Modern Family – Recap & Review – Flip Flop

photo: abc

photo: abc

Modern Family
Flip Flop

Original Air Date: Apr 10, 2013

Wyner C – Senior Reviewer

Families support each other through it all – they are our walking sticks. We need to move forward but they make the walk smoother, easier. Unfortunately, with their help, we are exposed to their opinions – wanted or not.

Claire and Cam’s house is ready to be flipped. They’re excited and Phil’s excited for the easy commission – the house came out really nice. The group gets an offer from a cocky real estate agent (Phil’s frenemy/nemesis) but Phil declines the lowball proposition. Regrettably, the country is in a bit of a recession so buyers aren’t lining up around the block. Understandably, Phil’s nemesis lowers the offer.

Mitchell is dying to tell Cam “I told you so” but he’s a good partner and holds his tongue. Phil calls Frenemy to get the original offer but the nemesis is rude. At this moment, the family realizes Luke’s friend, who he has previously mentioned as being interested in the house, actually has money. What is Phil to do? Immaturely decline the offer!

Cam, Mitchell, Phil, and Claire enlist Haley’s social network expertise to find personal information about Zach – Luke’s MIT (or as Haley pronounces it: “mit”) rich graduate friend. They redecorate the house pandering to Zach’s taste. Haley shows up at the open house to woo the man she fell in love with via his profile.

All seems to go well until Cam slips up and mentions Zach’s dog, Otis, by name. Rightfully, the dude is freaked – he was stalked! He leaves but Phil’s nemesis arrives. Phil fibs and says he’s busy with clients – Cam and Mitchell plays along as the interested gay couple. Nemesis bites and is willing to negotiate. House sold! Also, Cam tells Mitchell: I told you so!

Manny meets his father’s new girlfriend, Trish. Gloria gets jealous when Trish and Manny have a connection over books, art, and other pretentious crap. Trish is unlike any of Javier’s other girlfriends – she has a PhD and smart.

Javier asks Trish to marry him but she freaks. Gloria talks to her – intending to exile her so Manny can be all about his mother again. Gloria changes her mind when Trish confesses the reason she’s unsure about the marriage: Gloria. Trish sees how Gloria is perfect in Javier and Manny’s minds – plus, her body is rocking; even after having a baby just two months ago! Yeah, it’s sad for us normal women. Let’s just say, Gloria welcomes Trish to the family with open arms after those ego stroking words.

Favorite moments/Things to ponder:

1. Another Stella sighting!! She’s so adorbs.

2. It was cute to see Haley throw herself on Zach just because his profile is cute. She might have found her calling: stalking people using social network (ie Facebook, Twitter, etc).

3. Loved the family working together to sell the house – they work well together…as long as they keep their egos in check.

4. I groaned when Cam slipped, using the name of Zach’s dog. He ruined it for them!! Even then, Mitchell didn’t throw the house flipping fiasco in Cam’s face. It takes restraint – something I don’t have. Poor Mitchell, he had a whole slew of cliché “I told you so” sayings ready but didn’t use it (in front of Cam).

5. Family moment of the episode:
It had to be the opening scene. The toast is the epitome of the family – longwinded, sweet, and cringe worthy all in the same breath!

This was a cute episode that ended the house flipping story arc. I don’t have a favorite quote this episode – don’t know why. What is yours? Did you feel bad for Mitchell? Did you want to kill Cam for slipping? Would you have been freaked if a real estate agent and his family knew about your life? We don’t have any privacy anymore, do we? Scary thought, right? Discuss away!!!

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One Response to Modern Family – Recap & Review – Flip Flop

  1. kk says:

    Wasn’t a huge fan of this episode, it felt a bit disjointed with the Gloria/Jay storyline disconnected with the siblings story this wk.

    Kinda happy to see Paget Brewster back on the small screen, I loved watching her on Criminal Minds until she departed this season.. never knew she did dramatic/comedy, but I’m still used to thinking of her as Agent Prentiss who rarely cracks a smile..

    Thx for the recap!

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