Elementary – Recap & Review – Snow Angels

photo: cbs

photo: cbs

Snow Angels

Original Air Date: Apr 4, 2013

Laura Kelley – Associate Staff Writer

Elementary is an interesting show because it is aware that it’s an hour long crime procedural show, and this week’s episode offered up a very unique solution to break out of the procedural-trope mold: Sherlock and Joan have to solve a mystery in a snowstorm with no power. This flips Holmes’s technologically-driven modern methods of investigation on its head and gives us a different (and I’d say more interesting) way of solving the case. Plus he and Watson kind of get a snowplow-driver sidekick, the affable Pam, who is pretty awesome. Hit the jump for more!

After a guard dies during a robbery in which several hundred smartphones were taken to get investigators off the scent of the intended target, the Federal Reserve bank, Holmes and Watson head to the bank to tell them about the planned theft. But since the city is in the middle of a blizzard, they’d have no way to get anywhere, except…enter Pam, New York’s most helpful snowplow driver, who I found instantly likeable. This show needed a likeable old-lady character and I’d love for Pam to be our Mrs. Hudson for this venture. But more on that later (hint, hint.) When they get to the bank, they realize it’s already been robbed. The money still there has been switched out with counterfeited bills, and Holmes kind of respects the thieves for concocting such a well-made plan. He’s not cool with the fact that they killed a guard, so there you go. And did I mention he has on another adorable sweater? What is it with Holmes adaptations and sweaters?

Before he was killed, the guard at the phone robbery managed to shoot one of the thieves and the police find a woman whose gunshot wound matches. They find out that the robbers have someone in the police department that is in on the whole thing. The money from the bank is being driven out of the city in an ambulance, but considering there is a blizzard the thieves would have needed someone high up to get them out of the city. There is a new FEMA worker who managed the city’s preparation for the snow storm who is the clear suspect, so the police stage a “riot” to draw in the police insider who will undoubtedly try to get the woman out of the station. The mystery itself was not a difficult one to solve but the real heart of the episode was Holmes and Watson (who is getting better as an investigator as she goes) and the addition of a new character I’ve sort-of mentioned already.

Holmes hires a woman escaping a bad relationship, Miss Hudson, to clean the apartment. I love that she’s actually the housekeeper in this show rather than the landlady who cleans the apartment so Holmes doesn’t end up hoarding body parts or something, and I also loved that Holmes seems to actually like Miss Hudson and care about helping her out by giving her the job. It’s also great to have a transgendered character on the show and a multidimensional one at that; she’s a well-loved canon character who is one of the few people Holmes lets into his life and I liked this portrayal of her. We better get to see more of her and it’s likely we will, since Holmes even admits she’s a good housekeeper. Who doesn’t like her character anyway, in any adaptation? Pam should stay too and just drive them around in inclement weather, because old-lady characters helping solve mysteries are awesome.

Even though this week’s mystery storyline was fairly easy to figure out, I did like this episode. We finally got our Miss Hudson! What did you guys think? Leave your TwoCents in the comments and we’ll see you next week.

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