The Office – Recap & Review – Promos

photo: nbc

photo: nbc

The Office

Original Air Date: Apr 4, 2013

Shannon – Associate Editor

Phyllis has been listening to Fifty Shades of Gray on audiobook on an iPod. The staff wants Phyllis fired because she’s acting inappropriately. Dwight takes matters into his own hands and dumps a bucket of water on her head. Andy asks for his iPod back and gets the same treatment after he starts listening to the book as well.

I really wish this book would go away.

Dwight has been dating Esther, the daughter of a neighboring farmer. She’s coming up to the office today because Esther’s dad wants to split a lease on a tractor with Dwight. It because clear that this is in exchange for Daddy allowing the relationship between Dwight and Esther to continue. This is like some kind of dowry thing, I guess. Clark hangs out with some of Esther’s hot sisters and soon figures out that they’re being conned. Those girls are way too hot to be into him and Dwight, he says. They were right, as Esther confirms. She also confirms that she’s not in it for the tractor and she still wants to date Dwight.

Jim and Pam have an awkward telephone conversation. Things are clearly getting distant between them. That makes me very sad.

The group watches the promos for their documentary online. We see lots of clips from previous seasons. So, this is kind of a clip show. They included some of Jim and Pam’s sweetest moments as well as a lot of funny ones of everyone throughout the years. As an aside, Kevin didn’t know they were filming a documentary. He thought they were specimens in a human zoo. Of course he did.

Andy is having a hard time dealing with the critiques from the Internet viewers. He responds to them all. We do find out that Nellie was posting all those things anonymously and getting a heck of a laugh out of it. Which is pretty awesome. That pains me to say, but there it is.

Angela rewinds the video to a part where Dwight is grabbing her butt. Pam watches footage of her and Jim. She looks wistful. Later the group watches another promo for their show in Danish, and they are horrified to learn that the film crew was filming them all the time, even when they didn’t know it. There was footage of Dwight and Angela coming out of their rendezvous spot plus a lot of other intimate moments of the rest of the group. Oscar is obviously worried about the footage of him and the Senator. The group recruits Pam to go ask Brian what was actually filmed. She goes to his apartment. This is not going to end well. Brian pretty much tells her that they’ve had no privacy for the last 10 years. Ouch. Pam runs out, rather horrified. As you would be, I think.

So they’re still setting us up for the finale and making us wonder if Jim and Pam are going to make it. I think they have to. I can’t see the writers breaking them up at the end, can you? Do you think any other horrifying things will happen between now and the finale? Make your predictions in the comments!


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