Comic Book Men – Recap & Review – Giant-Sized Anniversary

photo: amc

photo: amc

Comic Book Men
Giant-Sized Anniversary
Original Air Date: Apr 4, 2013

Jeff L – Señor Staff Writer

Tonight was the season 2 finale of Comic Book Men. AMC is developing a show by Ernest Cline author of one of my favorite books Ready Player One for next season, so I’m hoping that means they’ll be keeping Comic Book Men around and hopefully pairing it with Cline’s show tentatively titled ‘Geek Out.’ It wouldn’t hurt anyone who’s reading this (if there actually is anyone reading this) to drop AMC an email or a tweet asking them to bring back the show for season 3.

The episode opens with the Kryptonite Rock guy bringing in a Batman Shadow Box ( The piece was numbered 33 out of 250 and Ming steps up to do the negotiating. Customer wants $500 but Ming talks him down to $350. Sold.

Next into the store is a guy looking for a Giant sized X-Men #1. The store just picked one up from an online auction and it turns out the book they won was singed by David Cockrum which raised the asking price beyond what the seller was looking to spend. Walt decided to keep the book and put it on display in the store and see if he could get his asking price of $550 for the comic.

A customer offers a 1978 Ralph Bakshi Lord of Rings animation cell. Rob Bruce appraised the cell at $350 but the Comic Book Men talked the seller down to #275. Sold.

Later, a lady comes in looking for a gift for her boyfriend. She tells the guys that her price range is $500 and Mike suggests she buy the Giant sized X-Men #1. Even though it’s $50 out of her price-range she agrees to buy the book for her boyfriend. Sold.

The episode ended with Walt celebrating his 15th year working at Jay & Silent Bob’s Secret Stash by being taken to meet some former New Jersey Devil’s hockey players: Ken Daneyko, Jim Dowd, Grant Marshall and Bruce Driver. Apparently Ming with some help from Kevin Smith arranged the whole thing. It was fun to see Walt absolutely geek out over the players from his favorite team. The Comic Book Men get on the ice and there’s some hockey antics, would you expect anything less from Kevin Smith and the boys?

This was a pretty good episode. I’m grading this issue a very fine. I wish they’d have gone out with a little more flare in order to hook people and maybe create some buzz towards the prospect of season 3. Do you think AMC will renew the show? Is it worth it for AMC to remain in the Kevin Smith business when they are already going to be the network of choice for his upcoming hockey mini-series ‘Hit Somebody’? Do you like the season 2 format (more ½ hour episodes vs. fewer hour-long installments)? What has been your favorite part of this season? What are you looking forward to for next season?

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