Revolution – Recap & Review – Ghosts

photo: nbc

photo: nbc


Original Air Date: Apr 1, 2013

Vincent C. – TwoCents Reviewer

Assistant Secretary Randall Flynn: evildoer? Or good guy who believes that the ends justifies the means? Well, good guy might be going a little bit far, but in this episode, we learn of Randall’s motivations for shutting down the power throughout the planet.

Miles and Aaron shovel dirt onto Danny’s body in his burial. Rachel tries to hold Charlie’s hand, but Charlie pulls away. Rebel scouts throughout Maryland and Pennsylvania report no more helicopters in the air. The rebel commander says they will return to business as usual. Miles is outraged. Business as usual for the rebels meant the rebels were being crushed by the Monroe militia. The rebels need to take the fight to Philadelphia and burn the city down! Poor Philadelphians.

Miles says he will need his senior officers to help him defeat Monroe. To start, he will find Jim Hudson. Rebels fall back to “echo base.” At the base, Aaron digs out two pendants from his knapsack and places them on a table. While he isn’t watching, the pendants begin to glow. Randall Flynn can track the pendants. He gives them a “ping” to locate them. Randall offers to get Monroe more pendants and amplifiers.

At the North Virginia Militia Camp, a rebel turncoat tells a militia captain that Miles is heading toward Culpepper.

Rachel looks through a microscope (probably at the device implanted into Danny) and starts to draw electrical diagrams.

Culpepper, Virginia, appears to be a town similar to the one Charlie grew up in. Perhaps slightly bigger, as this town has a library. Miles finds Jim (played by Malik Yoba) at the library. Jim has taken on a new alias and calls himself “Henry.” Jim was the one who snuck Miles into Monroe’s bedroom, but when Miles couldn’t shoot Monroe, Jim and some of Miles’ other senior officers were left high and dry. Jim points a pistol at Miles and asks him to leave. Miles asks Jim to help him defeat Monroe, but Jim refuses, saying he prefers his new life and his new wife.

At echo base, Charlie has been seriously injured during a raid against the militia. Rachel tries to stop her from going out with another raid. They get into an argument and Rachel slaps Charlie. After Charlie storms off, Rachel notices that the pendants are glowing. The siren sounds. Monroe Militia hummvees head toward echo base.

Flynn is leading the assault team. Rachel pulls out the flash drives from the two pendants and soaks them in some type of chemical mixture, thereby destroying them. Randall’s men seal the exits to the building and Randall finds the empty pendants.

Flashback: The Flynns are visited by an army captain. Their son, Sergeant Edward Flynn, has been killed in Kabul, Afghanistan.

Miles and Nora spot the militia “kill squad” from Northern Virginia heading to Culpepper. They round back to warn Jim. Miles says they can’t live peaceful lives and be family men. They’re soldiers. Killers. Jim’s wife Sophie overhears and asks “Who’s Jim?”

Aaron, Charlie, and Rachel hide from Flynn’s men. Randall uses a megaphone to get Rachel’s attention. He didn’t come for the pendants. Rachel’s “giant brain” is much more valuable. He won’t leave without her.

Flashback: Randall wants to deploy the weapon against the Taliban. Ben and Rachel want more time to contain the risks, but waiting means more potential loss of American soldiers. (to me, this seems a little weird, since American forces are the ones that are more technologically advanced and the guerilla Taliban forces are rudimentary. But I’ll run with this). Randall has other teams of “eggheads” to help him if Ben and Rachel won’t. The weapon will deploy with or without the Mathesons.

At Culpepper: Miles, Nora, and Jim swordfight against roughly twenty militia soldiers. Of course, Miles and friends win. (pictured: Miles, with Jim at his back) The militia captain saw the way Jim looked at Sophie and figured she was important to him. The captain breaks into the library and is about to kill Sophie when Jim intervenes and stabs the captain multiple times. Sophie is horrified.

Randall and his men capture Rachel. Randall is “getting the band back together” having already retrieved Sam, Grace, and now Rachel. Randall wants to make a “better world” by putting electricity only in the hands of the few (supposedly more responsible) people. If everyone got power back, it would only lead to war like before. Charlie is able to shoot several of Randall’s men and provide a distraction so that Rachel can escape. Randall is incensed.

Jim Hudson tells Miles that he has ruined his life. Again. However, he will join Miles because he no longer has a life with Sophie. He addresses Miles as “General Matheson, sir.”

Miles and friends meet up with the rebels at a rendezvous point in a forest. Charlie apologizes to Rachel about the previous argument. They hug. Miles watches the hug and seems to be a bit misty-eyed. He’s just a big ol’ teddy bear. Nora holds Miles’ hand.

Flashback to night of the blackout. Assistant Defense Secretary Flynn is sitting in a conference room with about a dozen people. There are videolinks to a few other commanders. Flynn is holding onto his son’s military dog tags. With the words “Tower, execute,” the weapon is deployed.

Rachel and Ben took Aaron in when he needed their help. He wants to return the favor and help Rachel. Rachel starts to explain about the Tower and how it can restore electricity.

So it seems we are heading for a showdown between the Monroe Militia and an ad hoc Matheson Militia. Monroe has gained a new ally Randall. Miles has regained an old ally Jim Hudson. Will Flynn remain loyal to Monroe? Will Neville remain loyal to Monroe? Is Flynn correct that power should only be restored to a few people, or does power always corrupt?


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