Parks and Recreation – Recap & Review – Partridge

photo: nbc

photo: nbc

Parks and Recreation

Original Air Date: Apr 4, 2013

Valentina D. – Senior Reviewer

Watch out, Ron – you’ve been served! Or “Jammed,” rather, since Ron’s papers are for punching Councilman Jamm at Leslie’s wedding. In true Swanson fashion, Ron decides to represent himself and take Tom, April, and Andy along with him.

All the way in Partridge, Minnesota, Ben returns to the hometown he so famously bankrupted when he was elected mayor at 18. He’s back to redeem himself with Leslie in tow, to receive the key to the city. What happens when the town’s intentions turn out to be less-than-nice? Poor Ice Clown.

At Jamm’s attorney’s office, Jamm admits he’s just doing all this because he’s sick of the Parks and Recreation gang. Ron is hardly threatened and approaches the questions with ease. On the other hand, Tom and April lie through their teeth, calling Ron a “teddy bear” and a “vegetarian,” which upsets Ron. Claiming he’s a vegetarian is reputation-damaging, but lying doesn’t sit well with him either. The only person to tell the truth was Andy, and Ron implores them to follow Andy’s lead.

Back at City Hall, the rest of the gang holds down the fort. Chris and Ann have decided to have a baby together and take an online test to rate their compatibility, but they’re crestfallen when they’re told they’re only 58% compatible. For the first time since agreeing to do this, the two doubt themselves. They meet with Ann’s doctor who, after some more tests, asks if they’re complete strangers. It doesn’t look good on the baby front, though things gets better once Chris and Ann decide the only important thing is that they know they’re both going to love the baby and want only what’s best for it.

In Partridge, Leslie and Ben visit with his sister, and he practices his speech. His sister admits that no one in the town thought he’d actually show up, which truth be told, should have been Ben’s first sign. Suddenly, he falls in the bathroom, crying out in pain. Yup, Ben has kidney stones and needs to be at the ceremony in two hours. Leslie decides to attend in his place, and realizes the whole thing is a ruse when the current mayor (JK Simmons) unveils an “Ice Clown” sign behind her. The “key” is actually water in a box, which sends Leslie over the edge and she extends a big “screw you” to the crowd. Luckily, Ben watches from a hospital bed, high out of his mind on morphine and not really understanding what just happened.

During the new testimony, Ron admits he did indeed punch Jamm after warning him several times. He says he regrets nothing and would definitely punch Jamm again if need be. Ah, refreshing honesty. Back at City Hall, Ron’s sure Jamm will win this one and Tom, April, and Andy decide to take matters into their own hands. They ambush Jamm in his office and hand him a copy of his affidavit, during which Tom pretends that Jamm twisted his wrist. Jamm is a little spooked and agrees to drop his lawsuit against Ron.

In Partridge, Leslie and Ben are about ready to head back to Pawnee after the mayor refused to give Ben an actual key to the city, saying he’d never be re-elected if that happened. Or maybe it was because Ben, still under the influence of morphine, hilariously feeding the fake bird sitting on his desk? Bless Leslie, because she totally snatches the key and Ben tosses it into the pond, saying he has Pawnee now.

What did you think of this episode? Is this the last we’ve seen of Jamm? What town is worse: Partridge, or Eagleton? Share your TwoCents below!

Next Week: Animal Control

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