American Idol – Recap & Review – Top 6 Perform

photo: fox

photo: fox

American Idol
Top 6 Perform

Original Air Date: Apr 10, 2013

Patricia Morris Buckley — Sr. Staff Writer

I’m ready to make a prediction on who I think will make it into the finals. But you’ll have to wait until the end of this recap (see how sneaky I can be to get you to read all the way through?).

This week had a double theme as contestants tackled a song by Burt Bacharach and Hal David and then a song they wish they’d written. The first was a real challenge — how to make ‘60s and ‘70s songs sound contemporary. Yikes!


ANGIE MILLER: “Anyone Who Had a Heart”
It’s not the most interesting song, but it’s well inside her comfort level. She did a very nice job with a lesser known song.
KEITH said while she has a great voice, he didn’t hear the passion and she made it look too easy. NICKI agreed with Keith that she didn’t hear any passion and it sounded old fashioned. RANDY also agreed, and she has to act as if she wrote it. MARIAH blamed her perfect enunciation and wondered if she focused on that more.

AMBER HOLCOMB: “I Say a Little Prayer for You”
It is kind of beauty pageanty. Sing, walk here, strike a pose, then move again. She doesn’t dig into the subtext, so it comes off very poppy and light. Of course, she sounded great.
KEITH loved that she never over performed and called it beautiful. NICKI called her unbelievable, adding that she is now her favorite. RANDY said the competition just started and she is trying to win this. “Amber has arrived.” MARIAH loved the transition to the bridge and called it an A+.

LAZARO ARBOS: “Close to You”
This is one of my all-time favorites — when it’s not sung off-key. What is this tie-dye suit he’s wearing? The suit and the performance were horrible. Once again, he had an excuse — that they couldn’t find the right key (so pick another song!).
KEITH said the key was too low for him and he should chose the right one. NICKI didn’t comment. RANDY is speechless, but ended up saying it was horrible and it was his worst performance on the show. MARIAH said the music changed key but he stayed at the previous key, that it wasn’t the right selection for him.

KREE HARRISON: “What the World Needs Now is Love”
Her brother is in the audience and she shows great sibling bonding. She really took the song slow and made it her own. She started off a cappella and ended beautifully.
KEITH said people can hear the compassion in her voice and it was the best she’s ever sung. NICKI said her voice is sweet and humble, and also “hella cocky.” She thought Kree should be performing at the CMA Awards next year. RANDY agreed with everyone and said Kree can really sing. MARIAH loved her arrangement and her voice.

JANELLE ARTHUR: “I’ll Never Fall in Love Again”
She’s wobbly on a few notes, but her sweet tone is a perfect match for the song. She has such an appealing stage persona.
KEITH loved that he sees a different side to her every week. NICKI thought the performance was really boring. RANDY called it lackluster and she needed to find places in the song to give it “cookies.” MARIAH enjoyed her simplicity and how this was a different style for her.

CANDINCE GLOVER: “Don’t Make Me Over”
Her voice is so raw with emotion, so controlled and precise. It was awesome. She gets a Standing O from Keith, Nicki and Randy.
KEITH said she sets the bar high and she’s in his top 3 tonight. NICKI praised the fact that it didn’t sound old-fashioned because she committed so fully. “You were born to do this.” RANDY loved that she started simple, so emotional and it was one of her best performances ever, MARIAH said she took a classic and made it current.


ANGIE MILLER: “Love Came Down”
She is back to the piano. It’s a perfect song choice for her — what she does best. She nails it.
KEITH said she shines at the piano and needs to bring that same emotion when she leaves the piano. NICKI said this is what people vote for and she shouldn’t stray from that. It’s what no one else does and she needs to do that to stay in the game. RANDY praised how she tapped into the emotion and it was unbelievable. MARIAH said she never loses when she’s on the piano and called it perfect.

She’s a little flat and her movements are a bit robotic. But she handles the complicated rhythm with ease. The short-shorts don’t hurt.
KEITH called it beautiful and a great song choice. NICKI warned Beyonce to look out because Amber has arrived. RANDY said “she’s in it to win it.” MARIAH said America loves her although it’s not her favorite vocal.

I had trouble understanding the words because of his accent or because he holds the mic too close. It’s very low, but it was better than his first song.
KEITH thought the girls were so crazy good and now it’s about who sounds like they’re in a talent contest or are an artist. NICKI: “What he said.” RANDY thought it was slightly better, but the girls were better. MARIAH said it was a better range for him, but hinted that it wasn’t great.

KREE HARRISON: “Help Me Make it Through the Night”
It’s the first time I’ve seen her wear something form fitting and she looks good. Her vocals were really pretty. So impassioned.
KEITH called it a buckle-polisher and predicted that she’ll become a member of the Grand ‘Ole Opry someday. NICKI said she believes the lyrics so much, but Janelle can’t sell an unknown song (kind of rude to Janelle). RANDY called her a natural, natural singer and she sells the story with ease when she sings. MARIAH said that’s how the song should be sung.

She misses the last note, but the rest was fine.
KEITH thought it would have been a song for her to play guitar with no other backing. NICKI liked the song and thought this was a better performance than her first, but it wasn’t enough to get a leg up on the other women. RANDY didn’t think it was her best performance. MARIAH appreciated how she sang the first verse and chorus sitting down, pointing out that people connect to her voice.

She has the potential to be one of the greats. It was a master class in singing. She gets a standing O from everyone. Mariah threw glitter on her and Keith genuflected down before her. Candice cries after seeing the crowd and judges’ reaction.
RANDY and the judges called it one of the greatest performances in Idol history.

Thursday, Kelly Clarkson and Scotty McCreery will perform. Who will get eliminated? I think the misguided sympathy vote will continue for Lazaro (oh, the judges were so mean to him!) and Janelle will be on the chopping block. My guess is that the judges will use their one save, which means both Janelle and Lazaro will go next week.

As for my guess for the finale: Kree and Candice. They are just head and shoulders above the others, who are also very talented and most likely will get recording contracts as well (yes, even Lazaro as he rounds out the last few seconds of his 15 minutes).

Did you agree with Randy that Candice gave one of the best performances in Idol history? Why do you think Lazaro is still in the game? Would you be sad to see Janelle cut? Give us your TwoCents…

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