American Idol – Recap & Review – Classics of Rock Results

photo: fox

photo: fox

American Idol
Classics of Rock Results

Original Air Date: Apr 4, 2013

Patricia Morris Buckley — Sr. Staff Writer

During the opening group number of Queen’s “Somebody to Love,” all I could think of was how lucky for Lazaro that it was prerecorded. But I still wondered if someone was just off stage cuing him to at least come in when his section of the recording started. But I was surprised that the performance overall wasn’t that bad.

Go figure, huh?

The new revised Ford Fiesta commercial, now a “mission” had the contestants at a fashion photo shoot where they created looks inspired by their own idols. Yawn.

Ah, this is becoming my favorite part of the results show. Jimmy dumps the truth on us as an antidote to the fawning of the judges. He started by noting that most of the remaining contestants sing R’n’B or country. But rock draws from both of those genres. He blamed any unsuccessful performance on the contestant picking the wrong song.

Burnell – Jimmy said he got the song choice all wrong and was so behind the beat. He predicted that he’d be in Bottom 2.
Lazaro and Angie’s duet – Jimmy compared it to wedding singers and said they missed the point of the song.
Kree – He thought she picked right song and sang it with dignity.
Candice and Burnell duet – Burnell finally had the right song, but Candice was incredible and overpowered him.
Janell did a competent job and picked a good but not great song. He ranked her in the middle.
Lazaro – He didn’t like it as much as the judges, but felt he did a reasonable job, which wasn’t enough.
Amber, Kree and Janell trio wasn’t great and their performance looked like an outtake of “Grease.”
Candice — He applauded her singing, but felt it didn’t have the melody she needed to show off her voice.
Amber – He said she is improving every week and her confidence is growing.
Angie – He called her performance magnificent.
Top 3 – His guess? Amber, Angie and Kree (most of the judges agreed with him).
Jimmy: “If America gets it right, there’s only one person going home and that’s Lazaro.”

Idol producers continued a season of bringing back past contestants. How nice to see S9’s Casey James, who has gone country. In fact, his debut album was No. 2 on Billboard country charts. He sang “The Good Life,” the new single he wrote and it was really good. Even better, he brought gifts for the contestants, each from where they were from, for their home sickness (but we didn’t get to see them – bummer).

Then Carrie Underwood sang her new single “See You Again,” a lovely tune I thought has the potential to become a standard one day. And of course, she looked lovely.

So we got down to business —
Top 3: Angie, Kree and Lazaro (!!!!!!)
Bottom 2: Janelle and Burnell

Poor Burnell had to sing, knowing there was no way the judges would use their one-time save on a guy. There were lots of tears, including from Mariah. Candice looked devastated. He ended by giving Amber a quick kiss on the cheek.

Did you agree with the voters? Are you shocked that Lazaro is now the remaining guy? Is he now officially bulletproof? Give us your TwoCents….

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