Archer – Recap & Review – Sea Tunt Part 1

photo: fx

photo: fx

Sea Tunt Part 1

Original Air Date: Apr 4, 2013

Elizabeth – TwoCents Reviewer

This week, Malory gathers the team (if you can call them that) to inform them that a US B-52 fighter jet has sunk off the coast of Bermuda. Unfortunately, said plane contains a now up-for-grabs hydrogen bomb. Obviously Malory thinks the best thing for ISIS to do in this situation is a) get to it before the Russians do and b) take hold of the thing in order to ransom it back to the US government. Who’s up for a little late afternoon treason?

The biggest problem being that the B-52 is at the bottom of the ocean (two and half leagues under the sea, if Archer is to be believed) and the ISIS crew have no means of retrieving it. Enter Cecil, Cheryl’s brother! He happens to have a submarine which he is, for some unexplained reason, happy to load to Malory. He also owns an island, but that’s not really relevant, just really awesome. But Cheryl hates him, and his girlfriend Tiff, which is a little less awesome. But really funny.

So the whole lot of them pile in to Cecil’s super-chopper (including Pam and Cheryl) and set out for Bermuda, via the Bermuda triangle, flying through which happens to be Archer’s fourth biggest fear. It is during this flight that Cecil approaches Malory to find out what’s been going on in Cheryl’s life, and he is concerned to say the least. Unfortunatley, Cheryl, has overheard them and seems to be getting to be geared up to be more psycho than ever. Cecil goes to Pam next, and, as a savvy viewer, I begin to think that he didn’t offer his help out of the goodness of his hear.

Cheryl confronts Pam about Cecil’s interviews, and she reveals that Cecil has been taping the interactions. Cheryl concludes that Cecil wants to use the footage to convince a judge that she is unstable and he should be made her conservator, therefore cutting off her access to her inheritance and to any room that’s not padded. Sidebar: its revealed around this time that for approximately 6 months Cheryl thought she was a werewolf, which I’m not entirely surprised by.

Meanwhile, Pam have eaten her way half way to a soy-induced coma (super-rich Cecil is a vegan, go figure) and now holds the appearance of a whale that was left in the microwave too long. Her bloated appearance distracts everybody for long enough for Cheryl to make her way into the helicopter cockpit to attack Tiff and try to take down the flight. The biggest problem for Pam at the moment is that she’ll probably die from anaphylaxis before Cheryl can take down the flight, especially considering the only epi-pen on board is in the cockpit. Archer’s solution to this is to perform an emergency tracheotomy…with a pen knife and a crazy straw. Seems legit, right?

Luckily Ray stops him before he cuts open Pam’s throat, which gives him time to tell Malory about Cecil’s plan which would render Malory incapable of somehow taking hold of Cheryl’s fortune any time in the future. In and effort to take hold of the tapes for her own devious means, Malory send Archer, Cyril and Ray off to find them. Archer finds Lana and Cecil banging on the door of the cockpit and shoots it open, only to hit Cecil with a stray bullet. Cecil flies in to a rage, and admits to having staged the whole mission (including the existence of the hydrogen bomb) in order to capture the ISIS employees saying Cheryl is unstable. Sooo, basically Cheryl was right, which is genuinely terrifying.

But what she didn’t know is that Cecil has a bigger problem, and a bigger secret. The secret being that he brought them all out to, as Lana puts it: “the middle of the frickin’ ocean” to help him with a rogue employee of his underwater research station named Captain Murphy. The good Captain has had just about enough of the world’s population polluting his beloved ocean, and is threating to launch nerve-gas-tipped missiles in to every major city in the world if his demands are not met within 12 hours. And apparently, ISIS was the best organisation Cecil could think of to help him out. Boy is he going to be disappointed!

Whew! That’s a lot of plot for one twenty minute episode! But it all came together pretty well this week, and there were a surprising lack of plot-holes. A highlight this week was Kristen Schaal as Tiff, Cecil’s insufferable vegan girlfriend. She is one of my absolute favourite comediennes and she brings this bored, drawling quality to Tiff’s bitching which I really loved. A down side for me was that Kreiger was the only one left behind! I love Kreiger, and I think he is one of the funniest characters on the show, and in an action-packed two parter I would have loved to see him pop up with one of his insane creations to help with the problem at hand. Fingers crossed he’ll make an appearance next week! What did you think of this week’s episode? Are you excited to see what happens next? Give us your TwoCents in the comments!

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