Dancing With The Stars – Recap & Review – Week Three Results

photo: abc

photo: abc

Dancing With The Stars
Week Three Results

Original Air Date: Apr 2, 2013

Colleen – TwoCents Reviewer

Tonight is the live telecast of the results and elimination of one of the couples. Tonight we go from eleven couples down to ten. Who do you think is going home tonight? Any guesses? I love how it is almost always not who you think it will be. I am sure that tonight will be no different.

The first thing that happened tonight was the crowning of the King and Queen of the Prom! Zendaya and Jacoby are our Queen and King! They find out then that they are both safe as well, so they will go on to next week’s show!

We then get treated to a dance from some professional dancers and a performance from Huey Lewis & The News singing “Heart of Rock & Roll.” It definitely reminded me of Return of the Future movies with Michael J. Fox and the scene of Michael J Fox at the Prom, trying to get his parents together so he does not disappear from the photo, along with his brother and sister. Does this song remind you of anything or anyone?

We also get treated to a performance from Demi Levato. She had quite the stage set-up, so it was good that they went on with the rest of the show while that was being done. There were a lot of lights and what looked like a catwalk protruding from the stage area.

Before Demi takes the stage, we are shown a taped performance from the Macy’s Stars of Dance. It finished taping just mere minutes before Dancing With The Stars was due to go on the air. With as much movement and coordination that had to go into it, you could see why it had to be taped.

We have more fun in store for us as we come back from commercial. We see more of the fun of a photo booth and the pictures from that photo booth. We then find out who will be doing the encore tonight and it is Sean and Peta. Even Bruno gets into the act near the end of their dance to the Village People’s “YMCA.”

Tonight we are also treated to a performance from the male performers. They came out all tough looking in their black and leather and looking to rumble. The way they were dancing reminded me so much of “West Side Story.” What did you think of it? Did you think the same way?

The male and female professionals talk about who is better. The men have dominated the mirror trophy. The women have it tougher because they have to dance in heals. What do you think? Who is better? The men or the women?

Safe couples
Zendaya & Val, Jacoby & Karina, Kellie & Derek, D.L. & Cheryl, Sean & Peta, Victor & Lindsay, Aly & Mark, Ingo & Kym

Bottom three couples
Lisa & Gleb, Andy & Sharna, Wynonna & Tony

Now that we know who the final three are, who do you think is going home? Wynonna and Tony had the lowest score last night. Do you think they are going home? Or will it be Lisa and Gleb who scored a “21” or Andy and Sharna who scored an “18”? Remember it is not always the couple with the bottom score from the night before that goes home. It is possible they may and it is possible that they got the votes from the viewers to keep them from going home tonight as well.

Bottom two
Lisa & Gleb, Andy & Sharna

Going home
Wynonna & Tony

Unfortunately Wynonna and Tony will not get their chance to improve – at least on the show. Wynonna commented that she made a life-long friend with Tony.

Was the couple you were rooting for safe or were they one of the bottom three? Or were they the one to go home this evening?

Time for your TwoCents!

Next week’s theme: Celebrating the best year of the celebrity’s life

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3 Responses to Dancing With The Stars – Recap & Review – Week Three Results

  1. Beany53 says:

    Wynonna kept saying she was a singer not a dancer and she was right.

    • Colleen says:

      I agree with you, Beany53. Why do you think that she still hasn’t been voted off?

      I personally think that she is still on the show because of her fan base. That’s just how it works, unfortunately. I think that the novelty will wear off soon and she will be going home. What do you think of that? Will it happen?

      • Beany53 says:

        All the shows where the audience gets to vote turns the competitions into popularity shows. Wynonna never really was “dancing”, she was just walking around most of the time. She was in the audience tonight cheering so I am glad she isn’t taking it too hard.

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