Dancing With The Stars – Recap & Review – Best Year Of Their Lives

photo: abc

photo: abc

Dancing With The Stars
Best Year Of Their Lives

Original Air Date: Apr 8, 2013

Colleen – TwoCents Reviewer

This week’s show is all about the celebrities revealing the best year of their lives. What will this reveal about the celebrities? What they have seen to be the best year of their lives? We are about to find out!

Before we even begin tonight, we see Gleb walking down the stairs alone. We find out that Lisa has been ill all day, and at the advice of her doctor, she sat out rehearsals today. Will she dance tonight?

The first couple up tonight is Sean and Peta. Sean has chosen to recount the year 2012. That was when he met his fiancée, Catherine on “Bachelor.” Catherine has put her life on hold to be with Sean in Los Angeles and this is his way of showing what she means to him and that he loves her.

At the end of the dance he leans in to kiss Catherine and the audience is on their feet.

Sean & Peta – Viennese Waltz (6 7 7=20)
Len said that was a pretty good effort. Frame was good, but he could have been more excited.
Bruno said it was very caring and tender. Sean stumbles at times and he needs to work on this.
CarrieAnn said to watch the lifts.

The second couple up tonight is Victor and Lindsay. Victor has chosen to recount the year 2011 and he won the WBC World Championship, which was the highlight of his career.

Victor & Lindsay – Paso Doble (6 6 6=18)
Bruno said Victor punched out the lights of the Paso Doble. He destroyed it. Footwork was off a little bit.
CarrieAnn said Victor has to work on his arms and how he uses them to dance
Len said he likes his spirit. The dance needs refinement but they gave it their all.

The third couple up tonight is Jacoby and Karina. Jacoby recounts the year 2012, the year where his son was son was born. Jacoby’s own father walked out when he was just two years old and wouldn’t even know his father if he walked in right then. You can tell from what they show of the video that was shot that Jacoby’s interactions with his son shows what love he has for him.

Jacoby & Karina – Fox Trot (8 8 8=24)
CarrieAnn said the dance was phenomenal. He expressed his joy though his solo. Jacoby just has to work on getting his booty in.
Len said that he danced the part.
Bruno said he loved the exuberance. Jacoby has to extend his arms a little more.

The fourth couple up tonight is Alexandra and Mark. Alexandra has chosen to recount the Summer of 2012 and representing the United States in the Olympic Games in London, England.

At the end of their dance, the audience is on their feet.

Alexandra & Mark – Contemporary (9 9 9=27)
Len said that he likes the balance the emotion and the athleticism of it all.
Bruno said it was very well done.
CarrieAnn is very proud of Alexandra. It was perfect in movement and emotion.

The fifth couple up tonight is Andy and Sharna. Andy recounts this year, 2013. He has a special relationship with his daughter, who is now fifteen years old. She used to dance for him and now he wants to dance for her.

After the dance, he goes over to his daughter and gives her a hug.

Andy & Sharna – Viennese Waltz (7 7 7=21)
Bruno said it was straight from the heart. This is the best he has danced since week one.
CarrieAnn is moved to tears. Andy goes over to give her a hug. He made this a beautiful moment.
Len said he came in a man and will be leaving the show a hero.

The sixth couple is Zendaya and Val. Zendaya chose to recount the year 2009. This was the year that she started to work in LA. This was the year she was discovered and started working on the Disney Channel show, “Shake It Up.”

Zendaya & Val – Samba (9 8 9=26)
CarrieAnn said she loved the choreography. The way that it was interpreted was great.
Len said that there was great choreography. Zendaya is a great dancer.
Bruno said that she’s got it! Fearless and has star power. Every kid wants to go out and dance like her.

The seventh couple up tonight is Ingo and Kym. Ingo has decided to recount the year 2009. This was the year he married his wife and started having a family.

Ingo & Kym – Viennese Waltz (8 7 8=23)
Len said he commends Ingo on his footwork. There were a few incidents with the arms, but he enjoyed it.
Bruno said it was deeply romantic. Fantastic job.
CarrieAnn said last week she said work on his core and this week it was much better.

The eighth couple up tonight is D.L. and Cheryl. D.L. chose to recount the time when he was in eighth or ninth grade, a time when life was sweeter and more innocent. A time before life became real to D.L.

D.L. & Cheryl – Fox Trot (7 7 7=21)
Bruno said D.L. has more confidence.
CarrieAnn said “hallelujah”
Len said it was better, not so intense. It was much smoother.

The ninth couple up tonight is Kellie and Derek. Kellie has chosen to recount when she met her husband, Kyle. They originally decided to have a big wedding, but at the last minute, ran off to get married instead.

Kellie’s husband sings the song that she chose, of which he wrote, as Kellie and Derek dance.

Kellie & Derek – Rumba (9 8 9=26)
CarrieAnn said there was something a little strange with Kellie’s movement.
Len said the music was wonderful. The movements needed more fluidity.
Bruno said beautiful.

The tenth couple to dance tonight is Lisa and Gleb. Lisa has chosen to recount the year that her daughter got married. Lisa has always been close to her children.

Lisa has been ill all day, passing out during practice and not doing dress rehearsal. She had a fever and was advised by her doctor to sit out practice today. She decided at the last moment to go on and dance tonight as scheduled.

Lisa & Gleb – Cha Cha Cha (6 6 6=18)
Len said they gave it their best shot. There were a few mistakes, probably from being under rehearsed. It could have been crisper.
Bruno said what they did, they did well.
CarrieAnn said there was so much potential before what happened this week. They also got a second warning about lifts.

Leader board: First – Alexandra & Mark (27); Second (tie) – Kellie & Derek, Zendaya & Val (26); Fourth – Jacoby & Karina (24) Fifth – Ingo & Kym (23); Sixth (tie) – Andy & Sharna, D.L. & Cheryl (21); Eighth – Sean & Peta (20); Ninth (tie) – Lisa & Gleb, Victor & Lindsay (18)

What did you think of tonight’s dances? Were they deserving of their scores? Was it right for Lisa to dance even though she was obviously not well? Will Lisa and Gleb be the couple voted off on tomorrow night’s show?

Remember to get those votes in! Save your favorite couple from being sent home tomorrow night – the lowest scoring couple isn’t always the one to go home!

Time for your TwoCents!

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