Bones – Recap & Review – The Maiden In The Mushrooms



The Maiden in the Mushrooms

Original Air Date: Apr 1, 20013

Karen – Sr Staff Writer

Bones is having trouble listening to people say her daughter is average…especially when it comes to biting! Yep, Christine is said to have bitten another child while in child care and Bones refuses to believe it. I have an inclination that she is going to use Jeffersonian know-how to prove it!

Hodgins makes a big mistake with Finn and works on making it up to him; and Booth is trying to find the killer of Rebecca, a producer for Judge Trudy show.

Rebecca’s remains are found and we soon learn that she produced a show a lot like our Judge Judy, but this is Judge Trudy. A couple of the contestants, the producer that took her spot, the ex boyfriend and even Trudy herself were questioned as suspects.

In the end we find out it was the ex-boyfriend that did it. He hung her by a dog collar to get her back for the death of their dog. Seems they shared custody of the dog and she left it tied to her porch while at work. The dog somehow hung itself, maybe while trying to chase something. He was angry and so felt the need to do the same to her.

Booth comes home from picking up Christine at day care and he tells her that he was informed that Christine bit another child. Now I did have to chuckle as Bones guessed who the child was, but even more so at her reaction of such child.

Bound and determined to prove her baby didn’t bite, Bones goes to the lab and uses Angela to show a diagram against the mold of teeth she made of Christine’s. This is too funny if you ask me. As a parent I wish I could go back and pull off something like this. Unfortunately the odds are not in strong favor of Temp but it’s good enough for her. By the end of the show Temp has a bite-mark on her neck from Christine.

Hodgins & Finn
Ok, so I have to admit that I was a bit peeved at Jack for taking Finn’s hot sauce and not caring that there was a note on it. I work at an office and this is a major no no!! Finn tells him it was granny’s recipe and she is now dead. Finally, Jack feels bad and is determined to use his Squint-powers to determine all the ingredients in it and put it all together like grandma did.

He does it and it is perfect to Finn’s liking. I like how they kid around using Opie and Thurston from Finn’s first days at the lab. They decide to market the sauce with a cook they know.They name it Opie and Thurston’s Hot Sauce. I have a feeling Hodgins is going to be rich again…real soon, along with Finn!

How did you like the episode? Will the sauce make them rich? Will Temp ever be happy if Christine is average? Leave me your twocents…

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