New Girl – Recap & Review – Bachelorette Party

photo: fox

photo: fox

New Girl
Bachelorette Party

Original Air Date: Apr 9, 2013

Kelly – TwoCents Reviewer

This just in: CeCe’s getting married in three weeks! The invite sends everyone into a tailspin: Schmidt because he wants a plus one, Jess because she wants to throw a bachelorette party on short notice, and the guys because Jess makes them kidnap Shivrang. Someone please inform Winston that this is just a figurative kidnap.

CeCe’s always dreamed about her bachelorette party, and traditional Indian customs or not, Jess wants to make that dream come true. She invites all of their friends but doesn’t count on Shivrang’s Indian aunt, who’s currently following CeCe to get a sense of her life. These are the perils of surprise bachelorette parties, friends. Learn from them.

CeCe tries to keep the party appropriate, but there are some things that just can’t be controlled. Embarrassing videos are one. Life-sized naked “pin the dong on the Shivrang” games are another. Our bachelorette is suddenly reminded of the one thing she’s never pinned. Yes, that’s right: she’s never seen her betrothed’s manhood.  Jess confronts her friend, accusing her of betraying herself and moving too quickly. Then again, Jess is locked in “seventh grade” drama with Nick. Who is she to judge? Good point, CeCe.

Jess calls Nick and begs him to get a photo of the groom’s penis. Nick refuses—using his “dead dad card,” which gives him the automatic upper hand in all arguments—but Jess wins him over. Commence awkwardness! Nick even takes a picture of his own junk to peer-pressure Shivrang into doing the same. Winston sends that picture to CeCe instead.

The gang admires the photo, and Shivrang’s aunt finally bonds with CeCe over her fear of the unknown.  Nick, meanwhile, comes clean to Shivrang, who hurries to reassure CeCe. He offers to show her what she’s signing up for, but she declines. They’re taking a huge leap of faith, but maybe that’s the point. The two kiss and promise to love each other, and Schmidt looks extra sad in the background. (Oh, and Jess is keeping that photo of Nick’s “prize hog.” She likes it. Nick likes that she likes it.)

I can’t see Shivrang joining this show for good; he’s like a cup of vanilla to everyone else’s superman with whipped cream and sprinkles. Anyway, CeCe didn’t know how to pronounce his real name! So I can only assume that she and Schmidt still have a chance, making his sad face the real point of the episode. He certainly does work toward redemption this week.

CeCe doesn’t think he’s a serious relationship guy, so Schmidt sets out to find a real girlfriend, going as far back as his college sweetheart. Elizabeth loves Fat Schmidt but not his self-centered replacement—so Schmidt listens, apologizes to CeCe for being selfish, and returns to Elizabeth’s door with three pizzas. He’s paying. He won’t judge her for eating them; he just wants her to help him rediscover his big heart. Elizabeth makes him eat the pizzas, and he does, with an adorable giddiness that Max Greenfield totally nails.

What do you all think of CeCe’s love triangle? Are Nick and Jess essentially just seventh graders—and if so, who will be the first to ask for a slow dance? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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2 Responses to New Girl – Recap & Review – Bachelorette Party

  1. liss says:

    Love the reviews on here!
    This episode’s making me ship Cece and Shivrang, and Schmidt and Elizabeth. I think Schmidt and Elizabeth are really cute together, it’s like he’s so at ease around her. It’s just really sweet and cute! 🙂

  2. Rob says:

    I agree that Shivrang will never have a place as a main character on the show, though Cece has kind of been written back to a supporting character role of late. Because of that, there’s still a chance for Cece and Schmidt. I like to compare them to Robin and Barney on HIMYM, who in the beginning seemed like they would never end up together, but now they are.

    My favorite moment of the episode was Schmidt and Elizabeth, when she enlightens us that he used to actually be a caring and understanding guy when he was fat. This provides some more background to the douchey Schmidt and it’s nice to know he’s more than one-dimensional.

    Great review!

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