American Idol – Recap & Review – Motown Night Results

photo: fox

photo: fox

American Idol
Motown Night Results

Original Air Date: Mar 28, 2013

Patricia Morris Buckley — Sr. Staff Writer

Welcome to the 450th episode of Idol. It felt more like a concert show with performers: One Republic with Katherine McPhee, Season 12 finalist Colton Dixon and Idol judge Keith Urban. But that left 13 minutes (minus a commercial or six) to announce the person who would be voted off.

Did we even need that much time? After not learning the words to a group performance, it was obvious that Lazaro would be packing his bags.

Ford isn’t doing commercials this year. Instead, the Top 8 mentored eight kids to sing “Home.” A few tears were shed. It still felt manipulative, but not as packaged.

Then it was time for Jimmy to unload his truth boat about the performances. Here’s what he said:

  • Candice not going anywhere but the finals.
  • Janelle and Kree’s duet — Nicki was right that Kree did the best, and Janelle came down in his eyes. But, he added, Janelle murdered it in solo round.
  • Devin did well, but came up short with competition.
  • The women’s trio went really, really, really well.
  • Burnell impressed him.
  • Angie got her song, presentation and package wrong.
  • Amber was great.
  • The men’s trio was not One Direction but Wrong Direction. “It was terrible,” he said.
  • Kree was wonderful.
  • He predicted that Lazaro is going home

Idol has figured out how to make Kree cry. Aretha Franklin left her a phone message praising her performance of Aretha’s song.

It was great to see Colton again. His new album, The Messenger, entered the Christian and Gospel charts at No. 1. He sang his new single “Love Has Come for Me” – very catchy and emotional. He also praised Angie’s cover of one of his songs a few weeks ago.

One Republic sang “Lose Myself Tonight” with a little help from Kat McPhee. It’s a good way for her to remind people that she’s a pop star right now, with rumors of Smash’s eminent demise. She also debuts her shorter hair do.

Keith Urban let loose with “Long Hot Summer” as a long commercial for his upcoming tour. Finally, 47 minutes into the episode, we get to forgone results.

Bottom 3: Lazaro, Devin and Burnell. But here’s the shock — Devin, the best of the guys, is the one to be eliminated. He sings hoping for the judges’ save but we know that they won’t save a guy this season. It’s really sad.

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