Archer – Recap & Review – Sea Tunt Part 2

photo: fx

photo: fx

Sea Tunt Part 2

Original Air Date: Apr 11, 2013

Elizabeth – TwoCents Reviewer

This week’s episode picks up where we left off last week, with Captain Murphy reiterating his threats to blow up the world because he’s mad about ocean pollution. What’s new is that Cecil has promised Murphy that he will send a camera crew down to his under-water research facility to broadcast his demands. And he has volunteered the ISIS gang to pose as a camera crew. Archer, for some reason, is really excited about this and has already devised a plan that involves hiding guns in cameras and donning fake mustaches (or in Ray’s case, having his shaved off against his will.)

Lana, Ray, Cyril and Archer are dropped in to the sea, and thirty seconds in, Ray already has a broken nose and Archer has induced Lana’s biggest outburst to date. Meanwhile, Cheryl insists to Pam that she never wants to speak to, or hear from her brother again. Pam, in order to discourage this, reveals that she has a sister; Edie. This sister wasn’t particularly nice to Pam, and consequently Pam hasn’t seen her in years. And then…the story really doesn’t seem to go anywhere. On the up side, the conversation ends with another Cheryl zinger (one of my favourites so far): “Pam is like, gay for doomsday.” It doesn’t get better than that people.

Malory interrupts Pam and Cheryl’s girl talk with her continuing search for booze, which Archer has definitely stolen and is definitely drinking as they pilot their mini-submarine towards the underwater base. Lana refuses to share the pilfered liquor with Archer though, not even to ease her constant vomiting. Suspicious much?

As the team approach the base, they go over their cover stories, which are largely inconsequential with the exception of an excessively heated argument about whose fictional character is the better wind-surfer. The team make contact with Murphy, whose dodgy nature leads Lana to suspect a trap, and suspect she should. After a few failed attempts at convincing Murphy to be ‘interviewed’ alone, the team resign themselves to traveling with him to the bridge where 40 of his armed meet are waiting.

Back above sea-level, Cecil reveals that he is broke as all hell, which is why he was trying to steal Cheryl’s money. But only so he can keep giving money to charities, which he has some sort of addiction to. In related news, Lana has just cajoled the Captain in to admitted that, due to bad money management by Cecil, all other employees of the water base left two years ago, and he is in possession of not one single missile. In an attempt to subdue the insane Captain, Archer accidentally fires his gun which fractures the walls of the underwater sanctuary. Which is not the best thing that could have happened. The team and Murphy are swept away by a wall of water which thankfully washes them through an emergency exit hatch and in to an old break room. Not so lucky for Muphy though, who gets crushed by a vending machine, but not before he tells the team the best way to get out of the flooding facility.

But there’s a catch. Murphy direct the team to the three nearby scuba suits they can use to escape via an underwater cave. That’s right, three. And there are definitely four hapless ISIS agents trapped in the quickly sinking break-room. The team proceed to bicker about who should miss out on a scuba suit. Apparently, it only take three minutes to get through the escape route that will lead to somewhere with oxygen, and the boys (gentlemen as always) volunteer Lana.

But uh-oh! They can’t really do that, because…


I’ll give you a second to absorb that information, because for lovers of this show, the idea of Lana having a baby is kind of akin to the idea of Joan Rivers never having had plastic surgery. It is almost impossible and decidedly unsettling.

The best part is, it’s not Cyril’s!

I’ll give you guys another second…

Another shock to come though, as Archer, without a second thought passes over his scuba gear to the expectant Lana and resigns himself to temporary drowning and possibly death. Lana, Ray and Cyril rush to the escape hatch and eventually get Archer out of the water and miraculously manage to revive him with the defibrillator.

Back aboard the Sea Tunt, Malory is momentarily distracted by her desire for duty-free champagne by the arrival of her son and the other dripping wet agents. The team celebrate Cheryl’s decision not to murder her brother and the impending birth of Lana’s mystery kid.

And there the season ends, with a cup of moonshine and a hip-hip hooray.

As season finales go this one was nothing to sneeze at, pretty much everything that could have been thrown out there was (including Ray losing the use of his legs again, but whatever). Jon Hamm gives an ace performance as the nut-job Captain (who is remarkably logical and collected when it comes to getting out of the sinking sea station alive) and the relationship between Lana and Archer becomes deeper (phrasing) again. However, it’s nothing really new. I mean, if Malory or Pam had been the one who was pregnant, it may have been a bit more shocking. And there wasn’t really any cliffhangers, which disappointed me a little. But otherwise, Sea Tunt Part 2 was raucous fun, and Jon Hamm’s manly-voiced contribution has been one my favourites since Anthony Bourdain guest-starred.

What did you think of the season finale of Archer? Give us your TwoCents in the comments below!

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