1600 Penn – Recap & Review – Marry Me, Baby

photo: nbc

photo: nbc

1600 Penn
Marry Me, Baby

Original Air Date: Mar 28, 2013

Colleen – TwoCents Reviewer

We begin tonight with Dale and Emily talking to Larry King about how they met and about their shotgun wedding. I say shotgun because they got married an hour after they decided that is what they wanted to do. Then they went to Waffle Circle. Dale then makes the mistake of calling weddings stupid and asking what the point is in having them. Larry King and Marshall both call it a “gaffe.” Dale says it is going to blow over. A month later it still does not blow over. What happens tonight? We are about to find out….

It is called into question by a member of the Congress. He takes a jab at Dale’s daughter Becca, unwed and pregnant, and then mentions that there is no record of the wedding ever happening. Marshall asks for a copy of the certificate and they both think of Skip. Both Dale and Emily ask Xander, Marigold and Skip about the marriage certificate. Skip remembers everything from that day, down to the littlest detail. Since he was the last one to have the marriage license, why can’t he remember mailing it? Skip runs off.

Becca is trying to relax by listening to a CD. She is trying to ready herself for the arrival of the baby. All DB can think about is getting married now ever since the Congressman mentioned it on television earlier. Dale does not want to get married again at first and Emily does. He finally caves in when he hears that same member of Congress talking on television about the marriage license not being found.

Plans for the wedding are in full swing. They have a wedding planner who is asking how Emily would like the wedding to be. They address the subject of food and who would be upset by the selection of what. The wedding planner has a gluten-free cake in mind, but Skip doesn’t like that. Music is another subject that nobody can agree on, so they skip it. Skip questions why the wedding planner is even there. Then Skip goes on some Goonies tirade and storms off.

Skip is so upset that he goes to talk to Stacy, who is working. He keeps talking and talking. Stacy finally gets a word in and tells him to not go too far, just go far enough. I am not sure what he means by this, but I am sure Skip is up to something. We will see.

DB brings up the subject of a wedding – again. Now he wants a double wedding. Becca says no. She just wants to concentrate on the baby that is coming. DB asks Marshall why Becca will not marry him. Marshall said that maybe he just is not her type of man that she sees in marrying.

Emily is trying on a dress that she absolutely loves. The wedding planner says it is nice, but she won’t be wearing it to the wedding. He mentions something about focus groups saying they do not like that type of dress for her. Emily says the heck with the focus group. She wants to wear her grandmother’s diamond earrings to which the wedding planner says to her “as long as they’re not conflict diamonds!” Emily goes to find the earrings – and she finds not only the earrings, but she finds the original marriage certificate! Emily has it the entire time and didn’t know it! Skip had it taken away from him by Emily at Waffle Circus after he was found drawing on the back of it!

Dale finds Emily looks amazing in her wedding dress. He asks her to marry him again. I think he is finally on board to do this again.

Skip interrupts the wedding to sing a song to Dale and Emily – Cyndi Lauper’s “Time After Time”. He is joined by Stacy on the harp. Unfortunately it is also Becca’s birthing song and Becca’s water breaks! The wedding is quickly concluded so they can get to the hospital. Of course, Becca has Dale, Skip and Marshall looking for DB who is not answering Becca’s texts.

Marshall confesses that he had a relationship with Becca and that may be why DB ran off. When they reach where DB works, we find out that he quit a few minutes ago and is gone. Skip tries to see if he knows where DB when he spots him in the Navy Recruitment Center. Marshall’s talk to him had some impact on him. He wants to do something to make her proud that he is doing something to make something of himself.

Becca, who is in labor at the hospital, finally apologizes to Emily for ruining the wedding and the way she has treated her since Emily came into their lives. Becca just felt that she couldn’t do that to her mother and that is why she acted the way she did.
Dale, Marshall, DB and Skip are stuck in traffic – 10 blocks from the hospital! They get out of the car and make a run for it, knowing that they will never make it to the hospital in time at the rate they are going.

They make it to the hospital in time. DB doesn’t have the birthing CD but he remembers every word. Even Skip starts humming “Time After Time.” Maybe he was paying attention after all?

As we end tonight’s season finale, we hear Emily in a voiceover talking to Larry King about family.

But they are in for a real surprise when the baby is born – as are all of us. Becca gives birth to a boy, which I believe they thought was a girl all season. Not only that, but DB is found to not be the father! It is pretty evident since the baby is biracial. Who is the father? Marshall!

Tune in next season to see how things unfold from here….

What did you think of tonight’s episode? Was there any clues that you saw throughout the season that DB wasn’t the father? Time for your TwoCents!

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