Switched at Birth Wins TheTwoCents 2013 TV Tournament!




The 64 top rated shows from 2012 on TTC were spread out into four divisions, named after TV royalty. The Lucille Ball Division, Jackie Gleason Division, Dick Van Dyke Division and Betty White Division. The shows were seeded by their popularity with readers on TheTwoCents.com from Jan – Dec 2012.

The little show that could, Switched At Birth defeated all comers and took out the ever-popular Big Bang Theory to win the tournament. It was a nail-biter, with Switched winning with 54% of the total vote! SaB joins 2012’s winner, Chuck, in the Hall of Champions at TheTwoCents.

Thanks to all that voted and we’ll see you in 2014 for the next round!

Switched At Birth returns to ABC Family on Monday, June 10th at 8/7c! Until then, you can read up on all the episodes with our Switched At Birth recap/reviews!


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3 Responses to Switched at Birth Wins TheTwoCents 2013 TV Tournament!

  1. Jordan says:

    So happy for the cast!! They deserve this!! Thank you to ABC family for bringing such an amazing show to TV!!

  2. Li-Anne says:

    This is awesome news!! They so deserve this!!

  3. Bobby says:

    The funny thing is that Katie LeClerc has been on both shows

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