Dancing With The Stars – Recap & Review – Prom Week

photo: abc

photo: abc

Dancing With The Stars
Prom Week

Original Air Date: Apr 1, 2013

Colleen – TwoCents Reviewer

Tonight’s show is all about the prom. The costumes all look great, everyone looks as if they are all dressed to go to the prom…the guys in the tuxes (except for Andy Dick) and the ladies in their beautiful dresses. Even Tom Bergeron and Brooke Burke-Charvet got into it and dressed in their prom best for the occasion. Not only did they all dress the part, they also had a photographer there taking pictures (or maybe the light from the bulb was not a real picture), like you would at a real prom. What will tonight bring from the couples? Let’s get this party started…because we are about to find out!

I think that with it being April Fools Day, we are going to see some jokes from the judges. What do you think about that? Should judges pull any jokes tonight?

We start the night with a group dance with the professionals and the stars. They did a group dance to a lively tune from Fatboy Slim called “Right Here, Right Now.” The couples, even with their single dances, did a great job.

Alexandra & Mark – Viennese Waltz (7 8 8=23)
Len said that he was not so impressed with their dance tonight (APRIL FOOLS!)
Bruno said they moved well and Alexandra needs to work on her frame.
Carrie Ann said their movements are refined but Alexandra needs to work on staying in character.

Andy & Sharna – ChaCha (6 6 6=18)
Bruno said timing was off, placement off and entertainment value fully on
Carrie Ann said the only way to win is to try and they do. They have to work on timing.
Len said Andy is not a great dancer but what you do is make Len feel good.

Ingo & Kym – Paso Doble (7 7 7=21)
Carrie Ann said that they captured the power of the Paso Doble. Ingo has potential but he isn’t quite there yet.
Len said he liked the feel of the dance, liked the attitude but could have had stronger posture.
Bruno said they worked really very hard. He wants them to work on the refinement of their shapes.

Lisa & Gleb – Viennese Waltz (7 7 7=21)
Len said there was an air of lightness. They have to work on their posture and footwork.
Bruno said they were much more at ease but they missed a few passes. It was better.
Carrie Ann loves watching them. They need to remain in character.

Kellie & Derek – Jive (8 9 8=25)
Bruno said that Kellie was sharper. It was crisp and precise.
Carrie Ann said it ridiculously amazing.
Len said that Kellie is officially the Queen of the Prom.

Victor & Lindsay – Contemporary (8 7 8=23)
Bruno as well as the audience was on their feet
Carrie Ann said that Victor & Lindsay had incredible chemistry.
Len said he was pleasantly surprised. The lifts were good. Work on the dance a little more.
Bruno said unbelievable and that he is a dancer now. Victor makes his partner proud.

D.L. & Cheryl – Salsa (6 5 5=16)
Len said he admires D.L.s spirit. There was no rhythm. Not enough hip action. Untidy as a teenager’s room
Bruno said it looked like a case of hip replacement.
Carrie Ann said D.L. is making baby steps. Carrie Ann sees the improvement.

Jacoby & Karina – Rumba (8 8 8=24)
Bruno said they were smoldering. He had wonderful arm extensions. The dance was brilliant.
Carrie Ann said she is impressed. She got pulled into it.
Len said he is in shock. The dance has quality of movement and refinement.

Wynonna & Tony – Samba (5 5 5=15)
Carrie Ann said the dance was like a whisper.
Len said it has no rhythm or hip action.
Bruno said Wynonna has to hit it harder.

Sean & Peta – ChaCha (7 7 7=21)
Len said full of energy and full of attack. Best dance he has seen yet.
Bruno said clean up the foot work.
Carrie Ann said all their moves are clear and sharp.

Zendaya & Val – Viennese Waltz (8 8 8=24)
Bruno said that was enchanting and charming. A couple of stumbles but overall beautiful.
Carrie Ann said there is a lyrical quality. The best is yet to come. The emotional connection is beyond Zendaya’s years.
Len said their dancing flows. He is not criticizing Zendaya, but merely trying to help.

The leaderboard as it stands now: First – Kellie & Derek; Second – Jacoby & Karina, Zendaya & Val (tie); Fourth – Victor & Lindsay; Alexandra & Mark (tie); Sixth – Ingo & Kym, Lisa & Gleb; Sean & Peta(tie) Ninth – Andy & Sharna; Tenth – D.L. & Cheryl; Eleventh – Wynonna & Tony.

Remember to get those texts, phone calls, Facebook votes and tweets out to keep your favorites from going home! The scores from the show and the calls, tweets and Facebook votes and texts are all combined for a final score, so the leader board can change!

Tune in tomorrow night to see who goes home!

What did you think of this week’s theme? What did you think about the dances and the judges comments?

Time for your TwoCents!

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2 Responses to Dancing With The Stars – Recap & Review – Prom Week

  1. Annette says:

    Loved Len’s April Fools joke at the beginning! He really had everyone going! But Prom Week? I thought that was going to be a joke. The producers are really starting to stretch things to keep the audience interested. The only prom thing about the week were the costumes.

    This is the first chance I’ve had to watch this season so I don’t have previous weeks to compare to, but I thought Wynonna was terrible. I think she needs to go home. She has no rhythm, no musicality (surprisingly) and she looks so unhappy dancing. At least Andy and D.L. look like they’re having fun.

  2. Colleen says:

    Well, I wasn’t sure about Prom Week myself. I, too, believe that they are reaching with that in order to get viewers to watch. I don’t remember seeing stuff like this in years past. Maybe it is just an experiment to see if it will get them more viewers.

    I agree with you that Andy and D.L. are having fun and that Wynonna is terrible. I don’t think that any of them belong on the show, but whatever will get the viewers to watch, right? I feel that they will all be voted off here eventually. The first one will be Wynonna.

    Who do you think, of the three, will be the first to go home? Andy definitely has that staying power due to the comedy aspect of it. How far do you think he can take it? Can he take it to the end?

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