Survivor: Caramoan – Recap & Review – “Tubby Lunchbox”

photo: cbs

photo: cbs

Survivor: Caramoan
“Tubby Lunchbox”

Original Air Date: Mar 27, 2013

Ryan O – Staff Writer

Phillip is still on the show. That’s obvious, of course, but it’s also a drain. He is sucking the life and fun out of the season post-Brandon. He’s being tolerated by everyone on his alliance. He continues to be agonizingly self-deluding.

Meanwhile on the other tribe, Malcolm attempts to get his ducks in a row. He does his best to look several moves ahead and decides to make a deal with people he thinks he shares common ground with.


Night 16. Bikal. The four fans tell Julia and Michael that they had to make a choice, they really liked Matt, but they had to let him go. Michael tells us he feels alone now and he has to work to build trust with the fans. Corrine would like to dump Phillip and keep Michael.

Phillip tells us that Corrine has conversations with “people like Michael” and “then doesn’t disclose the nature of those conversations. For me, that’s unacceptable.” He tells Cochran he wants her out before the merge.


Here’s who’s left after Matt was sent packing.

Gota: Eddie, Reynold, Andrea, Erik, Malcolm, Sherri, and Brenda

Bikal: Corrine, Phillip, Michael, Cochran, Dawn, and Julia

Bikal. Day 17. Tree mail comes and it mentions having to be strong. Phillip assures the tribe he has that under control. He tells us he’s stronger than most people he knows. There’s an arm wrestling match with Cochran. Phillip is not really amusing to me. He tends more toward exhausting.

Reward Challenge!

Each tribe is clipped together in a line. Everyone in the tribe is carrying a sandbag. The two tribes will start opposite each other on an oval course in the water. The object is to speed up and catch the other tribe. Anyone who gets tired can opt out and give his or her sandbag to someone still in the challenge. A classic Survivor challenge. Also one that clearly favors Gota.

They’re playing for a trip to a coffee bar. Brenda will sit out for Gota.

Phillip is in front for Bikal and Eric is leading Gota. Gota is quickly gaining on Bikal. Phillip doesn’t want his tribe running. He starts complaining about being tight and not able to run. He’s tired already.

Dawn drops out and Corrine takes her bag. Gota continues to gain on Bikal quickly. Phillip stumbles as Gota gets close and Eric is on him and then challenge is over. Gota wins.

Dawn tells us that Phillip sees all of his strengths and none of his weaknesses.

Post-Reward Challenge

Gota goes to another island where a coffee bar has been set up and they gorge on brownies and muffins and whatnot.

Reynold gives just the dillholiest talking head about living life with gusto and grabbing everything you can from life. He can’t even own the pun he makes.

Malcolm tells us he knows he’s going to be in trouble toward the end since no one will want to go to the end with him. He’s trying to get his pieces in place.

Bikal. Corrine complains to us about Phillip. She and Cochran talk about how annoying he is. She doesn’t want to keep playing the game with him.

Cochran mentions that Michael is close to Corrine while Phillip has grown close to Julia, who he says doesn’t even have a vanilla personality since vanilla is a flavor people like. We watch Phillip instructing Julia how to be a double agent after the merge.

Julia assures us that she knows if she wants to stay in the game, she has to do what Phillip tells her to do at this point but she thinks getting rid of him might be an idea.

Malcolm tells us after the merge everyone will target the four athletic males — Eddie, Reynold, Erik, and himself. So, he’s going to try to get the other three guys together into an alliance. He talks to Reynold about it, who is into it. Reynold tells him he has an idol as show of loyalty. Malcolm tells us he’s very excited to take control of the game. Hmm. An alliance of four can only control the game when there’s a total of seven people. Granted, this alliance would have two idols, so there’s that.

Julia talks with Dawn about her relationship with Phillip and how that’s in her how long-term best interest, even if she has been bullied into it. She also mentions the possibility of everyone dumping Phillip.

Dawn goes to Phillip and tells him about Julia saying she was working with Phillip. He says he told her specifically not to tell anyone. He tells us Julia has managed to commit several “foo pas.” Yes, “foo” pas. You might remember that phrase is actually “faux pas.”

Dawn and Phillip decide she has to go.

Immunity Challenge! Immunity! Back up for grabs!

Three people from each tribe paddle, dive into the water, and retrieve a wood statue. They then have to bring it back to shore and put it on the base of a tower. Then, more ring toss! What is with the ring tossing this season? Anyway, ring toss to retrieve five keys, which are used to unlock blah blah blah hoist the statue and win the challenge.

Gota is sitting Sherri.

Dawn, Corrine, and Michael paddling for Bikal and Erik, Brenda, and Eddie paddling for Gota. Gota’s boat takes a big lead but Bikal catches up. They get their statues at the same time but Gota takes the lead again getting to the beach.

Reynold and Phillip are tossing for keys. Reynold gets the fourth key as Phillip gets his second. Phillip gets his third. Reynold gets the last key. The unlocking and hoisting are done and Gota, predictably, wins the challenge.


Phillip pulls Cochran aside. “I didn’t want to win that challenge.” He tells us the same thing. Dude. No. Winning wasn’t an option for you. Cochran tells us it makes complete sense that Phillip couldn’t throw a grappling hook because they had to lose in order to eliminate one of the fans. “Except it’s complete crap. You can’t make up this level of delusion.”

Cochran tells us the plan is to split the votes. Corrine doesn’t want to since she wants Michael to trust them later on. She and Phillip discuss it. Phillip ends up saying he doesn’t and won’t need Michael over other people’s objections that they might. He says he’s played with Boston Rob.

Phillip tells us he sees Corrine putting her “selfess” [sic] interests ahead of the Fans’ interests. Well, huh, imagine that. Self-interest in Survivor. He goes on to tell us Boston Rob would just vote out Michael.

Phillip is talking with Cochran and Dawn about how the three of them are the alliance and Corrine isn’t part of it. Corrine comes up to talk to them and Phillip just cuts her off and tells her to leave.

Cochran tells us how the vote goes will determine if the Phillip-Corrine feud comes to the surface or continues to bubble under it.

Tribal Council

Michael says morale is low and that brings up some tension.

Corrine tells us you don’t want to screw up anything as you go into the merge. Phillip says he and Corrine have the same goal but possibly a different way of going about it.

Phillip spouts some weaselly talk that excuses how he put himself in the clutch spot and then blew it at the immunity challenge.

Michael says he’s been working hard to build trust. Cochran says it’s possible Michael and Corrine have built a solid relationship. Corrine tries to squelch that by saying she’s only known Michael for a few days.


Michael, Julia, Michael, Julia, Michael, Julia. Tie!

Michael and Julia can’t vote in the revote.

Julia, Julia, Julia, and she’s heading home.

Bubbling Under

Well, everyone vs. Phillip is coming and it can’t come soon enough. Except, no, probably not. Someone will probably decide to drag him to the end. Corrine doesn’t seem like one of those people though. She and Phillip seem headed for a clash soon. Meanwhile, Malcolm is putting things in motion.

What do you expect to happen in the coming weeks? Let’s hear your Two Cents!

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6 Responses to Survivor: Caramoan – Recap & Review – “Tubby Lunchbox”

  1. Scheddar says:

    Phillip is exhausting… ugh.

    Given that Matt was taken out because of the power couple dynamic he had with Michael, it’s surprising that the same logic wasn’t used to vote off Michael this go round given how uncomfortably attached Corrinne has become with him. Also, it’s in Malcolm’s best interest to have Corrinne’s torch put out ASAP since she’s the only person that knows he’s got an Immunity Idol.

    I wonder what this game would be like if instead of staring it off with 2 teams of 10, if instead that had 10 teams of 2. Pair everyone off randomly and force them to work together (a la PR) and then maybe every 4 challenge re-arrange the teams, thus forcing everyone to stay on their toes and be on their best behavior because today’s enemy might become tomorrow’s teammate. Once they merged everyone it would also be interesting to see how many of the teams had staying power and allegiance.

    Just a thought… anything to rejuvenate what’s turned into a dull series.

    • ryanoneil says:

      I wonder if Phillip decided that Julia’s transgression carried more weight than Corrine’s attachment to Michael.

      Teams of two would be tough for Tribal Council but it would be interesting. How about starting with tribes of three? I remember they’ve started with four tribes of four at least once. You could even make the participants into full-time teams, a la The Amazing Race but without the pre-existing relationship.

      It’s a shame this season has been so meh after two really exceptional seasons (Kim’s win and Malcolm and Denise).

  2. Maggie C. says:

    I agree that Phillip is a drag. I am surprised that after his poor performance in both challenges that he didn’t get the old heave-ho. The other contestants may regret their “foo pas”.
    The coffee bar looked like fun. I imagine they needed the boost. Next week should be good.

    • ryanoneil says:

      It’s hard to toss an alliance-mate and it probably won’t happen for a performance in a challenge, especially this close to the merge. If Bikal loses two more challenges, well, we’ll see what happens then.

      I can’t imagine getting that much sugar and chocolate after going so long without 😀

  3. Carolyn says:

    It seems that most people want to vote Phillip off, but when someone rises up and presents that idea, they go home. Geez Phillip is getting to be like Russell Hantz. Threaten him, and you go home.

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