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Original Air Date: Apr 2, 2013

Lyssa G – Reviewer

Welcome to the season finale of Justified. There is a couple of things that still need to be tied up, like what is going to happen to Winona now that Picker knows where she lives. Is there anything that is going to happen with Boyd and Ava? Also what is going to happen with all of the guys from Detroit.

Thankfully we found out last Wednesday that the show has been renewed for its 5th season! Lets see what is going to happen with this season finale!

Raylan: He is finally suspended by Art. He sends him off to go see Winona. She is being held by the men from Detroit. He is very upset, obviously since they are holding a gun to Winona’s head. He manages to piss one of them off enough that he grabs the gun from him and shoots him in the belly, turns the gun to the guy behind Winona and shoots him in the head. Then the last guy manages to get grips on Winona and Raylan shoot him in the leg, and she grabs a gun from the ground and turns and shoots him too. He is scraping the bottom of the barrel to get to Nicky and he goes to Boyd for help. He actually put a call in to Sammy so that he could make this his issue and that Raylan does not need to get his hands dirty.

Boyd: He is ready to make a move that could potentially destroy him and Ava both if they are not careful. As they are driving over to the mine shaft they see the sheriffs and they are pulling the body out of the mine shaft and he knows that they are screwed. He calls on one of the guys from Clover Hill to try and get this body out of the morgue. He is trying to get the body out of the bar. Raylan comes in and asks him for help getting to Nicky Augustine. He tells Raylan that he will take him to Nicky. He is actually a great voice of reason for Raylan. He seems to be the only one that can get through to Raylan. He actually seems like he is one of the only real friends that Raylan has at all since he is the only one that can get through to him. He is so broken. He goes up to the slurry and sees the sheriffs there and gets into a fight with them. He says goodbye to Ava and goes back to the bar.  As Boyd is sitting at the bar, Wynn Duffy comes into the bar. They are talking to each other about getting into business together. The last time we see him, he is in the house on Clover Hill staring in the back yard wishing that Ava was there.

Ava: She is most likely going to be taken in and she knows it considering that she was there and confirmed it when she was talking to Cassie, the girl from the church, last week. She tells Boyd that there is nothing that they can do now except run, but he tells her that he has another card to play. She has lost her mind. She sends one of Boyd’s guys off, takes Delroy’s body, and speeds off into the night.  She gets caught as she is trying to dump the body. She knew that this was going to be what took her away from the life that she is starting to love.

Winona: She is really strong. As all of these people are in the room with her, she is crying but is still so strong. When Raylan and Winona are being held captive, she really shows that she still is a lot stronger than most people give her credit for with this show.

Art: He comes over to Winona’s house after Raylan shoots those 3 men. Art tells Raylan flat out that if he goes after Nicky Augustine that he should not bother coming back to work at all.  After Nicky is killed he calls Raylan and tells him that he will see him in 30 days.

I was beyond thrilled to hear You’ll Never Leave Harlan Alive by David Alvin at the end. I really missed that at the end of season three. I cannot wait to see what they are going to have in store for next season. What did you think of this season finale?

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2 Responses to Justified – Recap & Review – Ghosts

  1. Tom Rushen says:

    Loved the scene between Raylan and Boyd about being “The Bad Guy”. This season was up there with season two.

    • Lyssa says:

      That was great. If they got rid of Boyd this show would not be the same. Next season I know that they are going to play off of how this season ended with Ava going to jail and Boyd fighting to get her back and work on his empire in Harlan. I am extremely excited to see how this next season is going to play out.

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