Comic Book Men – Recap & Review – Comic Charades

photo: amc

photo: amc

Comic Book Men
Comic Charades

Original Air Date: Mar 28, 2013

Jeff L – Señor Staff Writer

The first item through the door of the Stash tonight seemed pretty cool. It was a Transformers Megatron figure that I remember my brother having at one point when we were kids. There’s a lot of discussion about the item, however, because it’s against the law to sell toy guns now that don’t have a bright orange cap (indicating to police and others that your “gun” is just a toy). I had a ton of really realistic looking toy guns when I was a kid. I guess I’m lucky I never got shot. Walt decided it would be cool if the shop got a reputation for selling black market toys, but he couldn’t make a deal.

Next up is a piece of George Pérez artwork. The Comic Book Men have their artwork expert Anthony Snyder appraise the piece and Walt is able to buy the Namor drawing for the store where I imagine it is being displayed behind the counter.

Next into the store is a girl (yes, sometimes girls do go into comic book stores!) who’s looking for a Detective Comics #359 which features the first appearance of Batgirl. The store has a copy priced at $375 but Walt ends up letting it go for $340 and Bryan gives him a hard time for listening to the customer’s sad story about having survived cancer and then
giving her less than 10% off on the comic book.

The guys play comic book charades and it’s the titular action of tonight’s episode, but it really wasn’t that great. Seemed like filler to me. What did you guys think?

Finally, a guy named “Monster Bill” shows up and offers the guys a Bride of Frankenstein Aurora model kit for $1,500. Walt isn’t interested but “Monster Bill” has a vanload of other items the guys might be interested in so they all pile out into the street like this “Monster Bill” guy just offered them all candy from his windowless panel van. Walt finds a Monsters Frightening 4-Pack that he purchases.

I think the comedic highlight of tonight’s episode was when Walt was trying to get one of his pop culture/comic book discussions going. He asks the guys which was their favorite base or lair in the comic universe. The guys get into a discussion about how Marvel’s bases and lairs were more homey than those featured in the DC universe. After all the talk, Bryan shuts everyone up by saying his favorite was the Honeycomb Hideout.

I’m giving this issue of Comic Book Men a “good” rating. Next week is the season 2 finale. Do you think AMC will continue with the show? What about with their new block of Thursday night reality shows? Can Comic Book Men survive even if Freakshow and Immortalized get the ax?

Items sold at the Stash

Megatron figure. Customer wants $250. Walt offers $120. No sale.

Namor (the Sub-Mariner) drawing by George Pérez. Appraised for $250. Walt pays $175. Sold.

Monsters Frightening 4-Pack of models. Customer wants $250 but settles for $175.

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