Survivor: Caramoan – Recap & Review – “Cut Off the Head of the Snake”

photo: cbs

photo: cbs

Survivor: Caramoan
“Cut Off the Head of the Snake”

Original Air Date: Apr 10, 2013

Ryan O – Staff Writer

Phillip outsmarted someone. No, I know but it happened. I think. It might’ve been unintentional but you know Phillip would claim it wasn’t either way.

Reynold. I think I’ve been pretty clear that I don’t like him. Well. My dislike really blossoms tonight as Reynold uses just a weirdly gross term. I’ll let you find the term on your own.


Day 23. Reynold tells us the previous night’s Tribal Council was a victory for him even though Corrine was a part of his alliance.

Malcolm tells us it wasn’t great to lose Corrine but at least no one knows he has an idol. A more realistic assessment of the situation.


Here’s who’s left: Andrea, Brenda, Cochran, Dawn, Eddie, Erik, Malcolm, Michael, Phillip, Reynold, and Sherri

Phillip gives Sherri the nickname of Serenity. Sherri tells us the Stealth R Us thing is crazy. Her plan is to eventually get Phillip under her control.

Reward Challenge!

They divide into two teams of five. One person guards a goal. The other four leap off of a dock and throw a ball at the other goal. First team to four wins a trip to a waterfall and a picnic lunch.

Purple: Erik, Eddie, Reynold, and Cochran are shooting and Michael in goal
Orange: Dawn, Phillip, Andrea, and Brenda are shooting and Malcolm in goal

Sherri wasn’t picked.

Eddie shoots it right at Malcolm and it’s no good. Brenda tosses it over Michael and scores. Erik scores for Purple. Andrea scores for Orange. Reynold is short of the goal for Purple. Dawn hits the bottom crossbar. Orange is still up 2-1. Cochran scores over Malcolm and ties it up. Phillip scores. Orange leads 3-2. Eddie scores, 3-3. Brenda hits the bottom crossbar. Erik scores over Malcolm and Purple wins.

Post-Reward Challenge

They rappel down the waterfall. Cochran was nervous beforehand but enjoyed it. As they sit at lunch, Michael brings up the fact that the last Fans vs. Favorites was dominated by women at the end and how it would be great if this time it was dominated by men. Reynold, that gem of a human, says, “Hope’s gone, so there’s no one left to [have sex with].” Ugh. Dude. No. What a dillhole.

Reynold tells us they tried to convince Cochran to change sides but he says they tried to get Cochran to “Bro down and get these scheming, crazy girls out of here.” Cranking up the dillholery even more.

Cochran tells us that Reynold and Michael apparently don’t know him very well if they think trying to appeal to Cochran’s masculinity is going to work. It’s not. He calls them numbskulls and rightfully so.

Meanwhile, Malcolm talks with Dawn and Sherri about switching since they seem like they’re on the bottom of their alliance.

Dawn tells him to talk to Sherri. She tells us she wants to give Malcolm the idea that she’s voting with him but then take him out.

Sherri and Dawn talk with Andrea and tells her Malcolm’s idea. They decide to let him think the plan is working and then vote him out.

Phillip tells us he’s going to tell Malcolm that they’re splitting the vote between Eddie and “Reynolds” [sic]. Phillip isn’t great with names and words, is he?

Andrea tells us she’s spending time with Eddie, partially in hopes of getting his vote at the end. We also see a shot of a truly gorgeous dragonfly with brilliant red and black wings.

Andrea and Eddie talk strategy. She says she’s willing to keep him. He’s willing to vote the way she wants him to except not against Reynold.

Immunity Challenge! Immunity! Back up for grabs!

A classic challenge! Everyone is under a metal grate in the water. The tide is coming in. Soon, the tide will submerge the grate. Coming out from under the grate eliminates you from the challenge. The last person to stay under the grate wins.

After an hour, there’s about an inch of space left. Phillip is first out. Sherri is out next. Erik follows immediately after her. Dawn is out next. People are trying to create a breathing space with their hands. Malcolm is out next. Eddie is out. Cochran and Reynold drop at the same time.

Andrea and Brenda remain. Andrea fights and fights but drops. Brenda wins!


Malcolm tells us the next vote has to go his way. It’s time for him to make his move. He talks with Andrea and Dawn. Andrea talks about who is going to vote for whom as they split the vote and that they’ll vote for Reynold in the revote.

Malcolm tells us he’s pretty sure Andrea doesn’t suspect what he’s up to. Andrea tells us Malcolm is a pretty good liar but she knew going into the conversation that he’d be lying to her, so it was funny for her. Andrea says Dawn is really good and she’s impressed. Andrea leaves Malcolm and Dawn alone and Dawn asks Malcolm what he really wants to do and he says take Andrea out. Dawn wants to see Reynold’s idol and then she’ll do it.

Dawn tells us it’s nuts that Malcolm still trusts her after what happened to Corrine when she was the one that gave the plan away to Phillip. She points out that because he can’t figure that out means he’s not paying attention strategically.

Malcolm and Reynold confirm the plan to show Dawn the idol.

Reynold sits next to Dawn on the beach and discreetly shows her the idol. He menacingly tells her not to screw him. Dawn tells us she doesn’t like people who intimidate other people but she’s thrilled he showed her the idol.

Reynold, Eddie, Malcolm, and Michael talk in the shelter. Reynold tells Eddie not to worry about Andrea, she just needs to go. After that, Reynold assures everyone, Cochran will decide to “bro down.” Wow, Reynold is such a dillhole and he can’t read people at all.

Eddie goes and talks with Andrea. He wants to know what’s going on. She tries to assure him that he’s not in danger but she won’t tell him the plan. That doesn’t make him feel any better, which is understandable. Eddie mentions that the guys are voting for Andrea. She’s a little worried that her name has come up.

Andrea goes around telling everyone they need to vote for Michael because she’s worried.

Dawn tries to convince Andrea they need to stick with voting for Malcolm. Dawn doesn’t want the work she did to be for naught. Andrea is still nervous but less so.

Tribal Council

Michael was a little shocked that a Favorite went home, which gives him a bit of hope.

Phillip reveals Stealth R Us and that Sherri is their newest “double agent.” I don’t think he understand what a double agent is.

Eddie says he’d rather play his own game than be someone else’s puppet. Oh look, someone doesn’t understand Survivor.

Andrea says this might be the right time to make a move and use the three Fans.

Phillip says making what you think is a smart move won’t be and you’ll be flushed out. It seems like he’s shooting his mouth off.


Reynold stands up and is about to play his idol. Malcolm says, “Hey, give it to me. They all voted for me … Give it to me and we’re in great shape.” Reynold says, “Yeah,” and tosses him the idol. Malcolm walks over to Jeff and plays the idol. Whoa. Big play by Malcolm.

Andrea, Andrea, Andrea, Reynold, Michael, Michael, Michael, Michael, Michael, Michael, and Michael is now the first member of the jury.

Bubbling Under

Wow. So. That was pretty big, right? It sure seems as though Phillip outsmarted Malcolm at Tribal Council. Who thought that would ever happen?

How much did Andrea and Eddie’s conversation change things? Well, a lot, obviously. Would Malcolm have played an idol (his or Reynold’s)? I don’t know since that depended on Phillip’s speech. I will say that without that conversation, Michael wouldn’t have gone home.

What do you expect to happen in the coming weeks? Let’s hear your Two Cents!

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4 Responses to Survivor: Caramoan – Recap & Review – “Cut Off the Head of the Snake”

  1. Scheddar says:

    Great episode. I thought for sure that Lady MacBeth had struck again!

    Say what you like, Malcolm made an incredible play, he didn’t play the hidden immunity idol, he played SOMEONE ELSE’S immunity idol… who does that?!!! Really impressed, not only did he flush out an idol, albeit unintentionally, but he still kept the fact that he’s had one all along, a secret. Major Kudos!

    Next week should be interesting.

    • ryanoneil says:

      The way this episode spun so dramatically at the end was pretty amazing.

      And Malcolm did play that really well in that he didn’t have to give up his immunity idol and doesn’t have to worry about Reynold’s, either. Getting Reynold to give it to him was pretty amazing. That they were both convinced is testament to the job everyone did selling that story to them.

  2. Maggie C. says:

    Michael is the first jury member so he won’t be going home for a while yet. The jury decides who gets the money and people who have been blind sided tend to be bitter.

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