American Idol – Recap & Review – Classics of Rock

photo: fox

photo: fox

American Idol
Classics of Rock

Original Air Date: Apr 3, 2013

Patricia Morris Buckley — Sr. Staff Writer

Here are the reasons Idol should immediately stop having duets and trios on performance nights:

  • They suck.
  • They give the contestants more to learn.
  • They suck.

The multiple performances bothered me especially with this week’s theme, “Classics from Rock ‘n Roll” because none of the remaining seven contestants are really rock singers. And it really showed.

Guitarist Orianthi played up front with the singers, definitely giving each song a little more zip than the singer’s di.

Each contestant’s performance began with the other contestants talking about their pet peeves about each other. A lot nice than an intro package with Jimmy yelling at them.

BURNELL TAYLOR: “You Give Love a Bad Name”
The other contestants admit they understand him only about half the time because of his accent. I feel like he’s going through the motions. Which is strange, because vocally, he’s pretty good.
KEITH assumed rock ‘n roll isn’t his thing because he looked so uncomfortable. He should have taken a song and give it his own twist. NICKI thought rock wasn’t his thing, but he still felt loveable. RANDY said it was an on-the-beat song and he was behind the beat. MARIAH was proud of him because it wasn’t the typical song for him but he had fun with it. She thought he did a great job.

DUET: LAZARO ARBOS and ANGIE MILLER sing “A Crazy Thing Called Love”
Larazo isn’t on pitch and he forgot the words again. Ehh – it was dreck. Lazaro told Angie he messed up in a whisper, then denied it later.
NICKI had fun watching it, and Angie sounded good. RANDY said Lazaro got better as it went on and Angie sounded amazing, as usual. MARIAH pointed out it shouldn’t a duet, but felt the song fit them. KEITH said it has a “variety showish” thing going on.

KREE HARRISON: “Piece of My Heart”
Turns out she’s a mothering person who knows everyone and is a hug addict. She looked great tonight. She sounded wonderful although she doesn’t do full rock or give it a country edge.
KEITH asked if there’s something keeping her from moving (she said she has a pinched nerve) – he admired her professionalism. NICKI called her magnificent and she’s a natural at what she does — her voice is unmatched. RANDY loved the bluesy side of her.
MARIAH said she has an innate ability to choose her songs. This may be Mariah’s favorite performance.

Burnell is fine, but Candice rips it. The bluesy feel is fun and they definitely were hot.
MARIAH said it proved it they could sing anything and they did justice to the song. KEITH loved it, saying Candice a shining star and Burnell gave it his own touch. NICKI pointed out that Candice’s voice is clearly superior but this time, Burnell sounded like himself. RANDY agreed that it was a better song for Burnell, and Candace make them say “wow.” He thought it was brilliant.

Others point out how thick her Southern accent is and how passionate she is. She’s very, very good – but not great. It’s just a bit too squeaky clean. She wore killed bedazzled cowboy boots, which Nicki took from her after.
KEITH loved how she worked the stage but didn’t feel it was the best song for her. But he praised her improvement and called her a contender. NICKI said the performance was exceptional and that girls would relate to her. RANDY said she’s authenticity as its best and felt the song fit her well. He upped Keith and called her the “Great Contender.” MARIAH liked the key she chose and also felt Janell’s reliability.

LAZARO ARBOS: “We are the Champions”
Others talked about his preference for bright colors, especially pink. He’s off key at the beginning. At one point, I didn’t understand a sentence and I mistakenly thought he went into Spanish. He hit a few notes well and acted very confident.
KEITH said it was a good choice for him because it played to his dramatics. NICKI loved the song and thought he did it justice. RANDY gave him props for doing a good job. MARIAH thought it was a good choice and he relaxed a bit in the song.

TRIO: AMBER HOLCOMB, JANELL AND KREE sing “It’s Still Rock ‘n Roll to Me”
What is that holey thing Amber is wearing – it looks as though she was mugged. The song seems to have lost its rock edge with three women (two country) singing it. It came across as theme park.
KEITH thought they were great together and they should do more. NICKI said the song choice put her to sleep and no one stood out because it was so cheesy. She did like Amber’s “look.” RANDY called it unbelievable and they could be a group. MARIAH liked their blending and doesn’t know how America will choose between them.

CANDICE GLOVER: “I Can’t Get No Satisfaction”
She is performing with a broken toe after a failed April Fool’s Day joke on Lazaro. The others pointed out she’s the only one with her own room and she and Burnell have a love-hate sibling-like relationship. She is so, so good and makes it look so easy. She blows me away—every time.
KEITH said her voice is so dang good and so effortless. NICKI said her voice was amazing but she fell asleep to that song. RANDY said she brought that attitude to the song. It wasn’t the perfect song for her but she did the rock thing well. MARIAH asked people to vote for her.

AMBER HOLCOMB: “What About Love”
The other contestants talked about how she talks to herself a lot and loves to take photos of herself. Burnell also hints that he has a crush on her. She uses this as a power anthem and delivers a strong performance. (She also points out her sister, who is in the military, in the audience – that’s sure to help with votes.)
KEITH thought it was great, especially the key change. NICKI said it pulled her in emotionally and called it her favorite of the night so far. RANDY said she looked and sounded amazing. He loved that she didn’t lose herself in it. MARIAH felt that she’s grown as an artist and she is wonderful.

ANGIE MILLER: “Bring Me to Life”
The other contestants talked about how she gets excited about everything and really uses her eyes. Angie is at the piano for the first eight bars. Ooohhh, she gets a wind machine (which almost blew off her top – which means thousands of YouTube views). She does a really good job. It was an excellent song choice for her.
KEITH said rock is all about feel so you fall into the song, hinting that she didn’t. NICKI thought was a perfect song choice and her voice was amazing. She still would like to hear her more at the piano. RANDY thought it was a great choice, loved the tender moments at the piano and she killed the last note. MARIAH agreed with Randy that when she’s edgy, it doesn’t matter if she’s dramatic.

I think both Burnell and Lazaro are in trouble. Burnell because he went first and wasn’t that strong. Lazaro because he should have left two weeks ago. I hope it’s the later, but I also said that last week.

Two Idol alums, Casey James and Carrie Underwood, will perform on the results show.

Do you think Lazaro will last another week? Do you think Nicki should be asking contestants for their clothes? Who is your favorite now? Give us your TwoCents…

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