Dallas – Recap & Review – Let Me In

photo: tnt

photo: tnt

Let Me In

Original Air Date: Apr 1, 2013

Karen Belgrad – Senior Editor

With only four episodes (airing over the next two weeks) left of the second season of Dallas, it seems as though things are gearing up towards a climactic season finale. But the only downside is that everything gears up, but little is resolved. It’s like a game of chess when you’ve just moved your rook… The game is in play, but we’re not quite near checkmate just yet.

Right now all of the Ewings are on the same page after last week’s tragedy. They want to defend the Ewing name, Christopher’s technology, and execute J.R.’s master plan. So what went down this hour in their quest?

Pamela: Pamela and Christopher are both despondent over the loss of their twins. But while Christopher takes out his grief on nursery furniture, bouncers, and Elena, Pamela is self-medicating and becoming a zombie (if only Dallas had as many viewers as The Walking Dead). John Ross visits Pamela to offer support, but also to swipe some records from her computer. He also tells her that there was a second explosion on the rig, suggesting sabotage. By the time Christopher visits Pamela, she makes him promise to get revenge on those responsible.

Emma: Despite her daddy’s direct orders, Emma makes a date with Drew. But Harris is one twisted man, as he intervenes on date night by kidnapping Drew. Feeling dejected and blown-off, Emma gets drunk with a stranger. She’s about to take leave with him, when Harris shows up and demands she come with him. He lectures her about knowing what’s best for her, revealing a battered and bloody Drew. Drew later tells Elena that Ryland attacked him, but we don’t see any additional Emma to see how she handled it. However, Sue Ellen saw her acting trampy at the bar and makes a point to tell Ann that there’s twenty years of history she doesn’t know about her daughter.

Ewing Energies: Despite Ken Richards telling Sue Ellen that there was a second explosion, the TESHA board announces that their findings place sole blame on Christopher’s sensors and levy a one BILLION dollar fine against Ewing Energies. Christopher is defensive and accuses the board of being in someone’s pocket. He tries to get Ken to pony up answers, but ends up going on a rampage, punching out a bouncer in the process. He then rips into Elena about never wanting the twins, but later apologizes knowing he’s just trying to deflect his own grief. Sue Ellen also pays Ken a visit, but gets no further than Christopher did, but warns him that the Ewings united is a force to be reckoned with . We see that Ken is being blackmailed by the Governor (played by Wings’ Steven Weber) to keep the explosion under wraps.

Bobby continues digging into J.R.’s master plan, meeting up with the woman J.R. was with the night he died. Rhonda gives him insight that Ryland was intertwined with a Mexican drug cartel, and he has Carlos continue to dig for more intel. The files on Pamela’s computer reveal Rebecca Wentworth’s (Cliff’s mother) will, which is a living trust, with one third of Barnes Global going to each of her children. They realize that is why J.R. was trying to find Pam… if she can’t be found or is dead, her shares go to Christopher.

At the same time, Sue Ellen uncovers (courtesy of Ken) that Ryland was one of the Governor’s largest campaign contributors. This lets everyone know that Ryland is involved, but not to what extent. Unbeknownst to them, Ryland is sitting in the Governor’s office likening his plan to a Komodo dragon attacking and waiting for its prey to die. Right then, the Ewings learns that the government has seized their rig on the Henderson ranch, cutting off their oil income. And if they can’t drill, they can’t pay the fine or the bank, and Ewing Energies will go under.

Dallas, original flavor, was always a mix of business and soapy goodness, but it usually had something non-boardroom related to throw in for good measure. And while Emma has nothing to do with Ewing Energies, everything else is so tied to business. My only request is that somewhere, in the final four episodes of season two, we find a way to bring in a little sexy spice!

And there you have my TwoCents! Share your TwoCents, comments, and feedback below!


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Number cruncher by day, Karen spends way too many hours watching television and reading/writing about what she just watched. When not glued to the television, Karen sings karaoke, checks out live music, and roots for the Chicago Blackhawks and Cubs. Pop culture trivia and the Kevin Bacon game are her useless special talents. Managing Editor for TwoCentsTV.com [twitter:karenb0716]
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One Response to Dallas – Recap & Review – Let Me In

  1. Sefija says:

    Emma is still a mystery to me – she has bedded John Ross and Drew with no remorse or hard feelings which just goes to reinforce what Sue Ellen was saying about 20 years of unknown history. I’m not sure what Harris is trying to prove by having Drew beaten other than he’s trying to protect Emma from what he’s done. I was telling my co-worker that I’m dying to find out what the story really is with her. I mean it’s pretty obvious that Harris learned all of his controlling ways from mommy dearest and he doesn’t see it. The next four episodes are going to be epic and I can’t wait!

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