Parks and Recreation – Recap & Review – Animal Control

photo: nbc

photo: nbc

Parks and Recreation
Animal Control

Original Air Date: Apr 11, 2013

Valentina D. – Senior Reviewer

If your town’s animal control department was run by incapable stoners, what would you do? If you’re Leslie Knope, you spring into action and look for new employees, or have a bright idea and recommend the position to one of your own.

While Leslie saves the day, Ben’s focused on making a good impression on local scent mogul Dennis Feinstein with Andy and Tom’s help. That is, until Dennis turns out to be, well, “a dick,” as Andy so eloquently put it. In the middle of all this, the usually-invincible Ron is battling a bout of strep throat, so it’s Ann and her nursing skills to the rescue.

During a council meeting to replace the animal control workers, Leslie discovers the councilmen usually just take turns hiring new people instead of working collaboratively. She’s definitely not having any of it, and urges them to work together. Chris and April help out with some interviews, including poor Jerry whose honesty about his education gets his pay cut, and creepy Orin. After Jamm interviews his choice for the job, a children’s break dance instructor, Leslie has a lightbulb moment and decides to present April for consideration, much to April’s disinterest.

While Ron gets some tests done in the hospital by a doctor who could rival him in grumpiness, Ben and the guys meet with Dennis. He’s not a charitable guy and only gets intrigued in the idea when Ben describes charity as a way to build your personal brand. Dennis moves their meeting to the exclusive Pawnee Smokehouse, where he’s an ass all over again. After calling Ben’s talking points a “snooze” and laughing about fox hunting, Andy speaks up and calls him a dick. Dennis hollers for the meeting to wrap up and for his bodyguard to “take out the garbage people.” On their way out, the guys spot Donna and her adoring public in a private booth. What a goddess.

During April’s interview, she is indeed getting Jamm-ed due to some private emails between Andy and herself, and a photo of her drinking underage. Leslie and Chris have no idea what to do until April proposes an amazing idea: have the parks department absorb the animal control unit. Leslie is stunned at April’s good thinking and the council votes in favour of hiring April.

The next day, the guys arrive back at Dennis’s office to apologize and Dennis offers them a $25,000 check for the Sweetums foundation. Ben is thrilled until he notices the profanity-laden writing on the check, after which Dennis yells at them again and says he helps no man. Ben calls him a “major dick” and the guys are out of there in a split-second.

Back at City Hall, Ann checks up on Ron, who seems better and she reminds him that he’s no longer alone. Now, he has to think of Diane and her kids, so he needs to get serious about his health in the future. Luckily, everything checks out besides his low potassium, which he remedies by sticking a banana in a Paunch Burger.

Surprisingly, April seems to have moved into Leslie’s old office and has a brand new, shiny title: she’s now the Deputy Director. Turns out, Leslie had it made all those years ago during April’s first week there.

What did you think of this episode? How will April do as the new Deputy Director? Share your TwoCents below!

Next Week: Article Two and Jerry’s Retiremen

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