Modern Family – Recap & Review – The Wow Factor

photo: abc

photo: abc

Modern Family
The Wow Factor

Original Air Date: Mar 27, 2013

Wyner C – Senior Reviewer

Just another day following the crazy extended family. It’s all laughs, giggles, and competition. That’s right: competition. It’s On like Donkey Kong!

Mitchell meets a handball bully at Lily’s school. He plays the game after being taunted by Milo the Menace and promptly loses. Burn! To impress Lily and compensate for past bully experiences, Mitchell enlists Luke to become his coach…at child handball. People, they were playing with a basketball!

Mitchell takes the bully on again with a side bet – if Milo wins, the kid gets $20k and if Mitchell wins, a three turn rule will be implemented. I guess Luke is a great coach because Mitch kicks the brat’s butt – no one was impressed. People were less impressed as Ginger starts celebrating like he won the Superbowl. Needless to say, he’s not welcome at drop-offs in the near future.

Jay suckers Gloria to take Manny to a four-hour Moby Dick reading in the guise of much needed mother/son time. In exchange, Jay will take Joe to his play time. Jay takes one look at the scene and Joe’s slumbering cuteness and heads to see a movie.

During the movie, Joe wakes and starts crying (I hate that – shut that child up!). Claire’s old friend volunteers to take Joe outside – she’s nostalgic for babies after having to deal with her two tween hellions. At this moment, Gloria and Manny pass by and spots a stranger holding Joe. Busted!

Gloria is livid Jay lied, except she fibbed to escape the book reading. It’s kind of even Steven but she’s on her high horse. She tells Jay that relationships need time to be built. Later, we see Jay reading to Manny holding Joe with a puppet on one hand. Jay is a good father.

Another good father Phil wants to teach Haley and Alex to be self-sufficient and handy. He shows them how to change light bulbs and restart the heater – except he breaks the darn thing. He sends the girls out for equipment and Skypes his father. The interaction reminds Phil that being needed as a dad is an honor. Ahhh…

Remember the house flipping? Claire and Cam are in charge and they have tricks to get their way. Cam Trojan Horses Claire: shows her a more expensive product and then “compromises” on the cheaper merchandise he wanted all along. Claire Number Bombs Cam: throwing numbers at him until he relinquishes.

When Cam has an idea for the “Wow Factor” by installing an elaborate fountain in the backyard, the two realize each other’s tricks. Cam enlists Pam, a lesbian contractor whose son is Lily’s classmate, to be the tiebreaker. Pam is attracted to Claire who plays up her sexiness. Pam knows their tricks but votes based on common sense – the house is being flipped so there is no need for the fountain.

Cam built it and believes they will come. He constructed his vision so Pam and Claire can see the pretty. They are wow-ed until the “fish of gold” (gold fish) Cam put in the fountain gets sucked into the pump. That’s right, fish carcasses start flying. Kinda sick in a good/bad way.

Favorite moments/Things to ponder:

1. Joe is adorable. Where’s Stella?

2. Mitchell’s side bet with Milo was well intentioned but the celebrating was hilariously wrong/inappropriate. Loves!

3. Aren’t there those blue small handball balls? Why were they playing with basketballs? I should know because my brother loved playing handball. He was hardcore! He splurged on handball gloves!! Not anymore after gaining a few (dozen) pounds.

4. Claire making up numbers and inventing new number systems was awesome!

5. Family moment(s) of the episode:
Phil and his dad’s interaction were the cutest! I know Jay’s reading time with Manny and Joe was nice but seeing Phil and his dad brought back some memories of mine and that’s my criteria.

This was a cute episode. Did you enjoy it? My DVR is acting up again so no fave quote. Tell me yours! (Mine was Lily’s comment to Mitchell that “it’s a sport” – or something like that) Wasn’t Pam cute when gawking at Claire? Don’t you hate crying babies at the movies? (I abhor it!) Mitchell finally won at a sport, were you happy for him? Discuss away!!

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One Response to Modern Family – Recap & Review – The Wow Factor

  1. Maggie C. says:

    I can understand why Mitchell wanted to stop the bully, however he is an adult (sort of). When he went to Luke, I thought he was going to get him to play against the bully. A sort of Modern Family version of My Bodyguard. Sure Luke is older too, but he is also cute, so he may have gotten away with it (like in the baptism episode).
    I liked the way that Cam and Claire tried to manipulate Pam who just kicked back and enjoyed the view. Poor fish.
    I know Jay tried a bottle at home. It might have worked at the theater. You never know.
    This is one of the best shows on TV. It never fails to deliver laughs.

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