Dallas – Recap & Review – A Call to Arms/Love and Family

photo: tnt

photo: tnt

A Call to Arms/Love and Family

Original Air Date: Apr 8, 2013

Karen Belgrad – Senior Editor

We’re down to the final stretch as TNT aired back to back episodes tonight, prior to next week’s two hour/two episode season finale. We don’t know yet if there will be a third season, but with the amount of tension and drama coming our way, one can only hope!

The interesting thing about the show since J.R.’s passing is how his legacy has brought out the devil in all of the “good” characters. Formerly sainted people are now doing mischievous acts, and while they all acknowledge it’s out of their character, the shades of grey really suit them. Because Southfork residents that wear perpetual halos are a little dull!

Even though there were two distinct episodes tonight, the recaps are going to be blended for the sake of brevity and continuity. And pretty much everyone overlapped… So the usual character headers are pretty much out the window… Except for the one self-contained storyline of…

Emma: Emma pushes Drew away for fear of her father killing him during the next beating. And then her day gets worse when Ann confronts her over Sue Ellen’s allegations that she was high. Emma deflects the blame onto Sue Ellen’s drinking, but the torch isn’t passed long. Ann finds pills in her daughters’ room while “bringing her flowers and straightening up”, and Emma goes on the defensive. She admits to taking anti-anxiety meds, but says she doesn’t need them and gives them to Ann to dispose of… and then goes off the rails. She cozies up to a sleazy ranch hand, offering sex in exchange for some ‘benzos’. Drew sees the exchange and threatens to bring her father down unless she gets help, but Emma blows him off. The ranch hand gets her Vicodin, which she proceeds to crush and snort like a pro. She gets more pills from her father, who shows that Judith isn’t the only overbearing creepy parent in the Ryland house. And then Emma flips her SUV, and Ann has had enough. After listening to Emma blame her for her lot in life, Ann opts to leave her daughter overnight in jail for driving under the influence.

Elsewhere… The Governor is laying down the law for Cliff and Ryland, making it clear that his own interests come before helping them take down the Ewings. He knows that the Ewings are connecting the dots and doesn’t want to risk his reelection. Cliff and Ryland are overly confident in their abilities to take the Ewings down. Phase one begins, and the bank doesn’t give Ewing Energies an extension on their $200 million dollar loan, and since the Governor claimed the land adjacent to Southfork under eminent domain, they have no way to pay back the bank. And bad becomes worse when they find out that Cliff has bought the loan and is giving them twenty four hours to come up with the dough.

Bobby knows that in addition to seeing if original-Pamela Barnes (henceforth known just by Pam) is dead or alive so Christopher can claim her third of Barnes Global, they also need to get Pamela on their side. John Ross tells her that Cliff was behind the rig explosion, but Pamela thinks it’s just more manipulation from the Ewings trying to turn her against her father. But John Ross presses the issue, asking her why her father would want a company with bad technology and a one billion dollar fine, unless he knew the problems were only temporary. She does and when all Cliff can do is brag about regaining what belonged to Digger and make a ghastly comment about the babies’ deaths being a blessing in disguise, Pamela realizes the truth about her daddy.

The rest of the Ewings aren’t sure they can trust Pamela, but John Ross has found his soul mate. He tells her everything, including Ryland, Pam, etc… Pamela takes matters in her own hands, getting her inebriated father to give her Aunt Katherine’s willed shares of Barnes Global. Now, I know many viewers have complained that Katherine only died in original Dallas during the dream season, but I think it’s reasonable to assume she might have actually died in the twenty years plus since. After all, they haven’t said “how” she died. Maybe we’ll find out she’s even alive! Who knows?!? John Ross is afraid Pamela is playing him, so he sets forth a test to prove her loyalty. He texts Bobby that he newly acquire shares will be his by morning… And it’s a good thing that Cliff pushed through Pamela’s annulment, because PAMELA AND JOHN ROSS ELOPED! The vows included the great nugget of: “Do you love me or hate your father?” responded with “I do.”

Let’s be honest, none of us really care what Harris is trafficking via his trucks. It might be drugs. It might be short range missiles. It might be all of the socks my dryer has eaten over the years. What we do know is that Drew used to drive for him and maybe his arrest-confiscated load will be the final nail in the Ryland truck caper. Because right now, the Ewings are one step behind Ryland in this caper.

Sue Ellen spends the hour fruitlessly looking for a disappeared Ken Richards. And Bobby makes good use of the never-empty J.R. monogramed decanter, all the while noting how he’s coloring outside of the lines of his moral compass more than normal. But the main action at Southfork Ranch comes when Drew’s conscious gets the best of him and he confesses all of his crimes to his sister. She takes little time in letting Bobby know what Drew did, and they go to confront him, but Drew is gone, leaving a confession to the explosion behind. And then Elena’s moral radar goes out the window, as she openly lies to Christopher (using –gasp- church as a cover) and gives her on-the-lam brother a burner phone and five grand to disappear. Drew vows to find a missing Roy Vickers (arrested and released since Drew isn’t there to testify) and bring down Ryland.

I don’t know if Drew will be back on screen, but I really won’t miss his character if he isn’t.

With the explosion investigation reopened, the Governor knows that the plan may be blowing up in the Three Musketeers faces, but Cliff is still confident in his takedown scheme.

Christopher tries to have his mother declared legally dead and instead learns that someone named Patricia Barrett, whose signature matches his mother’s, is making withdrawals from a Zurich bank account in the exact amounts matching the Barnes Global trustee payouts. With a lying Elena by his side, he leaves for Zurich to see if he can track down his mother or whomever it may be.

Without two hundred million in cash available, Cliff shows up to claim Ewing Energies. But Bobby has remembered J.R.’s mantra, to let Cliff be the architect of his own disaster. He hands over the keys to the kingdom to his nemesis, but with a smirk, tells him not to get too comfortable. Both Cliff and Bobby smile to themselves, imagining the look on J.R.’s face.

So how do you think Cliff will handle the news of his newest Ewing son-in-law? Will Emma go to rehab? Will Elena try on those heels that Drew had under his bed?

You’ve got my TwoCents! Share your TwoCents, comments, and feedback below! And I’ll see you back here next week for the season finale!


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2 Responses to Dallas – Recap & Review – A Call to Arms/Love and Family

  1. Samskara says:

    My only problem with them making Ryland so much the heavy is there may not be much wiggle room for him to continue on the show beyond season two. I love Mitch Pileggi and really wish the writers had made him a little more shades of grey, rather than black or white. I really need them to pull back on his character so there is at least something there to hang on to. Pileggi is a strong actor and like Josh Henderson and Julie Gonzalo, easily the breakout stars of the new cast.

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