How I Met Your Mother – Recap & Review – Romeward Bound

photo: cbs

photo: cbs

How I Met Your Mother
Romeward Bound

Original Air Date: Apr 15, 2013

Caitlin –Senior Staff Writer

My thoughts and prayers go out to all those affected by the tragedy in Boston today. I was a bit surprised by CBS still airing its regular schedule, but after such terrible images on our screens all day, our favorite shows can provide a welcome respite.

Unfortunately, my broadcast muted the dialogue onscreen for the first third of the episode, so I’m offering the best summary I can from what I saw and read elsewhere, starting with The Captain making Lily a very significant proposition.

The revelation that he wants her to work in Rome should be the best job-related news of her life, and yet she can’t accept his offer. After all, Marshall has a great career in New York. That’s not the only reason, but for until we learn more, Barney focuses on what could possibly be under a female wedding caterer’s coat, goaded by the fact Ted already knows. Is it awkward that Robin’s there, too? Well, it’s probably more awkward when Lily goes to see Marshall and finds his office empty.

Marshall tells her that his business went under a while ago, but he couldn’t bring himself to admit the truth. When she tells him about Rome, he vows to make sure they can go. At MacLaren’s, Robin figures out just what Barney and Ted are doing- and she’s totally okay with it. She’s even okay with the fact Liddie’s body is everything Ted hyped it to be. She might be slightly less okay with the idea Barney feels free to be creepy to women, but is distracted by Lily turning down the Rome job offer again.

Eventually, Ted does try to talk some sense into Barney, pointing out that no girl is really going to be totally okay with so much suggested womanizing before her wedding. Barney’s annoyed that Ted thinks he knows Robin better than he does, and we actually get some tension between them. Lily, on the other hand, gets some comfort. The possibility of Marshall running off with beautiful women aside, she’s mostly worried that she won’t be able to make it in her dream job after all. Marshall reassures her, and she finally agrees- they’re going to Italy.

With one season of the show left, we have three possibilities, assuming we get a logical timeline (not necessarily a given): 1. They’ll have to wait a year to go for some reason, 2. The job will end up falling through, or 3. Marshall and Lily won’t be around much for the final installment of HIMYM. I don’t want it to be either of the last two, and I think the third is very unlikely. If it is the first, it means the show’s last episodes will also be the gang’s last major time together, making them even more significant.

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One Response to How I Met Your Mother – Recap & Review – Romeward Bound

  1. bjk says:

    Option 4: The job is in Rome, NY (Oneida County). The Captain never explicitly said it was in Italy

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