Revolution – Recap & Review – The Song Remains the Same

photo: nbc

photo: nbc

The Song Remains the Same

Original Air Date: Apr 8, 2013

Vincent C. – TwoCents Reviewer

Last week, former Assistant Secretary Randall Flynn said if they give electricity to everyone, it would just be trouble for everyone. This week, it seems that Miles has a very similar opinion. When Rachel tells Miles she wants to go to the Tower to restore power to the entire world, Miles is flabbergasted. “You’re going to give power to back everyone?!? To Georgia? To California? To Texas!?! Oh my God, Texas!?!?!!!” One of the few times I have almost laughed during an episode of Revolution. (No offense to the Lone Star State)

We start with Flynn, Monroe, and Tom Neville in Philadelphia. Flynn explains that he is an excellent manager and bluntly deems Tom as staggeringly incompetent. Tom got Ben Matheson killed and let Miles Matheson slip through his fingers. I concur with the first part, but the second part gives Miles too little credit. Nevertheless, Tom is still one of Monroe’s trusted senior officers and Monroe tasks Tom with a high-priority mission.

At a rebel camp, Charlie is learning how to swordfight. Rachel has drawn some diagrams in a notebook and Aaron is studying them. Rachel explains that there are a couple hundred quadrillion nanites floating around in the air. They are the size of a virus and they inhibit electricity. They are programmed with two commands: (1) absorb electricity and (2) replicate. The nanites reproduced out of control. They can be reprogrammed and the lights can be restored.

Tom Neville and his squad are in a convoy of hummvees. Tom is enjoying some Lionel Ritchie music on his iPod (“All Night Long”) when the convoy is hit by explosives. Miles captures Neville.

Rachel wants Neville executed, since he killed Ben and took Danny to Monroe in the first place. However, Miles wants intel and Tom probably has enough to interrogate for a year. Tom had been carrying 30 pounds of diamonds. Tom messes with Miles as Miles interrogates him, saying what a shame it was for Danny to die after all the trouble Miles went through to rescue him. Miles beats Tom.

Rachel destroys the pendant from Tom’s hummvee.

Jason Neville has joined the Allentown rebels. This group joins up with Miles’ camp. Charlie tries to stop Jason from heading into the camp, but Jason wants to see his father. Miles tells Jason that if he gets near his father, Miles will bash his boy band face in. Jason asks Charlie what a boy band is. Oh, come on. I’m sure there were posters that remained as “ancient artifacts” of the world that was. Like Charlies postcard collection!

Charlie talks Rachel out of attempting to kill Tom. Rachel thinks it’s only a matter of time before Tom escapes. Charlie says they are at war, they can’t get emotional. Rachel tells Charlie that she sounds like Miles and Charlie says perhaps that not a completely bad thing.

As Rachel walks away, she is crying. Miles asks her what’s wrong and she asks “In what world does it turn out that you’re better for Charlie than I am?” Miles hugs and consoles her.

Jason seemingly sneaks in to speak with Tom. Tom tells Jason that he has always been proud of him even if he was very hard on him. Tom just wanted Jason be tough so he would survive in the brutal world. Jason sees through Tom’s “crap” and says Tom is faking just so Jason would free him. Tom’s facial expression turns into one that is slightly more sinister. He says that if Jason doesn’t free him, then Monroe will deem Tom a traitor or a failure, and Jason’s mother’s life will be in danger. This seems to convince Jason and he frees Tom. Jason asks them where they are about to go. Tom says they will head to a cement factory (in Philly?? Didn’t he just come from Philly?) It turns out that Jason was helping Miles in a ruse to get info from Tom. Tom is recaptured. An irate Tom says that Jason will have his mother’s blood on his hands.

In Philly, Flynn tells Monroe that he will make the pickup personally. Flynn also says that it gives him no pleasure to be right about Major Neville. Good help is hard to find. I bet Neville felt the same way when one of his soldiers shot Ben Matheson.

Jason is worried about his mother. Miles thanks Jason for his help with Tom and says he can send soldiers to rescue his mother, but Jason doesn’t think that will happen. A rebel squad, including Charlie and Jason, head out to the cement factory.

Tom has freed himself from his handcuffs. He kills Nick (the priest) and a guard and escapes the rebel compound.

At the cement factory, Charlie identifies Flynn for Miles. After defeating the Monroe Militia, Miles and company find radioactive components inside the factory. Rachel later confirms that diagrams found in the factory are for a nuclear bomb.

Tom rushes home to get Julia. They need to flee. Julia doesn’t want to have to hide in the woods, but Tom convinces her that Monroe will soon come after them both.

After seeing the nuclear bomb diagrams, Rachel wants to get to the Tower to turn the electricity back on for everyone. Miles objects. Even if she survives the trek across the Plains Nation, it’s a bad idea to turn the power back on. Rachel says that since the bad guy (Monroe) has power, the good guys need it too. Miles says there are no “good guys.” Georgia, California, Texas, they’ll all wind up abusing the power. (and, I guess, possibly launch war against each other, only deadlier if they have more powerful weapons). Rachel is determined to go. Miles kisses her passionately.

Charlie wants to join Rachel, but Rachel says it will be too dangerous. Charlie asks whether there is at least a tiny chance that Rachel will return. Rachel says she won’t lie to Charlie like when she was a young child. Rachel walks away on her mission, with Aaron in tow.

What did you guys think about the nanite explanation? I thought it was interesting. I don’t have too much of an electrical engineering background though. Will Rachel reach the Tower by the end of the season? Can the scientists who build the amplifiers produce more pendants? Rachel has already destroyed three.


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