NCIS – Recap & Review – Chasing Ghosts

photo: cbs

photo: cbs

Chasing Ghosts

Original Air Date: Apr 09, 2013

Maria – Associate Staff Writer

Ziva is still acting rather oddly since her father’s death, especially since his killer, Bodnar, is still out there. DiNozzo becomes obsessed with finding what Ziva is up to and protecting her, particularly since the CIA and Homeland security have told NCIS that Bodnar is off limits. Perhaps a case will give Ziva something else to focus on.

Navy Reserve Lieutenant Callie Daniels comes home to find her husband missing and their house ransacked. NCIS searches the house and McGee finds a severed finger! Eep!

Autopsy Gemlin Jimmy Palmer analyzes the finger, taking a tissue sample before being dismissed by Doctor Mallard. This time, Palmer refuses to stand down. He demands to be taken seriously, so he can advance his career and in the eyes of others. So Ducky does, and hopefully the writers and audience will too.

A little digging into the husband’s finances provides a motive for the situation. Noah Daniels has a trust account filled with 2.5 million dollars! Tony suspects the wife, but Callie is genuinely distraught yet trying to appear strong. Callie and Ziva are rather alike, actually.

Callie receives a call from Noah’s kidnapper, and she’s able to keep them on the line long enough for NCIS to trace the call. It leads to an empty van owned by Landers Orton. Of course, it’s never the first suspect, but he does claim that he allowed his brother, Darryl, to borrow the van.

Both Ducky AND Palmer complete a psychological assessment of Darryl, which makes him sound a very troubled man and a very likely suspect. Finances show that both Darryl and Noah ate at the same restaurant days before the kidnapping, which means it was a targeted attack. NCIS speaks with the restaurant owner.

Meanwhile, Vance is speaking with Tom Morrow (what a name!), the former Director of NCIS and currently Senior Division Chief with Homeland Security. The meeting serves little purpose other than to remind us the CIA and Homeland Security do not want Ziva chasing after Bodnar. It does remind us of his character though, and he has a more substantial role in the next episode.

Back at the restaurant and the owner, Rachel, has nothing but kind words for Noah, and nothing but thinly veiled disdain for Darryl. Darryl is looking more and more like the number one suspect, but Abby’s examination of the crime scene reveals it to have been staged. Also, Darryl would have needed help to carry Noah’s body out, so if Darryl is guilty, he couldn’t be alone.

Then, FBI gets a tip off about a dead body in a hotel room. That body turns out to be Darryl’s, and Palmer and Ducky are quick to determine that although it was made to look like a suicide, he was definitely murdered. The team listens to the phone call that tipped off the FBI, and they recognize the voice: Rebecca, the restaurant owner.

NCIS pays her a visit and she admits that she and Noah were lovers, and they concocted the scheme to get the money from Cassie but she insists nobody was meant to get hurt. She realizes how crazy Noah has gotten, and she gives up his location.

Noah has been caught, and Ziva is there when Cassie witnesses the truth. Cassie is strong though, just like Ziva. Cassie has gotten the closure she needed, but Ziva still hasn’t.

DiNozzo is driving Gibbs crazy, (since McGee and Ziva have left already), he’s just staring at her empty chair and clicking his pen. Gibbs gives him permission to find her, and he enlists Abby’s help since he thinks McGee has a thing which Abby says is next week. Abby guides Tony to her cell phone: a dingy apartment where Ziva and McGee are running down leads on Bodnar’s location.

Gibbs is the only one who hasn’t been told of Ziva’s mission, but when she finally gets the courage to tell him, he already knows. Of course he does, he’s Gibbs. He’s the sniper who killed the man who murdered his wife and daughter, and he got away with it. He gives Ziva Bodnar’s location in Rome, and tells her to take DiNozzo with her.

Did you guess the husband was still alive? Did you enjoy the parallels between Cassie and Ziva or did you believe they were too heavy handed? Are you looking forward to the Tiva that will inevitably occur in the next episode? Are you glad Palmer finally stood up for himself? Please, leave a comment with your TwoCents on the episode.


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