1600 Penn – Recap & Review – Bursting The Bubble

photo: nbc

photo: nbc

1600 Penn
Bursting The Bubble

Original Air Date: Mar 28, 2013

Colleen – TwoCents Reviewer

Tonight’s episode starts the way it almost always does. Marshall is giving a briefing on the President and the goings on at the White House. This week, the White House is getting a visit from Princess Abigail from Andorra, a little country between France and Spain. Marshall approaches Skip, who is swaddling himself in a blanket over his failed attempts to be with Stacy, and tells him that there is a gala that night and that the Princess has requested that he escort her! Apparently he is seen as a bad boy celebrity in her country. Skip is thrilled at the prospects of going with a real princess. But does this mean trouble? Let us see….

Princess Abigail is giving her own press conference when Skip comes into the room. He has a scroll with a proclamation in his hand that he wants to read to her. Marshall is not happy one bit and tries to apologize but the Princess finds it quite charming.

Becca decides that it is time to see what kind of parenting skills DB has. She wants him to try his skills on Marigold and Xander. As soon as it comes out of her mouth, she takes over. She doesn’t even give DB a second to try and see if they can go from play time to homework time. Marigold and Xander are watching a video of people playing a video game. Becca decides that she wants to try the game for herself because she sees it as a teachable moment. When Becca tries the game, she dies several times fairly quickly. She was called “unpro” by the game and cannot accept that.

As Skip is giving Princess Abigail a tour of the White House, they run into Stacy. Skip is so horrible to Stacy. He strongly suggests she curtsy and calls her a lowly commoner. Why is he being so mean to her? It really is unfair if you ask me.

Dale decides that he needs a break from what he is reading and decides to take a walk. He decides that he wants to go see Emily, who is in a GameChangers meeting. However, when he gets there, he sees that they are not in a meeting. The meeting seems to be a cover for a poker game! When they finally get a moment alone, Emily explains that they did meet for a while, but then ran out of things to talk about. Now they play poker instead. The others in the room ask if Dale wants to be dealt in and he says he loves poker, so I am guessing that it means yes.

We check on what is going on with Princess Abigail and Skip. They are all dressed up and on their way to the gala. However, Princess Abigail has other plans. She tells the driver to lose their security detail. She then takes another, un-princess-like, outfit out of her bag and proceeds to change into it. See, I knew she was a bad girl! That is why she wanted Skip to escort her to the ball. Any other person and this would not be happening.

When we revisit Becca and DB, Becca is still playing the video game. She is hooked! Xander says that it is getting late and they have yet to do their homework. DB steps in and says he used to be how Becca is now. He tells Xander and Marigold how he was like this until he missed his uncle’s parole hearing and that is when he stopped. He sends them off to do their homework and he stays with Becca. Is he becoming more mature all the sudden?

Dale’s favorites phrase all the sudden is “muy calente”. He says it just about every sentence. It makes the others that are there, except for Emily, laugh. A little while later, Emily is quick to point out that they only do that because he is the President and they do not want to offend him by not finding his jokes funny. He tries it and the only time they laugh is indeed when he makes a joke, which not even he himself finds funny.

Marshall comes to Skip’s rescue and tries to find him at the party that Princess Abigail wanted to go to, and the reason that they shook the security detail. Apparently the duties are a little much for Abigail and that is why she wanted to come here instead. She wanted to have fun and be free. However, Skip is definitely uncomfortable with these people that he finds weird. When Marshall does find him, Skip is drunk and does not want to leave. He tells Marshall about all the naughty things that are going on upstairs. I am sure if he was not drunk, he would have still wanted to leave and possibly would have left Princess Abigail there to get back to the White House on her own. What do you think?

The next morning, Becca is still playing the video game. DB is still there with her. It seems that Becca is definitely addicted to that game, don’t you agree?

Skip’s picture is all over the place after last night’s party. He has put himself into seclusion. Dale blames himself for what happened. He realizes that they live in a bubble and people might give them attention or seek them out for no reason. After his realization from the talk with Dale, Skip seeks out Princess Abigail. He says they are breaking up, even though they have never been together. She then tries to pick up Marshall!

Skip owes Stacy an apology for the way he treated her earlier. He said to her that he cheated on her even though they have never been together. He says that cheating on the idea of being with her is way worse. What do you think about that?

DB comes into the kitchen carrying Becca. She is dead tired, but has won the game. When Xander and Marigold come in, they tell Dale and Emily how well DB treated and what he did for them. Maybe they will not play video games as much, if at all, anymore? What do you think? Did they really learn their lesson?

Next thing we see is Dale and Emily playing the same video game. They love being talked back by the video game. Do you think they will get hooked on the game too?

What did you think of tonight’s episode? Time for your TwoCents!

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