SouthLAnd – Recap and Review – The Felix Paradox

photo: tnt

photo: tnt

The Felix Paradox

Original air date: Apr 3, 2013

FK – Sr. Editor

As I’ve written before, I love the Wednesday lineup on TNT. I love the reality aspect of Boston’s Finest and then the television point of view on SouthLAnd. This week we got to see a lot of the home lives on Boston’s Finest which we see a lot on SouthLAnd. This week, Sherman makes a decision about his personal life, Sammy gets threatened, Cooper makes an even bigger decision about his life, Lucero has a secret, Shaq makes an appearance and Lydia reunites with someone from her past. It’s a lot to cover and we’re almost at the season (or series…) finale. Sad times.

“LAPD officers are trained to safeguard the lives and property of the people they serve. While most threats are external, the most dangerous come from within..”

Opening scene: Sammy and Sherman are in his house, with loading up two rifles. Sammy looks scared.

Cooper is wide awake and gets a call from her ex-wife. She’s having problems with her neighbor and he tells her to punch him the face. Ben is still seeing Elena and her family is not amused. Ruben defends Ty’s actions when he did nothing to help her at the hot dog stand and he’s questioning if he would protect her. They are called to a murder and the victim is the son of a cop. Sammy hands off baby Nate to a babysitter and gets an update on his case – looks good, especially with crazyT’s DUI (and open bottles, pills, etc in the car). Oh this will be interesting to watch. Lydia and Ruben go to inform Sgt. Hill that is son was killed and he assumes it’s something to do with drugs off the bat. Lydia suggests he takes the day off but he keeps going with his shift. Before he goes back to his duties, he tells them his son had been kicked out and he hadn’t talked to him since then. Putting up a front, Ben goes to a meal with Teach and her family. Her dad is a complete jerk to Sherman and he is visibly upset to be there. He gets up and storms out, breaking up with her in the process, saying she’s just like her parents. She gets pretty angry and chases him into the men’s bathroom and goes off on him. She says some pretty crazy stuff and Sherman looks legitimately worried. Sgt. Hill tries to keep it together during the shift briefing but Cooper can tell something is off and when Hill can’t speak, he takes over. There is a funeral about to happen for a big time drug dealer and it puts them all on high alert for rivals to fight each other. A team goes to take down a dealer and Lucero gets shot.

Lucero got hit in the head but his helmet took the damage. Sherman asks Sammy for advice for the detective test and he doesn’t offer anyway. While they are talking, a car tricked out goes by them and they pull it over. A female gets out and is defensive against Sammy giving her the pat down. Sherman finds a kid in the backseat and he pulls a gun out from under his blanket in the car seat. She’s arrested while screaming “Where else was I going to put it?!” While Lydia and Ruben are discussing Tyler (Sgt. Hill’s son)’s murder and who he was seen last hanging out with, they hear gunshots and get out of their car and see the person they were looking for shooting randomly. They run into a party and the people give him up. Lucero is on edge after the shooting and asks them to go to his wife’s restaurant for lunch. Sammy and Sherman take the kid from the arrest to child service’s and Sherman notices Sammy hasn’t mentioned Nate once. Sammy says he doesn’t want to talk about it and Sherman pulls the “I lied for you” card. Lydia and Ruben update Hill on the case. He finally has a complete breakdown and Lydia comforts him.

Lucero and Cooper are on duty to cover Felix’s funeral when Shaq shows up! Only he’s actually playing a detective looking for some gang members of his own, just like Lucero and Cooper. Lydia and Ruben are questioning the suspect when he says the gun he got was from a cop and he also got drugs from one, too. Sammy and Sherman find a little girl holding up traffic in a parking lot. She won’t speak to them but walks them to her home. While at the funeral, Cooper answers another call from Lori. This is getting weird. After hearing the story from the suspect, Lydia digs into the gun’s past, finding out it was booked into evidence two years prior and had the serial numbers scratched off. Meanwhile, the little girl walks Sammy and Sherman into her house and doesn’t listen when they ask her to wait. They go in with her to make sure everything is okay and no one answers but they find a pile of drugs and guns in the closet.

Lucero introduces Cooper to his wife and she seems pretty unhappy; Lucero says she’s “just shy.” Sherman and Sammy find out the little girl belong to a guy named Stroke Face. He goes off on Sammy for being crooked cops while his boys start coming closer to Sherman. Stroke Face threatens Sammy, saying “see how it feels when I come into your home uninvited.” Uh oh. Cooper overhears Lucero talking to his wife and discovers Lucero has been lying about his home life – he hasn’t seen his kids in over a year and they are definitely not a big happy family. He lays it on thick as they leave and Cooper keeps his mouth shut. Sherman is excited about the bust but Sammy is worried about the repercussions. Lydia is still digging into the evidence in the old case and Ruben wants her to stop because of what will happen, telling her to turn it all over to IA. After words are exchanged, Ruben throws a dig at Lydia not wanting to deal with her home life and says his time as her partner has expired, just as the others before him. Hmm…wonder where Russ is?

Lucero and Cooper go back to the cemetery to find the guy they are looking for. Cooper’s instincts are right despite Lucero’s doubts. The guy doesn’t even put up a fight, just drops to his knees and gives himself up. Lydia turns the case into IA and Ruben talks to her about her issue with pushing people away – but he won’t be one of them. Sammy gets home and finds blood on the wall and Nate’s babysitter almost dead on the kitchen floor. His living room is tagged up and he can’t find Nate. Sherman sees Elena’s brother all bloody and catches him before he gets in the house and gives him the tape. He says “you told me no one would be there.” Oh man, Sherman, what did you do?! As predicted, Lydia tracks down Russ to catch up. Cooper goes to Lori’s to help her with her situation (her neighbor wouldn’t turn off her generator) and they share some wine. He also tells her he has decided to give her the baby she wants and he wants to be a part of it all. The two share an emotional hug. Sherman speeds over to Sammy’s house, frantic. Nate is okay after finding Sammy in a closet. The tags from the living room call out Stroke Face’s gang. Sherman vows to do whatever he needs to help him. Back to the opening scene with the two of them getting rifles to guard the house. Sherman is breathing heavily, obviously upset over what he caused as Sammy protects his front door.

My two cents:
– RUSS. IS. BACK. Can’t wait to see what happens with that pairing back together. Will they come together personally? That would be awesome!
– Sherman is going downhill and fast. He has his new girlfriend’s gangbanging brother break into his partner’s house? Blaming a rival gang? The truth will come out, doesn’t he know that?
– Wonder why Lucero is lying about his life? What other secrets does he have?
– Shaq was pretty decent for the two lines he had.
– Did I mention RUSS IS BACK?!
– I absolutely love the idea of Lori and Cooper having a baby. He is 100% okay with who he is and she has been there for him throughout everything. Their friendship is strong enough that being co-parents make sense. He may not have a lover in his life, but he has love and that’s enough for him. I hope it works out but knowing this show, there will be a twist like she can’t have kids or she got knocked up from a one night stand three weeks ago.

Those are my two cents. What are yours? Leave your two cents below and feel free to chat with me at Twitter at @FarrahWritesTV.

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