SouthLAnd – Recap & Review – Heroes

photo: tnt

photo: tnt


Original air date: Mar 27, 2013

FK – Sr. Editor

It’s hard to believe SouthLAnd is almost done and we still don’t have word on what’s coming. Three stars are out and the storylines aren’t winding down. In fact, some of them are just heating up. Lydia is spending time with Ty, Sherman is spending time with a new girl, Sammy admits to a lie and Cooper has to make tough decisions as the men who influenced his life (his father and his FTO) both are falling on hard times. How will that impact him?

“Cops are trained to stay in control but sometimes even heroes feel helpless.”

Opening scene: Cooper is looking around at a hectic accident scene when he sees a woman running towards it. He runs towards her, screaming at her to stop. He grabs her before she can go any further.

Cooper brings Mr. Retirement to his house to sober him up. He goes on a rant about how messed up Cooper was and punches Cooper in the face. He handcuffs him to the kitchen sink, leaves him bottle to pee in and goes to work. Lydia has decided to let Ty spend time with Christopher and he asks for even more time than just “experimenting” with visits. During roll call, Dewey gets defensive when the guys hit on the newest rookie – it’s his daughter! A priest comes to see Cooper to tell him his father is dying and wants to see him. Cooper says he can’t forgive his father and won’t – and he won’t see him either. Sherman and Sammy have a nice partner moment when they quote Chuck Norris movies when Sammy finds out the charges against him look to be going away. Ruben asks Lydia to answer some questions for his daughter who is doing a report on empowering women. S-squared (Sammy and Sherman) find a man trying to jump off a bridge and Sherman talks him down.

Ruben and Lydia are called to a dead body found in the park. He was strangled and has no shoes but has a business card in his hand. Cooper and Lucero are called to a daycare where there is an argument over dressing a child in pro-homosexual clothing. It’s getting heated and Cooper tells them they can feel however they want but they shouldn’t bring it into the play center. One of the women says she is going to file a complaint. S-squared find one of their regular hookers on the street who invites them to her retirement party. After the daycare incident, Lucero and Cooper discuss their points of view on being gay and pushing your lifestyle down someone else’s throat. Lucero isn’t exactly politically correct and is obviously getting on Cooper’s nerves. Cooper has a nice moment with Dewey’s daughter.

S-squared are at a restaurant getting lunch when the guy at the register says “enjoy your sauce.” He says it in a way that rubs Sammy the wrong way, thinking he messed with it. Sherman tries to calm him down but it doesn’t work. He eventually gets the kid to apologize by saying he was sorry to the store’s mascot on the window front, in the sight of customers and employees. Sherman doesn’t know to do. The person whose name was on the business card identifies the body from the park but doesn’t remember his name 100% but says he bought him boots. Cooper makes the two of them stop at his house to check on Mr. Retirement, who has gotten out of the bathroom and attacks him and throws a chair out of the window. Lucero gets involved and wants to report it but Cooper tells him to leave it alone. Sherman tells Sammy he was out of line and his response is that Nate has been biting kids at daycare. They get a call to go to the jumper’s house because no one is answering the phone (do you see it coming? I do…). Lydia decides it would be a good idea to go back to the area of the crime and look for the boots. S-squared go to the house and find everyone dead, including the dog (the jumper said the dog didn’t like him).

Lydia and Ruben keep searching for the identity of their John Doe. People recognize his face but don’t know his name – it’s Ron or Tom or something that sounds like it. S-squared go to hear the soon-to-be-former hooker explain why she did what she did … to support her children. Sammy reflects as she talks. Deweyx2, Cooper and Lucero are on the scene of the accident from the opening scene. What Cooper was staring at was a little boy in what appears to be a boat in the middle of a street after a fire hydrant spewed water into the street and powerline made the water electric. Cooper gets in his squad car, goes in the water and pulls the boy in the car by lifting him in the open window.

Sammy tells Sherman he didn’t ruin the tape and he feels guilty now. Everyone wants to celebrate Cooper’s heroics at the end of the night and Cooper says no. When he’s checking out, the priest is there again, saying his father won’t sign over money he promised to the church unless he comes. The priest tries to convince Cooper his father has changed and he truly is a different purpose. Lydia does her interview with Ruben’s daughter as Sammy reads a book to Nate, with cute voices and all. And talks to him about not biting kids at school and not lying. Cooper goes to see his father, who is in a cell and attached to all kinds of machines. At first, it appears he is apologizing. But then it quickly turned when his father said he had to give Monica (Cooper’s girlfriend who he raped and killed) what Cooper couldn’t. Adding to that, he said he prayed Cooper would kill himself so he didn’t have to have a gay son (it was a much worse word, one I will not use). Cooper whispers something into his ear, which we don’t hear, the leaves. Sherman is on a date with Elena (the witness he was with last week). Her family (the men of the family, at least) confront Sherman because he’s a cop. He says he has a thing with Elena and they all need to be cool. Ty and Lydia are getting dinner when two cabs run onto the sidewalk and star arguing. Lydia wants to get involved and Ty doesn’t want her to. However, one of the cabbies shoves one of the passengers and Lydia gets in the mix. She looks at Ty and he understands more that her job never stops. Cooper goes home to find Mr. Retirement sitting in his own urine and he uncuffs him, saying they can talk finally. He goes to leave and Cooper asks him if he’s going to the bar. He turns around and just goes on about what his life has become. When he says he had no impact on anyway, Cooper says he’s wrong – he impacted him. Cooper shares a story with him and Mr. Retirement breaks down in Cooper’s arms.

Quote of the night: “Good boys don’t lie.” (Sammy to baby Nate.)

My two cents:
– Sammy is going to do something drastic to keep baby Nate.
– I would love to see Lydia and Ty work out, but there’s a reason they never got together to begin with! Once a cheater, always a cheater.
– No date with Teach this week but another does of Elena. Are we supposed to not figure this out?
– Dewey’s daughter is a great addition to the team. I enjoyed watching Cooper’s interaction with her. You can tell Dewey and Cooper have been through a lot together.
– Michael Cudlitz (Cooper) may be one of the best actors on television right now. WOW.

Those are my two cents. What are yours? Leave your two cents below and feel free to chat with me at Twitter at @FarrahWritesTV.

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