The Good Wife – Recap & Review – The Wheels of Justice

photo: cbs

photo: cbs

The Good Wife
The Wheels of Justice

Original Air Date: Mar 31, 2013

Patricia Morris Buckley — Sr. Staff Writer

Dylan Baker must love The Good Wife because they keep bringing back his psychotic wife-killer character Colin Sweeney — again and again and again… Still, Baker does do a premium quality snark, don’t you think?

THE CASE: This time, Sweeney is actually innocent of the crime he’s been accused of. But because people never believed he didn’t kill his spouse (he did), they’re not going to believe him this time, when he’s merely accused of firing a gun during a hotel party – a misdemeanor that the prosecution is trying to bump up to a felony.

And here’s where it gets sticky: Illinois has a sort of “three strikes and you’re out” law that judges rarely use. But when Alicia and the firm learn that there is a new ruling coming down with days from the state supreme court to back that law, they know they’re in big trouble. So they ask for a speedy trial, and suddenly both sides are arguing with little to no prep time. Am I a bad person for loving the sight of ASA Laura Hellinger so flustered?

With the help of Diane’s on-and-off-again beau, ballistics expert Kurt McVeigh, the trial comes to lightning fast end with Sweeney’s release — and his threat that he will marry again. (To the same woman who asks Alicia if she marries him, will she end up dead? But it turns out it was a joke, so it sounds like she deserves the twisted Sweeney after all.)

PARTNERSHIP: Alicia gets a new window-filled office and – get this — $10,000 to decorate it. Meanwhile, Diane asks Cary to replace an associate with the new investigator Robyn and their interaction is fun. Does Kalinda have anything to worry about? The two of them discover why the DA’s office had been dragging its feet over the Colin Sweeney case and a job candidate mentions the new supreme court ruling. Robyn and Cary work as a team to dig up more info.

Diane also hints to Cary that the firm might have a partnership open soon and he would be the lead candidate for the position. She won’t tell him who is leaving, but we know — it’s Diane, who was offered the state supreme judgeship by Peter during the last episode.

Diane asks Kalinda to vet her and our favorite booted investigator discovers a few skeletons. Her maid has been writing Vampire Diaries fan fic under her name, her father turned in his best friend to the House of Unamerican Activities (his friend then committed suicide) and her lover and staunch Republican Kurt has publicly been talking about succession in protest of proposed gun laws. But when they reconnect for this case, the fireworks went off and Diane even asks him to marry her (then takes it back a minute later). Kalinda recommends they cool it for six months — but in the last few minutes of the episode, Diane makes her proposal again.

ROMANCE UPDATE: Will has been seeing Laura for a week. She asks Alicia if they had ever been involved, and Alicia tells here it was a long, long time ago (if you think four episodes was a long time). But when Alicia calls during a date, Laura gets the lay of the land and breaks things off. Wise gal.

FAVORITE SWEENEY LINE: After Will admits he’s seeing Laura, and Sweeney figures out he had been sleeping with Alicia. “That’s why I love this place. Everybody sleeps with everybody else.”

Do you think Diane and Kurt will actually tie the knot? Will Cary and Robyn get involved? Will Alicia ever truly let Will go? Give us your TwoCents…

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