Revenge – Recap & Review – Masquerade

photo: abc

photo: abc


Original Air Date: Mar 31, 2013

Jules – News Editor

It might be Easter here, but in the Hamptons, it’s Halloween. And when it’s Halloween, it’s time for a party – a masquerade party!

It’s been six weeks since the last episode, meaning six weeks since Padma went missing, since Emily found out Victoria had another son and since Jack decided to help Conrad in his campaign. So let’s get to what happens six weeks later!

Nolan’s gone a bit crazy since Padma was taken and Emily’s worried. I am, too. He’s bugging an investigator and is writing all over his windows and basically losing his mind over everything. So much so he can’t even help his friend Jack. Luckily he has Emily to push him back to reality.

At the Grayson’s, Victoria’s deep into RSVPs for the masquerade party. She’s pretty excited (as excited as she can be) until Ashley hands her a RSVP postmarked 1973 with the words “Expect the Unexpected” on it. Inside the RSVP is marked “From your loving son.” We later find out it was a fake one from Emily. Of, course. Emily hasn’t been invited to the party and confronts Victoria about it, but she refuses to invite her. Emily later sends Victoria 11 black roses saying “her son” will be wearing the twelfth one.

Speaking of Emily, she’s still got Aiden on his plan to mess with the Initiative’s money at Grayson Global. Despite being risky, Aiden does it and it brings Trask in (all part of the plan) to confront Daniel, who is not too happy about it. Daniel takes it in stride when Trask says he plans on liquidating their funds and calls Emily after to invite her to the masquerade!

When Trask leaves, Aiden is there waiting in his car, gun pointing at his head. Aiden gets Trask to lead him to a secret location where Padma is lying on a slab, looking dead. Nooo! It’s then that Aiden finds out it was Trask who killed his sister. Trask attempts to scare Aiden about the police showing up to implicate him, but instead of shooting Trask, Aiden chooses to kill Trask with his bare hands!!

Elsewhere, Conrad is working on talking points for his town hall, with some help from Jack. To help with the questions and answers, Ashley plans on having an earbud in Conrad’s ear to help out. This all works in Jack’s favor. When he and Nolan meet up, Jack already has plans to on using the town hall to trip Conrad up. Plan is to use the recordings Nate gave him via the earbud Conrad will have.

At Conrad’s town hall, he gets blindsided by a question about jury tampering in the David Clarke case and before he can answer, Nolan taps his way in to play a snippet of Nate’s tapes in his ear. Trying to find any response, Conrad promises to get a posthumous presidential pardon for Clarke. Getting justice! Go Jack!

After Ashley mentions the suspicious RSVP to Conrad, he confronts Victoria while the two get ready for the party. Obviously, he’s not too happy to learn his wife has yet another secret up her sleeve. She tells Conrad that she indeed was pregnant once, but that she terminated it and someone must be playing a joke. Right!

Masquerade time. Victoria’s on edge looking out for that twelfth rose. Plus, Daniel inviting Emily to the party is not making it any better. The latter becomes more of a problem when Page Six publishes a picture of Daniel and Emily together. Daniel’s doing. Once you’re public, there’s no denying it!

Conrad spends a bunch of time at the party fielding calls from supporters and not happy about it. He’s also (again) not happy with Ashley and vows that once the campaign is over, she’s done.

Aiden shows up to tell Emily that Trask killed his sister and Padma. Emily barely has to say a word to Nolan and he knows. He’s not taking the news very well, but again, Emily’s there to comfort him. “I’m not leaving you alone, Nolan.” Emotional Nolan totally wrecked me. Poor Nolan!

Victoria soon spots a man that Emily clearly hired with a pinned black rose in a full mask. She follows him as he disappears into the crowd and when she thinks she’s got him, all she finds is Aiden. And then she collapses!

The following morning, Conrad again confronts Victoria about the pregnancy intel and wonders how she ended up passed out at the party. She blames it on being upset about Daniel and Emily and Charlotte punching someone (she did, for making fun of Amanda). Conrad says it’s because she lied to him about the pregnancy she supposedly terminated. He wants proof and Victoria promises to get it.

Jack approaches Ashley about taking Conrad down together and is a bit surprised to learn that he played the tape, but for now, she promises to be on his side.

Nolan, still visibly upset, returns to his office and proceeds to trash it until the detective comes to question Nolan again now that Padma’s been found. He says she died yesterday! Nolan refuses to answer any questions about an alibi (for now).

Victoria visits a nun, the same one she visited years ago to give up her baby boy. Of course she lied! Victoria made the sister promise never to tell the child who his mom was and to promise to never to tell her what became of her child. Nun has kept all those promises. Later we see Emily approach same nun with interesting news: “I’m pregnant. I have nowhere else to go.”

What an intense and action packed episode! So much info, the two biggest being two more people are dead! So sad about Padma, although for awhile, I wasn’t sure she was dead until the detective showed up at the end. But if she died just a day ago, does that mean Aiden might have killed her? Or was it Trask? Not sure how I feel about him dead, but alas, it was inevitable. And totally expected Victoria’s lying, but Emily saying she’s pregnant? She must be playing the nun to find Victoria’s son. Also, Daniel’s got his eyes on Aiden, so be on your toes everyone! And Jack and Ashley partnering up? Should be interesting. There’s my thoughts, share your TwoCents below!

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12 Responses to Revenge – Recap & Review – Masquerade

  1. karenb says:

    Anybody else wonder if Aiden might be the Fa1c0n? Just a random, spoiler-free theory…

  2. Julia says:

    My heart was bleeding in every scene Nolan was in. I still hope very much for him that Padma is actually alive. Some of the things Aiden and Emily said made it seem like they weren’t telling him the truth. And then the police suspect him of killing her, the poor guy! He really has no luck at all with his romantic partners.
    (I find the above theory interesting about Aiden actually being a double agent. It would make sense, wouldn’t it?)

    As for Victoria, I felt a little sorry for her, too, this episode. She’s had a bunch of awesome lines thrown into her face, starting from Emily’s comment at the masquerade ball to Daniel handing her back the two bullets for her two faces (colour me impressed, Danny-boy!) and Jack’s very true rebuttal of her comment about Amanda.

    Now we’re gonna have to wait quite a while for the next episode. Dang it! >.<

  3. Jillia says:

    I’m wondering if Padma is really dead too. Actually my Nemily shipper heart wishes that she will never appear again – I don’t like her and I don’t even think she is for Nolan – but to see Nolan suffering like this, it’s just so heart-breaking. 😦

    • jules says:

      The cop coming to investigate Nolan again for the death of Padma, kind of solidified the death, but who knows if he’s a good cop…and just thinking of Nolan suffering like that was just heart-breaking.

    • Julia says:

      I liked them together (I prefer Nolan and Emily as siblings), and the conversation Aiden and Emily had after that night makes me think that they’re lying to Nolan – which is extremely horrible of them to do.

      Just why again are they making us wait so long for the next episode? >.<

      • Jillia says:

        I would say…. Aiden was lying to Emily then. I think when it comes to things that mean something to Nolan, Emily wouldn’t lie to him. 🙂

        • Julia says:

          But Aiden said that he was disgusted (with Emily?), so I interpreted the scene like this:
          Padma was actually still alive. Aiden told Emily about this, but she told him not to tell Nolan. Aiden agreed to this, but feels bad after he sees Nolan suffer so much.

          • Jillia says:

            No I didn’t interpret it that way… at the ball Aiden told Emily that his sister and Padma were killed. They didn’t talk after that… then on the next morning Emily comes to Aiden telling that she spoke to Nolan and that he is dealing with the situation.

            Then Aiden is saying that disgusted with the situation between Emily and Daniel – Emily asked him before if he can deal with his jealousy. That’s what I got from this scene. Padma was never mentioned again or that she is still alive. That doesn’t mean she might be alive but if so and Aiden knows it then he lied to Emily.

            Though that they found her body and the coroner already saw her speaks another language.

  4. oirish44 says:

    When are they supposed to begin again, with the next episode? This wasn’t the season finale, was it?

    • jules says:

      The next new episode is next week, April 28. And there are three more new episodes after that. The finale is a two hour ep to air May 12. This wait has been tooo long! Can’t wait for next week though.

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