The Walking Dead – Recap & Review – Welcome to the Tombs

photo: amc.gene page

photo: amc/gene page

The Walking Dead
Welcome to the Tombs

Original Air Date: Mar 31, 2013

Rachel – Sr. Managing Editor

So it has come to this. A decision between fleeing before the anger of the Governor, or standing ground at the prison in the face of almost certain death. As the survivors pack up, it’s pretty clear: time to move on and find a safe place to start over. Carl is not happy. Not happy at all. Is his dad still treating like a child? Growing up in a zombie apocalypse surely subtracts years from the child to adult threshold. Still, he is a twelve-year-old with a silencer on his gun… and his anger makes the situation more tense (if that is even possible)

In Woodbury, The Governor is tying up some loose ends. Angry at Milton for torching the Walkers in the pits (and being indirectly culpable to the ambush involving Merle), he beats him silly and escorts him to Andrea in the torture chamber. He doesn’t need these two anymore, but instead of simply killing them, he wants to make it fun. He gives Milton a knife and directs him to kill Andrea. Of course Milton, being the good (albeit weird) guy that he is, turns the knife on the Governor and tries in vain to kill him, getting almost gutted in the process. But that was part of the Governor’s plan all along… he knew Milton would turn on him, so now he’ll leave Milton to die, to Return, and to kill Andrea.

On Main Street, the Governor fires up the troops. He tells them it is all about vengeance for all those killed in the past few days, but it is really a person vendetta. I think Tyreese recognizes this. While all able-bodied men and women are on their way to annihilate those at the prison, he tells the Governor that he and his sister will stay behind to protect the children and, upon the army’s return, will leave Woodbury. I’m pretty sure it is the Governor’s intention to kill them when he returns, but he figures it would hurt to have the two stay behind.

At the prison, the Woodbury army arrives and unloads a ton of ammo and explosives on the exterior. There is no return fire… did they make it out in time? Allen leads the group to the cell block where he and Tyreese and the others spent those super uncomfortable moment with the prison survivors a few weeks before. They sweep the space… it’s empty. They’ve packed up and left… but what is that noise coming from the tombs? He takes his army to investigate. When they are deep inside, smoke grenades and the prison alarm goes off. The place had been booby-trapped and now the Walkers are on the scent. The army scatters, running for their lives. On the outside, Glenn and Maggie, in full riot gear, open fire. The army retreats, tails between their legs.

In the forest, we discover why Carl is really mad: he was not part of the ambush. He and Beth and Hershel were sent away to wait for the all-clear. As Carl continues to complain, a lone member of the Woodbury army crosses their path. He is a frightened young teenager who wants to surrender. As he tries to hand over his gun, Carl shoots him point-blank in the head. Too far, Carl. Too far. Hershel realizes it, too.

Back in Woodbury, Milton and Andrea chat… a little too nonchalant for the situation, if you ask me. She has got to hurry if she is going to escape before he turns. As she tries to get a tool from the floor with her feet, they talk about why she stayed in Woodbury after learning her group was alive. It’s pretty simple, she wanted to save everyone. She wanted peace and harmony, and ideal in a world full of death. It is really taking her too long to get those pliers off the floor. Milton urges her to hurry.

At the prison, the survivors regroup and decide that with the Governor still alive, this whole battle will never be over. Carl, of course, wants to go and help. It’s funny that even though he doesn’t want to be treated like a kid, he sure is acting like one. Hershel lets Rick now about the brutal murder Carl committed in the forest. Rick doesn’t want to believe it. He asks Carl about it, but Carl says he couldn’t have taken the chance. He tells his dad that both Lori and Merle could have been saved if Rick had seized the opportunities set before him. Rick, Michonne, and Daryl leave in pursuit of the governor.

On the road, the Governor catches up to his fleeing army. He yells at them for being cowards and wants them to go back and finish the job. But when his people start yelling back, he cracks. He starts shooting, and doesn’t stop until only Martinez and Shumpert are left. He then gets into his truck, instructs the two to do the same, and drives away. Most awkward road trip ever.

In the torture chamber, Andrea gets one hand free by the time Milton rises. He attacks… but does she put him down in time? Screaming echoes through the building.

When Rick, Michonne, and Daryl come upon the massacre, they find one survivor: Karen. She tells them what happened and they continue on to Woodbury. Tyreese and Sasha let them in, with Karen vouching that they are actually the good guys. They tell the two about the massacre on the road and begin to search the place for Andrea when they realize that she left for the prison but never made it. Daryl leads them to where he found Glenn and Maggie… and they find a bitten Andrea. She knows she is a gonner and wants to do it herself. A weeping Michonne stays by her side as she puts a bullet in her own head.

The next morning, Rick and the others return to the prison with all of the survivors from Woodbury (mostly old ladies and kids). Carl is livid and demands to know what they are all doing there. Rick says that they are joining them. He looks for his vision of Lori on the catwalk for reassurance, but he is gone.

What do YOU think? First off, I’m glad Daryl (and the group in general) is aware of the sacrifice Merle made. Second, I wish the Governor had come to more harm. I understand why they (the writers) couldn’t kill him off, I just wish he’d have lost a limb or something. Why, oh why do we have to wait until October! What are you looking forward too? What route will the show take now? Give us your Two Cents in the comment section below!

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One Response to The Walking Dead – Recap & Review – Welcome to the Tombs

  1. Well, well, well… first of great pacing of your recap. First off, spare the rod, spoil the child. Carl needs some discipline. Seriously, although Carl has had to grow up, his attitude, and moral compass needs some adjusting. This is exactly why Lori was harping on Rick about, when she told him his son needs him. Her fears are being realized now that Carl refuses to give quarter to a surrendering enemy. Strength tempered with compassion in large doses are called for in these trying times. Rick should have had a talk with the boy about what being human is about and to get his son to realize that he, Rick, is human and will make human mistakes, but that as humans you keep trying to better yourself. Now on to Michonne… Crying, really. C’mon. This woman has not shown any emotion other than anger, rage and that trademark sneer, and now she is crying over the woman who abandoned her for the devil cyclops. Andrea, Andrea, Andrea, always a little late coming to the party. First to be deceived by the peaceful facade that was Woodbury. Last to realize the demon she was sleeping with. Last to realize that there will be no peace between the Governor and her friends at the prison. And just a bit too late to grab the pliers with her toes. Where the heck did the Governor go? I am sure his two traveling companions are sure he is insane. Will the Governor return with a new army? Will his army consist of walking corpses? Or, will he just be an ongoing thorn in Rick’s side? I liked the episode, however, I think the season could have ended nicely with Merle’s sacrifice. “Fear the Living.”

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