Grimm – Recap & Review – One Angry Fuchsbau

photo: nbc

photo: nbc

One Angry Fuchsbau

Original Air Date: Apr 5, 2013

Wyner C – Senior Reviewer

“He sang a sweet song in tones so full and soft that no human ear could resist them, nor fathom their origin…”

Being a juror isn’t the best way to spend your day. Now imagine being hypnotized into setting an abusing wife killer free. Welcome to the legal system: Portland, Grimm style.

An abuser is on trial for throwing his wife off the balcony to her death. He is a Lowen, aggressive lion-like Wesen and his poor dead wife is a Mauzhertz, meek mouse-like creature. At the trial, a Ziegevolk, goat-like Wesen who secretes pheromones through their sweat glands to attract women, is the Lowen’s lawyer. The Ziegevolk is named Barry – not “American Idol’s” Lazaro (have you seen that boy sweat? Maybe he’s a Ziegevolk, that’s why he’s still in the competition even though he’s a chronic lyric forgetter! Conspiracy theorist, your take?)

Using his super sweat glands, Barry hypnotizes the jurors and witnesses. Falling prey to his magnetic sweat are Sgt Wu (the first cop to be onsite) and Rosalee (a juror). Good thing for the prosecution, Monroe decides to take Rosalee to jury duty. He realizes the lawyer is a Ziegevolk when he drops his toad in the men’s room. That’s not a euphemism – Barry eats toads to secrete the hypnotic goods.

The gang find out how to neutralize Barry – except the potion needs the lawyer’s sweat. This leads to one of the most awesome plans concocted and executed on this show. Monroe (full Woge) in Blutbad form chases the Ziegevolk, who was seducing a chick. Nick and Hank appear, sirens blazing, to handle the witnesses (ie the chick).

Monroe chases until Barry bumps into Bud (yeah!! Bud!!) who ushers the lawyer into his truck – full on sweating. While inside the truck, Bud gets the lawyer’s sweat via handkerchief. Ingredient harvested and potion brewed! All that’s needed is the neutralizer injected into the lawyer’s food – his toad.

This is where the plan shows its awesomeness. Nick and Hank makes a visit to Barry because of the Blutbad menacing people – apparently, it’s a fake scaring spree case! They distract the lawyer while Monroe injects the food. Too bad there’s enough potion for one snack and Barry is a greedy little bugger with two saved for later. Monroe “eeny, meeny, miny, moe’s” the food and prays for the best.

Monroe needs his prayer’s answered because Barry does his closing statements – his genius speech revolves around the word heifer. I mean, really? Not impressed. I guess he didn’t impress the jurors either – he also probably took the neutralizing toad. This means the murdering abuser will be going to jail. Yay for our gang!

The Scooby gang is celebrating at the Spice Shop when Barry walks in to be cured of his anti-pheromone problem. Oops. It goes from celebratory to violent when the lawyer spots Rosalee and realizes he’s been duped. He goes after her when Monroe shows why a Ziegevolk should be afraid of an irate Blutbad. Monroe goes Hulk! Then Barry gets arrested for attacking Rosalee.

In other boring Portland, Grimm news, Juliette is let into the trailer and gets a bombardment of specter Nick talking to her. She freaks and keeps on seeing apparition/memory Nick. I do admit, the last image of Nick talking to her in bed was kinda freaky. I wanted to kick him myself.

Favorite moments/Things to ponder:

1. I think, correct me if I’m wrong, the quote is from Hans Christian Andersen’s “Pink Monkey.” I’ve never heard of it nor am I going to read it tonight. So sorry folks but my eyes are about to shut and will not open until tomorrow morning. I think Hans will understand.

2. How cute was an angry Monroe? Protecting his woman – so adorbs!!

3. Last week, I said putting Monroe’s cherished clock in the Spice Shop was a bad idea. Just a week later and the shop have seen its first fight. I’m just going say it: I told you so!

4. Renard warned Nick and Hank about the dude he shot last episode. I think the captain is trying. Good to see Hank be in the mix.

5. It seems Renard’s brother is coming to Portland, Grimm soon. Let’s see how that works out – I’m thinking Portland, Grimm is big enough for only one (Half)Royal brother. Also, Nick received an email from his mother that cryptically suggests she has rid the world of the coins. Does this mean she’ll be back soon?

6. So great to see Bud again! His bumbling chatter is so cute!! I love the gang and love that they included Bud. Yeah!!! More Bud please!! That plan was ingenious and glad it worked so well. Scooby Gang uniting is better than a lone Grimm. Nick better utilize his pals more – it’ll save his life.

7. It was funny that Nick wanted Monroe to take Juliette to the trailer because Monroe = crazy is better than Nick = crazy (or both being crazy). I guess I can see the logic but poor Monroe. Such a good friend.

8. “I think she’s kinda Nick-ed out”
~ Monroe, describing Juliette’s possible reluctance to see Nick. I mean, she’s been seeing his apparitions all day! Give the crazy lady a break!

“Well, he dropped a toad…in the men’s room”
~ Monroe, describing Barry’s toad eating habit but the look on Hank’s face was priceless.

Monroe needs to exercise more – he pulled a groin muscle chasing Barry. But he’s still my out-of-shape fake boyfriend. How awesome was the Scooby Gang? Don’t you want to see them together more? (I do) Isn’t Monroe such a sweet boyfriend? How will Renard’s brother cause havoc in Portland, Grimm? Will Nick’s mother come to her baby boy’s rescue? Will the Scooby Gang be caught in the crossfire? Is Bud part of the Scooby Gang now? (I hope so!!) Discuss away!!!

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1 Response to Grimm – Recap & Review – One Angry Fuchsbau

  1. Julia says:

    I wish I could love this show, but the weird and wrong German really bugs me. (I’m German, so yeah.)

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