Grimm – Recap & Review – Nameless

photo: nbc

photo: nbc


Original Air Date: Mar 29, 2013

Wyner C – Senior Reviewer

“Then he seized his left foot with both hands in such a fury that he split in two.”

What’s in a name? The difference between an intact body and being split in half with acid fingers, that’s what’s in a name. Only in Portland, Grimm does this feel normal. That’s right, getting cut in half for forgetting someone’s name is normal – which means my body would be mincemeat if I lived in Nickville. Glad my only daily fear is being pushed onto train tracks – the peace of mind living in NYC.

Case of the week involves video game coders (ie Geek Gods) dying off one by one. Their deaths are via acid fingers slicing their torso in half. Good stuff. In exchange for providing job security to the police, the Unsub begs the cops to find his name – I guess he has amnesia like Juliette.

The odd thing: characters (avatars?) start dying in the game before they’re divvied up in real life. The killer is using the name “Nameless” (original, he is not) in the game and is seeking his name in real life. It comes to light that Nameless is a psycho IT dude that asked Jenna, the game coders’ project leader, on a date but was stood up. That’s not all: IT dude, to impress Jenna, finished the script to the profitable gaming platform that will change the face of gaming forever. Jenna’s team was on a deadline so Nameless saved them from unemployment.

As a thank you, Jenna decided to forget her savior – face and name. She saw dollar signs and the ultimate Geek God was forgotten. Now she’s paying the price by seeing her fellow colleagues being split in half (actually her colleagues paid the highest Geek God tax). Karma’s a nice bitch.

Nick and Hank, utilizing old fashion Grimm books and modern technology, figure out the name Nameless is using: Trinket Lipslums (and I thought I had a weird name!). They also realize it’s a Wesen that’s killing. The creature is a Fuchsteufelwild, small goblin-like creatures whose fingers extend and secretion of acid can slice bodies like butter.

In the game, Jenna speaks Trinket’s name and kills his avatar. To avenge his Gollum-like avatar, he seeks Jenna out but finds a trap set by the police. Since Trinket never loses, he decides that by throwing himself off the roof somehow equals victory. The logic escapes me but I don’t chop people in half using my acid fingers…so….Case solved!

In other Portland, Grimm news, Juliette is seeing Apparition-Nick again. She invites Monroe and Rosalee for a sleepover so she can describe her visions while they stare into nothingness and give each other “she’s cray-cray” looks. When she sees a vision of Nick looking at a book, Monroe deduces it’s the trailer. Juliette wants to visit the trailer to jolt her memory but it’s not Monroe’s to share – he can’t give her a tour without Nick’s permission but Juliette doesn’t want to tell Nick since he’s hiding information from her. This is SO high school.

Monroe is put in a tough spot – his loyalty is to Nick but Rosalee is pushing him to help Juliette. To make matters worse, Juliette declares if she cannot remember Nick, she would rather forget him altogether – she’s willing to leave Portland. Monroe tells Nick who gives his wide-eyed OMG face. Sweetheart, let her go – it’s better for you and me (mostly for me and that’s the only person that counts).

Favorite moments/Things to ponder:

1. The quote is from Rumpelstiltskin. We know the story and if you don’t, just crawl back into the rock you exited from – there’s nothing for you here. Nameless was a nice modern twist to Rumpelstiltskin. I was half expecting Trinket to start jumping up and down screaming “The devil told you that! The devil told you that!” after Jenna spoke his name. At least no firstborns were auctioned off in this version.

2. I know it’s mean but when Jenna ran onto the bridge at her firm’s party, stopped and screamed after seeing her boyfriend/colleague’s dead body, I laughed. That reaction was so ludicrous I found it comical. Why did she stop? Why not running and screaming at the same time? (Too hard to do two things at once?)

3. Nice to see Sgt Wu having a hand in solving the case. I was baffled at how he was solving the Soduku puzzle. Dude, it’s not rocket science – why did he need a number board? It’s called a pencil (or a pen if you’re feeling adventurous).

4. It was nice to see Hank, Nick, and the Captain openly wonder if the Unsub is a Wesen or not. The openness was refreshing to see. I want to see more of it.

5. Renard’s revolution is starting to reveal itself. I’m not going to lie; I didn’t follow the conversation at all. From what I gathered, the seven royal families which include Renard’s brother want to go back to the old way where the families rule. There’s a movement to stop it and Renard is part of it (I think).

A dude has names of people supportive to the cause on an USB flash drive. He meets with Renard to give him this information but is followed. The stalker tries to bomb them with gunning them down as Plan B. Both plan fails because of Renard’s sharp eye, fast action, and precision shooting. Stalker dies and we find out he’s from France. I don’t get this revolution and I want it to stop.

6. Juliette is getting on my nerves. How can she ask Monroe to basically choose between her and Nick? I would choose Nick all day long! A few episodes ago, she stared at a hole for the entire time – that was her storyline. She stared at a hole – that’s how I feel when I watch her. It’s like the show is secretly telling us they understand she’s a hole that leads to nowhere so if we have to suffer, she’ll have to suffer the same fate. It’s very Meta…

7. How adorbs is the living arrangement – Nick and Monroe? I can see Monroe doing the chores. Odd couple much?

8. Monroe is so sweet to Rosalee – giving her his grandfather’s much cherished clock. I have a feeling it’s going to be destroyed – the spice shop isn’t the safest place to put valuables. Many fights (plus murders) have happened in the shop, not to mention devil cats.

9. When Nick started writing (underlining) letters in his aunt’s Grimm book, I was horrified. I mean, I started yelling at him to stop! Those books are a part of history, they’re knowledge – you don’t deface ancient artifacts (I may be overstating the age of the book but you get my drift). I felt like an insulted librarian. Have some respect!

10. How funny was Nick/Hank’s interaction with Ridley Cooper (Jenna’s ex) and his sister? I mean, the whole “he’s dead for real” vs “dead in a game” was funny. Also funny? Cooper’s sister’s priorities – she just wants to continue the game and the police are just a minor real life inconvenience, like peeing/pooping/eating/sleeping. I want to see a TV show with those two trying to maneuver life in the real world.

11. Favorite quote of the episode:
“You can’t beat the heart on the head”
~ Monroe, I love my Monroe-isms. This one is a classic.

“This calls for an awesome toast. To Jenna….this is an awesome toast!”
~ First dead body before he was a corpse. I mean, worse toast evah!!

This was a good episode. I know I rag on Nick a lot but I found him to be very detective-like in this one. Can someone enlighten me on Renard’s involvement in the revolution? What the heck is going on and who is involved? I’m lost, sorry. Does Juliette need to go? Should her character just die a meaningful death so Nick can move on and more interesting characters can appear? Does her insistence on becoming relevant annoy you? Isn’t watching her just like watching a hole – she sucks the life out of the storytelling, no? Also, more Monroe/Nick domestic scenes, no?!! Discuss away!!!

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One Response to Grimm – Recap & Review – Nameless

  1. Maggie C. says:

    Juliette showed promise way back when the troll, or was it an ogre, broke into the house and she splashed it with hot stuff that was on the stove. Had Nick opened up then, well, the story might be different now. Oh well, shoulda woulda coulda.
    I agree it is nice that Nick, Hank and Renard are being open about what is happening. The royals storyline is confusing, but being a lontime soap watcher I know all will be explained eventually. Mom used to say “keep your eyes open and your mouth shut” Thanks Ma…
    Oh I hope Monroe and Rosalie get married and have many beautiful fuzzy babies.

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