Grey’s Anatomy – Recap & Review – She’s Killing Me

photo: abc

photo: abc

Grey’s Anatomy
She’s Killing Me

Original Air Date: Apr 4, 2013

Karen Belgrad – Senior Editor

Subtly has never been Grey’s strongest attribute. Patient conditions usually mirror something going on in a doctor’s personal life. Meredith’s voice overs are seldom cloaked in anything less than the obvious. But tonight’s song title lyric is just… well… blatant, isn’t it?

We’ve only got four episodes left this season, and after tonight’s hour there’s a three week window until we visit Seattle again. And with Meredith/Derek, Cristina/Owen, and Bailey, you can see where the action is headed. But the other characters seem to be largely in limbo. So in addition to giving your feedback on what has happened, share with me below what you would like to see happen!

Meredith: As baby boy mcFetus’s time in the womb draws to a close, Meredith gets the results of last episode’s geno-mapping. She does indeed carry more than one of the genetic markers for Alzheimers, but she zones out as Bailey and Derek remind her that it isn’t a guarantee that she will follow in her mother’s footsteps. She demands she and Derek update their will, as Lexie is still listed as the guardian for Zola. Meredith still thinks Cristina is the next best option, but Derek, and later Cristina confirm that she’s more interested in being the cool aunt who gets them tattooed and teaches them to put condoms on cucumbers. They debate which of Derek’s sisters would be the right choice, but don’t come to a firm conclusion. Then Meredith tries to get Derek and Cristina to agree to Kevorkian her when she starts to lose her keys. Derek isn’t amused, but of course Cristina agrees to off her. But Derek’s own geno-mapping which offers genetic markers for liver cancer, prostate cancer, heroin addiction, and (seriously?) male pattern baldness help shine some light on how this is all a possibility and not a certainty.

Syrian Doctors: Owen introduces two doctors from Syria who are there to learn surgical procedures to better treat patients. However our doctors are horrified to learn just how minimal their supplies are and that electricity and anesthesia are often unavailable. All of the doctors rally to teach complex procedures using what these doctors have available and it is a huge success. April finds a way to make it relate to her personally, realizing she has to tell Matthew the truth about her virginity lie. She tries to couch it in “there are worse things in the world”, but all he hears is the lie and there appears to now be an unbreakable rift in their seldom seen relationship. April covers her guilt by stealing a bunch of fancy equipment for the Syrian doctors, having gleaned that honesty isn’t always the best policy.

Owen/Cristina: Owen is still all over Cristina regarding the care of Ethan’s father, and somehow she doesn’t realize it’s because of his bond to Ethan. She thinks is he just questioning her abilities and is irritated. Ethan’s mom turns a corner and heals from last week’s amnesia, but Ethan is still guardian-less as his grandmother hasn’t made it to Seattle yet. Arizona wants Social Services to take him for the night, but after a Syrian doctor makes a remark about just saving one child’s life, she relents and allows him to spend another night at the hospital. And Cristina finally clues in to his bond to Ethan and children in general. You mean Owen likes kids? We had no idea. (insert eye rolls)

Bailey/Leah: Bailey is flummoxed when two of her surgical patients come back in with post-op infections. With Leah having been on both cases, the intern fesses up that she had the flu during surgery. Bailey is furious and rails against her and all of her teachers for interns being incompetent. But a third patient is admitted and it turns out that Leah wasn’t in on that surgery. As legal and infectious control are involved, it’s made clear that Bailey is the linchpin between the three cases, and possibly more. Bailey is frantic, in an emotional outbreak we haven’t seen from her in some time, as Owen just tells her to have a seat and the board members close the door. Do you think it’s something with Bailey? Or will we find that some random anesthesiologist had MRSA?

Elsewhere, Derek has to tell Ross that it’s not just switching interns… Brooks exhibits a knack for neurology that Ross doesn’t. He, as gently as he can, tells him to look for a new specialty. Jackson is still bugged by administrative stuff, wondering when he’ll get to do the projects he wants. Richard tells him that the hospital is his project (and more or less, to deal with it). Callie annoys everyone with her pitch for a cartilage lab.

And that was it for this week’s episode. Clearly the Meredith and Bailey arcs had the most depth and passion, because I (seriously!) do not need to hear the Owen/Cristina children debate again!

And now you have my TwoCents! Share your TwoCents, comments, and feedback below!


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2 Responses to Grey’s Anatomy – Recap & Review – She’s Killing Me

  1. Kk says:

    Oh yeah!! More Bailey and Meredith storylines please! We have been waiting all season for a decent bailey storyline.. I love B but she really needs meatier storylines, so I want this infection thing to be a multi episode arc an have everything get much worse!

    And yep, so over Cristina and Owen’s baby dramas. This is what, the 5th time they’ve gone back onto the same track? Let’s be done with it already. Both guys she has been with have tried to change her into what they want her to be. I’d hate to see Cristina have to give in on such a huge issue after caving on almost everything else.

    Thanks for the awesome recaps!

    • karenb says:

      I completely agree with you! Remember when Cristina gave up so much of her identity with Burke (including her eyebrows)? Not a fan! And I definitely do not want to see that happen again. She may softened some of her edges over the years, but this is the one point where she has always been crystal clear.

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