Grey’s Anatomy – Recap & Review – Can’t Fight This Feeling

photo: abc

photo: abc

Grey’s Anatomy
Can’t Fight This Feeling

Original Air Date: Mar 28, 2013

Karen Belgrad – Senior Editor

Lately I’ve been watching some of the first and second season reruns of Grey’s Anatomy on Lifetime. And while George, Izzie, and Burke are long gone, one of the most amazing disappearances is readily available for our viewing pleasure.

Gone is the tequila-soaked, dark and twisted Meredith Grey whose personality was hinged on her damaged childhood. Now we have Meredith Grey, married, mother, responsible, and most of all, whole. Sure, little bits of the twisted sister show up, but with the seasons that have passed, Meredith has truly grown up. And it’s amazing to see.

Casey Hodges: This week brought us a very special guest star in terms of Sarah Chalke of Scrubs and Roseanne fame. Her character, Casey Hodges, wasn’t as much a character as self-portrait of what Sarah went through with her own child. Casey brings in her son who has been repeatedly diagnosed with a virus, but her mother’s instinct tells her something more is going on. Jo dismisses it as strep, but when her son’s fever doesn’t break, she brings him back to the hospital. Jo’s next step is a psych consult, but Casey pleads with the doctors to run more tests. And then Mama Bear Grey pokes her head in and expressions compassion for the stressed mother. Meredith has more and more tests run, but they still show nothing. She listens as Casey rattles off all the possible online diagnoses she discovered and gently explains why they don’t apply. They finally have no choice but to discharge her son, when Jo advises that the strep test was a false positive. Meredith breaks into a run as she realizes that the boy probably does indeed have Kawasaki disease (as she had found online), and there is little time left before any heart damage becomes permanent. The boy is OK, and Meredith tells Casey she was right to fight for her son and following her gut.

Meredith takes her own advice to heart, and she is the first person to approach Bailey for geno-mapping with a serious reason. She brings Zola to the lab, explaining that she needs to know Zola’s genetics in case she has to fight for her. And then… Meredith tells Bailey to map her for Alzheimer’s, because she needs to know what she will face while fighting for her child.

For more information on Kawasaki Disease, visit

Owen: The major crisis of the hour is when a tanker truck collides with an SUV on the highway, causing a pile-up. The E/R is flooded with victims, but the new systems in place keep things running smoothly. Owen takes special interest in a young boy, Ethan, when both of his parents are critically injured. Ethan constantly runs from social services trying to find his parents, and Owen displays his knack for dealing with children by not sugar-coating the severity of the parents’ injuries, but also in keeping the boy calm and accounted for.

Cristina: Cristina treats Ethan’s father, who has a shredded aorta. He survives surgery, but when he crashes, she uses therapeutic hypothermia to keep his body under control. Owen constantly questions if she’s running decisions by Dr. Russell, and Cristina calls him out on questioning her decisions on her patient. He brings up Ethan as a factor, but Cristina insists she does what is best for the patient, regardless of mitigating factors.

Derek/Ross/Brooks: Derek is tasked by Owen to take interns beyond Ross under his tutelage. Brooks comes on the service, and is her usual quirky self, trying to make small talk to bond with Derek. Ross gives her pointers, assured of his status as teacher’s pet. Brooks’ unusual ability to catch things endears her to Derek, although she sees it as a circus act amusement. In the O/R, as they operate on Ethan’s mother, Derek invites Brooks to step up to the table and assist in the actual surgery, complimenting her fast hands. He puts Brooks on his service, relieving Ross for the week so he can become a more well-rounded intern. But Ross doesn’t see it that way, basically declaring war on Brooks to maintain his future in neurology.

Callie/Arizona: Callie’s well-documented tradition of sucking at public speaking rears its ugly head as she practices her speech about generating cartilage for the TED Conference. Arizona, over all of her marital intimacy neurosis, takes the “envision your audience naked” technique to a new level to encourage her wife. But when Callie is unable to make her flight as she tends to patients, Arizona’s attempt at encouragement is botched as she mentions her wife “spicing up” her speech for next year. To make it up to her , Arizona and Weber arrange for Callie to give her speech remotely, encouraging her to disregard her notes and speak off the cuff. It goes well.

April: While hunky paramedic Matthew is being treated by Avery for burn injuries to his derriere, April, Alex, and Jason (aka Chest Peckwell) tend to a pregnant crash victim. Her baby is delivered OK, but the mother later crashes and dies. Before she can tell the husband, April literally cries on Jackson’s should which leads to a near kiss. It seems the husband and wife had been apart before fate (and a bowling league) brought them back together, and April can’t comprehend the cruelty of fate and G-d tearing them apart now. She talks to Matthew, but really means Jackson, but Matthew thinks it’s about his own injuries and assures her that he loves her.

Oh, and of course, Alex is still being immature and snotty about Jo and Jason. This story needs a new chapter.

And there you have my TwoCents! Are you enjoying the evolution of Meredith Grey as much as I am? Share your TwoCents, comments, and feedback below!


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