ll hear more of this case further?

DIANE: The Democratic party has sent someone over to vet her (which she already had Kalinda do). They urged her to break things off with Kurt, especially because of his last name! That’s soooo not going to happen. Then they’re worried about Dylan’s politics and ask her to not represent him, which she tells Will they should do because it’s good for the company. Ah, Will agrees, but he’s on to her real motives.

When she visits capital hill, the real reason the party is antsy about her is finally revealed — and it’s Will! In fact, they are so against him that she may not get the job anyway. But to get the job, doesn’t she have to leave the firm anyway? And when the rest of the partners learn that, they get very upset. She’s a cash cow to those who barely even show up at the office anymore.

CARY: Alicia sees Cary having lunch with all the fourth years whose partnership offers were taken back. When Robyn, the new Kalinda, discovers that Cary has taken out a huge malpractice insurance policy, she knows what’s going on. She confronts Cary, who once again offers her the chance to be his name partner. She’s seriously going to consider that? I just don’t see her leaving Will… professionally, that is.

Meanwhile, Robyn is scared that she won’t get past her four-week trial period. But at the last minute, Kalinda puts in a good word for her. That’s pretty suspicious. Any chance Kalinda is going with Cary?

Next week it looks as though Peter proposes to Alicia just as his campaign may be going under.

Are we building up to a big Will and Alicia hook up? Will Diane really marry Kurt? Why is Kalinda so suspicious of Robyn? Give us your TwoCents…

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One Response to The Good Wife – Recap & Review – Rape: A Modern Perspective

  1. B says:

    Your reviews are pretty cool. I always read them but first time giving my thoughts! Alicia is not so over Will, im hoping this gets a major plot development in the final episodes. Kinda curious why kalinda is letting robyn stay, i love their dynamics cause i really like kalinda working with other people. Cary is being everything but discrete so im interested in how this will blow up in Diane and Will faces and how Alicia is involved knowing Cary’s plans. We’ll have to wait and see.

    Best regards,

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